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How much did that cost? Design agency takes THIRTY attempts to 'capture the spirit of the Biden administration' in revamped White House logo that's simply a negative version of the old one

Joe Biden's administration has revamped the White House logo, with the redesign taking a creative agency nearly 30 attempts to get just right, according to a new report. In fact, the whole website got spruced up and finished in record time, only having six weeks to overhaul the site from scratch before Biden was sworn in as president last Wednesday, reported Fast Company. The main difference in the new logo is that the White House has sharper architectural elements, such as defined columns and windows, and more roof detailing.  It also sits on a blue background with the presidential mansion in white, opposed to Trump's white background and a navy White House.  However, there are versions of Biden's new White House logo that inverts the color scheme.  Back in December, the Biden administration hired creative agency Wide Eye for the revamp. The firm has been behind the branding of the Democratic National Convention and VP Kamala Harris' primary presidential campaign. Joe

Twenty members of the same family - including 10 kids - are kicked off American Airlines flight from Utah 'because one of them accidentally dropped their mask below their nose'

A family of 20, including 10 adults and 10 children, was removed from an American Airlines flight that departed from Salt Lake City on Sunday after the face covering worn by one of the passengers accidentally fell below their nose. The incident took place just as an American Airlines flight was set to depart Salt Lake City for Dallas on Sunday. According to Scott Wilson, he and his 19 relatives boarded the flight and were settling in when one family member's mask momentarily slipped beneath their nose before quickly correcting it. Moments later, they were told that they needed to get off the plane by a member of the crew. ‘He said, “Well, they want you to leave the plane”,’ Wilson told KSL-TV. ‘I said, “What, they want us to get off the plane? Can we talk, can we have a conversation?” A family of 20 people - including 10 adults and 10 children - were removed from an American Airlines flight on Sunday after the flight crew accused them of being non-compliant with their mask policy.

Patrick Leahy says doctors have cleared him to preside over Donald Trump's Senate impeachment trial after being taken to the hospital on Tuesday with muscle spasms

Vermont Sen. Patrick Leahy said doctors have cleared him to begin presiding over the impeachment trial of former President Donald Trump.  The 80-year-old lawmaker, who'd been in his Capitol office, was taken to George Washington University Hospital Tuesday 'out of an abundance of caution' after being examined by Congress' attending physician, Leahy spokesman David Carle said.  Leahy was sent home after tests and told Capitol Hill reporters that he had been suffering from muscle spasms.    Sen. Patrick Leahy was briefly hospitalized Tuesday for muscle spasms. He's since been cleared and will preside over former President Donald Trump's Senate impeachment trial when it begins next month  Sen. Patrick Leahy is the president pro tempore of the Senate, a role that goes to the longest-serving member of the Senate's majority party. The Democrats took control of the Senate last week when two new Democrats from Georgia and Vice President Kamala Harris were sworn in F

'We've been FORGOTTEN': Furious travel bosses blast government for 'overlooking' beleaguered sector after holidays are ruled 'not valid' reason to leave UK in latest borders crackdown

Priti's three-pronged crackdown on 'non-essential' trips abroad  Declaring reasons for travel People wanting to leave the UK will have to fill out a form giving the reason for their trip.  Anyone who turns up at ports and airports without a valid reason for travel will be directed to return home and may face a fine.  Tougher enforcement There will be an increased police presence at ports and airports, fining those in breach of the stay at home regulations.  Reviewing travel exemptions The list of travel exemptions will be urgently reviewed so that only the most important and exceptional reasons are included. Furious travel bosses today blasted the Government for 'overlooking' the beleaguered sector after holidays were ruled 'not valid' as a reason to leave the UK in Priti Patel's latest border crackdown. The Home Secretary read the riot act to would-be travellers tonight warning that people on fake work jaunts and influencers heading for sunny destinatio

Rotting body found wrapped in plastic inside a wheelie bin floating in a dam for days is identified as a father-of-three with a VERY dark past who was reported missing just days before shock discovery

A body was found stuffed into a wheelie bin floating in a dam has been identified as a 'high level' drug dealer and father-of-three.   Dinh Lam Nguyen, 51, who was well-known to police, was last seen in Balga, north of Perth's CBD, on January 20.  He was reported missing two days later by his roommate, and on Monday his rotting remains were discovered dumped in the Glen Brook Dam. A 'foul smell' led a group of teenagers and an adult to open the wheelie bin, which contained Nguyen's decomposing body wrapped in pink plastic. Police are still hunting for his killer.  Gruesome images show the father-of-three's body being pulled out of the dam after being discovered in a wheelie bin on Monday Dinh Lam Nguyen has been identified as the body found in a wheelie bin at Glen Brook Dam in Perth on Monday. It's since been revealed he was a convicted drug dealer The Vietnamese national was a convicted drug dealer who was sentenced to three years in jail after he

'It's definitely going to be a generation of dumb kids': Angry and despairing parents hit out online after Boris Johnson's announcement that schools will stay closed until at least March 8

Parents are fuming that Boris Johnson is keeping schools shut until at least March 8 - and are hunkering down for more weeks of arduous home schooling.  The Prime Minister today announced that pupils will not return to classrooms after the February half-term as hoped and must continue learning online. His statement to MPs this afternoon was met with exasperation from mothers and fathers juggling the needs of their children's remote education with their own work.  Mother Lucy Smith, who has been trying to tie down her pressured job while helping six-year-old Bonnie and four-year-old Raymond with Zoom lessons, was one of those parents dismayed. The property worker from West Hampstead, north London, told MailOnline: 'It's terrible. I'm expected to go on to Zoom at 11am every day without fail even though sometimes I have meetings.' She said that her productivity at work had taken a dive as she is often diverted to help her children - and is nagged by teachers if she doe