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Miracle in the moat: Boy, 3, is saved after castle fall that saw him spend TWO MINUTES underwater

A boy of three miraculously survived after accidentally plunging into a castle’s deep moat and being submerged for two minutes. Quade Ballinger wandered into the water at Nunney Castle in Frome, Somerset, on Saturday after mistaking its algae-covered surface for grass. He was eventually pulled out by members of his family and given CPR by his grandmother, a nurse, before being taken to hospital. The 14th-century castle has now been closed by English Heritage, which is investigating the incident. Quade’s father Nick Ballinger described the terrifying incident. Quade Ballinger wandered into the water at Nunney Castle in Frome, Somerset, on Saturday after mistaking its algae-covered surface for grass The family had enjoyed a picnic at the site and then went for a walk around the grounds. But Mr Ballinger, from Southwick, Wiltshire, said: ‘As any parent will tell you, children require constant supervision. Like most boys, my three-year-old son Quade is full of mischief and adventure. In th

Biden uses his whisper AGAIN to tell Americans 'it's time to give ordinary people a tax break' as he touts his $973billion infrastructure deal to blue-collar workers in Wisconsin - then stops for another ice cream

President Biden deployed his stage whisper during a speech in Wisconsin on Tuesday as he went about selling his infrastructure deal to the public and outlining plans to give tax breaks to ordinary families. It was a standout moment as he described the urgent need for a 'generational investment' and looked to persuade voters of the economic benefits of a $973 billion bipartisan package. After explaining how families would get a check for $3600 for each child under six and $3000 for each one under 12, he said he would accused of delivering giveaways. He dropped his voice and leaned into the microphone to deliver a conspiratorial word to people watching at home. 'Hey guys, I think it's time to give ordinary people a tax break,' he whispered. 'The wealthy are doing fine.' President Biden dropped his voice and moved close to the microphone during his speech on infrastructure, using a rhetorical trick he has deployed in several recent appearances. 'Hey guys,

BBC free licence fee 'transition period' for over 75s will end next month - with 260,000 pensioners set to receive letters demanding payment

Some 260,000 pensioners will receive letters asking them to pay the BBC licence fee next month when the 'transition period' closes for all over-75s.   The universal right to a free TV licence has ended for the age group and only those in receipt of pension credit do not have to pay.  Pensioners were given a grace period to make arrangements because of the Covid-19 pandemic, but the BBC has confirmed this will come to an end on July 31. The cost of a TV licence increased by £1.50 in April, taking it from £157.50 a year to £159. This equates to 43p per day, according to the broadcaster.     Some 260,000 pensioners will receive letters asking them to pay the BBC licence fee next month when the 'transition period' ending handouts closes for all over-75s The fee is set by the Government, which announced in 2016 that it would rise in line with inflation for five years from April 2017. The BBC said more than 90 per cent of over-75s households have made arrangements for a free

Fraud and blunders in Covid support schemes has cost taxpayers more than £30bn... and more huge losses are to come, MPs warn

Fraud and error in coronavirus support schemes has already cost taxpayers more than £30billion – with many more billions in losses expected, MPs warn today. Up to £27billion in ‘bounce-back loans’ may never be repaid because businesses went bust or cheated in their applications, a new report claims. Blunders and over-claiming of Universal Credit payments rose to an all-time high of £5.5billion in the year to March. The Commons public accounts committee fears further vast sums could also have gone missing over the past year from funds designed to protect businesses and individuals hit by the pandemic. Councils are responsible for delivering several Covid support schemes, but the committee said there was ‘worrying evidence’ of their inability to investigate potential misuse of cash. The eye-watering deficit come on top of the £51.8billion in public money that the Government believes is lost to fraud and error annually even before coronavirus struck. Fraud and error in coronavirus support

'Jack the Poisoner': New book traces how Victorian serial killer, Dr. Cream, who 'perfected the art' of killing by poisoning 10 of his victims in Canada, Chicago and London - and bizarrely blackmailed others for his crimes

He was dubbed Jack the Poisoner – a not-so-subtle nod to the infamous unsolved murders that had wrapped London in terror three years earlier. Both serial killers had the same target: women. But in 1891, Dr. Thomas Neill Cream stalked Lambeth not Whitechapel like the sadistic butcher, Jack the Ripper.  The cross-eyed and cocaine-and-opium-using doctor was no novice when he started murdering women in London and had left a trail of victims in Canada and in and around Chicago. 'He had become a killing machine,' Dean Jobb wrote in his new book, The Case of the Murderous Dr. Cream: The Hunt for a Victorian Era Serial Killer. By then, he had 'perfected the art of getting people to take poison pills,' he told, adding that the doctor figured out the best way to mask the bitter taste of strychnine - a pesticide that is now used to kill vermin and birds. The cruel colorless poison has no odor and offers a painful death. Scotland Yard would eventually catch Cream, but

The poisoned poll: Jo Cox's murder was a political tragedy. But five years later, a by-election in her seat (contested by her sister) has been tainted by racism, assaults and sickening dog-whistle tactics, writes ROBERT HARDMAN

Perhaps it is just as well that July 1 is the last time Batley and Spen will vote on anything. A constituency that gained tragic notoriety for the murder of its popular local MP on a street in broad daylight five years ago is now infamous for one of the nastiest British by-elections in a very long time. Thanks to the Boundary Commission, it will not exist at the next election. The political map is being redrawn in these parts and different bits of the seat will be hived off elsewhere. Right now, however, the battle to be the last MP for Batley and Spen is growing more unpleasant by the day. There have been assaults, eggs, poster thefts, made-up dodgy leaflets, bona fide dodgy leaflets and much else. There is so much muck being raked hereabouts that no one even mentions Matt Hancock’s wandering hand when you talk to voters on the doorsteps. ‘So what?’ they say with very Yorkshire disdain. Batley and Spen, the constituency that gained tragic notoriety for the murder of its popular local

'Maybe the Democrats should change their name': GOP leader Kevin McCarthy tells Nancy Pelosi party is trying to hide its 'shameful' past by removing a bust of Chief Justice Robert Taney and Confederate President Jefferson Davis

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy taunted Democrats on the House floor Tuesday, rubbing their noses in their party’s racist past prior to a vote on a bill that would remove statues and busts of those who supported the Confederacy from the U.S. Capitol. ‘Let me state a simple fact. All the statues being removed by this bill are statues of Democrats,’ the Republican leader said, adding that he planned to vote in favor of the legislation. ‘I think the bill should go further. Maybe it’s time the Democrats change the name of their party.’ McCarthy said the bill showed that the Democrats were ‘desperate’ to prove that their party has progressed from their ‘days of supporting slavery, supporting Jim Crow laws or supporting the KKK.’ The Democratic House majority has been proactive since last summer’s protests over the death of George Floyd in removing symbols of the Confederacy from prominent locales. Last June House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced she would be removing portraits of four fo