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The video that'll make you forget it's Monday: Gary Ablett Jr's son Levi lets loose with adorable laugh as he battles rare disease

Levi Ablett's amazing laugh is the tonic we all need to get on with the working week. The son of recently retired AFL legend Gary Ablett Jnr was diagnosed with a rare degenerative disease earlier this year, but the Geelong superstar and his wife Jordan are determined the youngster will eventually recover from his mystery illness. On Sunday, Jordan Ablett shared a post on Instagram, with her beloved son showing off his adorable laugh. Mrs Ablett previously stated the focus of her family is to commence the appropriate form of treatment which hopefully will one day change little Levi's prognosis.  Jordan Ablett (pictured right) with her son Levi - the youngster is battling a degenerative disease that was diagnosed earlier this year The Ablett family will continue to look for the best form of treatment which will aid the recovery of their son Levi (pictured above) 'Mothering Levi has given me such a great insight into families who are in the same position with their own child

Covid was circulating in Italy in September 2019, new study shows - meaning virus spread from China to Europe months earlier than previously thought

Covid-19 was circulating in Italy from as early as September 2019, a study by the National Cancer Institute of the Italian city of Milan has found.    The World Health Organization officially announced the new coronavirus and COVID-19, the respiratory disease it causes, after the outbreak was first reported in Wuhan, in central China, in December. However new data from Italian researchers' findings signals that COVID-19 might have spread beyond China earlier than previously thought.  Italy's first COVID-19 patient was detected on February 21 in a little town near Milan, in the northern region of Lombardy. Mattia Maestri,Italy's coronavirus Patient No. 1, whose case confirmed one of the world's deadliest outbreaks was underway But the newest findings, published by the National Cancer Institute's scientific magazine Tumori Journal, show that 11.6 per cent of 959 healthy volunteers enrolled in a lung cancer screening trial between September 2019 and March 2020, had de

'It's a historic night': Mike Pence flies to Florida to watch NASA-SpaceX launch four astronauts to International Space Station

Vice President Mike Pence and second lady Karen Pence were the faces of the Trump administration at Sunday night's NASA-SpaceX launch of Resilience, which marks the start of commercial crew missions to and from the International Space Station. Pence and his wife stood on a balcony next to NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine and his family as Resilience glowed from the bottom and started to lift off - the thunderous sound of the rocket then followed. The Pences applauded and then embraced as the ship flew out of sight. 'Welcome to launch America. Welcome to the continuation of a new era of human space exploration in America,' Pence had told guests at a reception before the launch. 'It's a historic night,' the vice president said.  President Donald Trump remained in Washington Sunday, spending several hours at his Virginia golf club, as he continues to refuse to concede the election to President-elect Joe Biden.  The Pences left Washington Sunday afternoon after th

South Australia is declared a coronavirus hotspot as states SHUT their borders and quarantine travellers after worrying new outbreak

The Northern Territory and Tasmania have declared South Australia a coronavirus hotspot after a cluster of COVID-19 cases in Adelaide grew to 17, with other states expected to follow suit. Northern Territory Chief Minister Michael Gunner says anyone travelling to the Territory from SA will now be forced into supervised quarantine for 14 days. He says anyone arriving on Monday would be given the option to return to SA. 'The security and committee has just met to review the alarming developments in South Australia overnight,' Mr Gunner said. 'All of the information that we are getting right now concerns us and there is still so much we don't know about this outbreak. Passengers who flew from Adelaide to Perth on Sunday were told to quarantine or go home. News of Adelaide's outbreak came as their plane was in mid-air. Pictured: a Qantas flight to Adelaide last month Travellers pictured at Adelaide airport on Saturday. South Australians' travel plans have been throw

A busy shopping centre, ELEVEN buses and a Woolworths are all put on coronavirus alert as South Australia’s new cluster threatens to spiral out of control

An urgent warning has been issued as more locations are identified in South Australia's emerging coronavirus cluster. Eleven buses, several shopping centres and a Woolworths have been named as potential places of coronavirus exposure.  SA Health has advised anyone who visited these locations to immediately get tested if coronavirus symptoms appear. More to come 

Divorcing parents who can't look each other in the eye 'could be harming their offspring' by sharing childcare duties, report claims

Divorced parents should be asked to take an ‘eye contact test’ to check whether they get on well enough to share the care of their children, according to a judge-led report. Only if they can look each other in the face when they exchange their children should they be considered responsible parents, it says. Passing the eye contact test would be the aim of new re-education courses the report’s authors want to become compulsory for parents who divorce or separate from next year. Divorced parents should be asked to take an ‘eye contact test’ to check whether they get on well enough to share the care of their children, according to a judge-led report File The report was produced to find ways of easing pressure on the family courts, where a high proportion of parents who separate now go to settle their rows over childcare and custody. President of the Family Division Sir Andrew McFarlane, the judge who heads the family courts, said: ‘It is thought that about 40 per cent of all separating pa

'I don't give a f*** about your badge': Bizarre moment glamorous blonde plain clothes police officer arrests woman in Coogee as she screams 'you touched me first'

Shocking footage shows two women grappling in the street in Sydney's eastern suburbs, only for one to reveal she is a plain clothes police officer. Both women were in Coogee on Saturday night with video showing the pair furiously arguing alongside two men. They were separated by another reveller as they shouted and screamed in the street, clutching at each other's arms. Suddenly the taller of the two women, a blonde wearing jeans and a loose-fitting jacket, produced a badge from her pocket. A woman has been arrested after allegedly assaulting a plain clothes female police officer in Coogee, in Sydney's east, on Saturday night Her gun and holster were clearly visible at her hip as she flashed the badge at onlookers, forcing many to back away from the altercation. But the other woman, who was visibly distressed, continued to shout at the officer. 'I don't give a f**k about your badge,' she shouted as a man behind her held her back. 'If you didn't touch m

Mayor Bill de Blasio says New York City schools WILL remain open on Monday as positivity rate stays below 3%

A coronavirus resurgence in New York City pushed officials to consider closing schools again, but Mayor Bill de Blasio said that they will remain open on Monday as the positivity rate stayed below 3 per cent.  In a tweet Sunday morning, the mayor wrote: 'Today's indicators are similar to yesterday: • 117 patients admitted to the hospital • 937 new cases • The test positivity 7-day average is 2.57%.'  He added: 'Thankfully, schools will remain open on Monday, but we have to keep fighting back with everything we've got.' On Friday, the citywide positivity rate had risen to 2.8 per cent after climbing for several weeks.  A coronavirus resurgence in New York City pushed officials to prepare to close schools again, but Mayor Bill de Blasio said Sunday that they will remain open In a tweet Sunday morning, the mayor wrote: 'Today's indicators are similar to yesterday: • 117 patients admitted to the hospital • 937 new cases • The test positivity 7-day average is

Legendary MLB manager Tommy Lasorda, 93, is rushed to intensive care and 'in a serious condition'

Celebrated former MLB manager Tommy Lasorda, 93, is in hospital in a serious condition, his former team have confirmed.  Lasorda, the oldest living Hall of Famer, is best known for his two decades managing the Los Angeles Dodgers. The team tweeted on Sunday morning: 'Los Angeles Dodgers Hall of Fame great Tommy Lasorda has been hospitalized in Orange County.  Tommy Lasorda, seen in 1990, is currently in intensive care, his family have confirmed Born in Pennsylvania, Lasorda is pictured left in 1956 while playing for Kansas City Athletics Lasorda, seen right in October 2019, coached the Los Angeles Dodgers for 20 years 'Lasorda, 93, was admitted and he is in intensive care, resting comfortably.  'The family appreciates everyone’s thoughts and prayers; however, they request their privacy at this time.'  TMZ, which first reported the news, said he was 'in a serious condition' with heart issues. They said his condition was not COVID-related.  Lasorda is a former pit

GOP leaders in four key swing states won by Joe Biden won't cooperate with dubious legal plots seeking to select electors who would cast Electoral College votes for Donald Trump

GOP leadership in Arizona, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin say they won't participate in legally suspicious schemes to flip their state's electors for Donald Trump. Comments from leaders in these swing states that went blue this year effectively shut down a half-baked plot some Republicans floated as a last chance to keep Trump in the White House. State GOP lawmakers in the four key battleground states that swung blue this election have all said they would not intervene in the selection of electors. Those on the Electoral College are the individuals who ultimately cast the votes that secure a candidate's victory. Several of the state lawmakers note that choosing electors to cast their vote for a candidate not selected by the people would violate state law and voters' trust in election integrity. 'I do not see, short of finding some type of fraud, which I haven't heard of anything – I don't see us in any serious way addressing a change in electors,'

No Europe trips until the end of 2021: Holiday hopes dashed as Qantas CEO says flights won't restart to covid-hit countries until there is a vaccine

Qantas boss Alan Joyce believes international flights won't resume until a coronavirus vaccine is available. While flights to Europe and the US may remain off the cards until the end of 2021, he hopes travel bubbles with closer destinations will be developed. 'With New Zealand it's a one-way travel bubble. Hopefully we can get that in both directions. That's a massive market,' he told the Today show on Monday. 'Kiwis were the second highest tourism market into Australia before COVID. We're hoping they there may be bubbles to Korea, Taiwan, Singapore eventually under the right circumstances. We haven't flown to Korea and Taiwan in decades but we'd put services back into those destination it is we could.' Mr Joyce had bad news for jetsetters planning to head to Europe and the US in the next 12 months. 'Unfortunately with the levels of the virus in the United States and in Europe, we're not going to see operations to those destinations in an

Teachers are now earning more than LAWYERS straight out of university - as the unexpected highest-paying industries for graduates are revealed

Graduate teachers are earning more than lawyers in their first year out of university.   Dentists, architects and engineers are among the other big winners pocketing decent salaries on their first year in their fields.   A first year dentist can expect to earn $84,000 – the most out of any industry – according to a new study of graduate salaries. Architects enjoyed the biggest pay rise in 2020, with starting salaries at about $64,700 – up $4,400 from 2019. Teachers also have a minimum wage of $70,000 in every state in Australia, and can earn in excess of $110,000 after a few years’ experience.  Naomi Zhang, a teaching student in Melbourne, already has a job lined up for when she finishes classes next year. A first year dentist can expect to pocket $84,000 – the most out of any industry – according to a new study of graduate salaries She told The Daily Telegraph: It’s one of the best ways to nurture the future influencers in our society'.  Teachers also enjoy an average of 12 weeks&