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Heartbreaking moment husky is abandoned on side of road as owners drive off and leave it chasing after them

The El Paso County Sheriff's office office announced the arrest on Friday of Luis Antonio Campos, 68, for his alleged role in abandoning a dog on the side of the road in Horizon City. The alleged crime was caught on video, and police said another arrest was expected A Texas man has been arrested for animal cruelty after he allegedly abandoned a husky on the side of the road.  Luis Antonio Campos, 68, was taken into custody on Friday, the The El Paso County Sheriff's office announced, and his bond was set at $5,000.   The video of the incident - which looks to be recorded by another road user - went viral earlier this week shows the dog being abandoned by the side of a road in Horizon City, a suburb of El Paso.  The video shows a young man removing the dog's leash and collar on the side of a road while the driver sits waiting in a nearby SUV.  The driver, who appears to be an older man, can be seen in the driver's side rear-view mirror.  Police did not say whether Campo

Top Aussie gymnast who 'fulfilled her Olympic dream' hits back at governing body who issued disappointed statement saying it 'wasn't our night' after she narrowly missed out on a finals berth

A top Australian gymnast who narrowly missed out on a finals berth at the Tokyo Olympics has hit back after the sport's governing body declared it  'just wasn't our night'. Georgia Godwin was in finals contention right up until the final subdivision on Sunday night, when she was edged out by competitors from Brazil and Germany. When the competition drew to a close near midnight, Gymnastics Australia released a statement which read: 'Not our night tonight unfortunately', revealing that Godwin and her teammate Emily Whitehead had ranked 37th and 44th out of the 80 gymnasts competing for a spot in the all-around finals.   Georgia Godwin and Emily Whitehead were selected to represent Australian gymnastics at the Tokyo Olympics Due to sport specific rules which mean only two gymnasts from each nation can progress to the next round, Godwin was in fact just shy of progressing and will now act as a third reserve in the case of injuries before the medaling events. Gymn

Calls to bring back JobKeeper are slapped down despite expectations Sydney will extend lockdown as outbreak grows

Federal Treasurer Josh Frydenberg has slapped down calls to bring back JobKeeper as Sydney faces another lockdown extension. The NSW Coalition government, Labor and unions have called for a re-introduction of the wage subsidy scheme which paid struggling companies $1,500 per worker per fortnight in 2020. But Mr Frydenberg said the federal government's $600 per week pandemic disaster payment was faster and better targeted to people who need it. Josh Frydenberg has slapped down calls to bring back JobKeeper as Sydney faces another lockdown extension. Pictured: A Coles worker 'The payments are being made in about 40 minutes,' he said. 'They are also targeted because they are based on the number of hours lost rather than the turnover reduction of the business that you work for.  'Also, the net has been cast wider with all casuals being eligible for these payments,' he said. The payments of $600 a week for people who lose more than 20 hours and $375 for people who lo

'It's like a spoiler, during the race': Channel Seven sparks debate over 'annoying' new graphic showing the speed of swimmers at the Olympics - but some viewers say they love it

Channel Seven has sparked passionate debate over its use of a graphic that shows the speed of the leading swimmers at the Tokyo Olympic Games. Comedian Tom Cashman took to TikTok to accuse the network of 'spoiling' the result of races before they finish with the controversial new feature. The graphic, which only appears next to the leading swimmers for small portions of each race, shows their nationality and their current speed in metres per second. 'My big issue with this is that this isn't some interesting trivia tidbit piece of information, this is core information about that race,' Cashman said. 'That's what the whole point of a race is - to see who the fastest swimmer is, so they're halfway through a race and telling us the speeds.'       @tom.cashman Olympic swimming speeds #olympics #tokyoolympics #swimming #olympicswimming #australia #olympics2021 #fy #foryou #fyp ♬ original sound - cashman.tom @tom.cashman Olympic swimming speeds #olymp

'I need two hours to get ready': Glamorous women caught up in Sydney's anti-lockdown rally wearing activewear and a full face of makeup become the target of hilarious meme

Two young women who were caught up in Sydney's anti-lockdown rally on the weekend have found themselves at the centre of a viral meme.  Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane CBD streets were flooded with thousands of protesters on Saturday voicing their frustration over increasingly tough restrictions.  The two women were dressed in activewear, makeup and with one carrying a takeaway coffee when they were pictured alongside the crowd as Sydney's protest got underway at about midday at Victoria Park.  Glamour girls: Two young women wearing activewear at Victoria Park during Sydney's anti-lockdown rally have found themselves at the centre of a viral meme  One meme posted to Facebook on Saturday evening was titled: 'Let's go protest babe starter pack'. The meme shows the two women alongside a collection of vapes, skin-tight activewear, false eyelashes, white sneakers and sunglasses. The meme's author also included a mocked-up text message suggesting how the pair'

Models strip naked in broad daylight to become human works of art in New York City's annual Bodypainting Day

If you happened to stroll by Union Square in New York City on Sunday, you might have been greeted by an unusual sight: people posing nude, their bodies covered in floral designs and stars painted in bright colors. That's how a group of 26 artists and 45 models celebrated the eighth annual NYC Bodypainting Day, using the human body as their canvas to promote messages like body positivity. 'The idea of the event is really to promote free expression and acceptance of all people, their ideas as artists and also their bodies,' said artist Andy Golub, the event's main organizer. As part of New York's 8th annual Bodypainting Day, famed and controversial nude artist, Andy Golub and 30 other artists painted 45 nude models, regular people of all shapes and sizes The theme of the eighth New York City Bodypainting Day theme is resilience Ten years ago artist Andy Golub, the event's main organizer, was arrested along with two of his models The charges were ultimately droppe