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Married army captain who tried to persuade a nurse into 'helping' him provide sperm samples is demoted but avoids jail

A married soldier who tried to persuade a female army nurse into helping him provide sperm samples has been demoted from captain to lieutenant.  William Howieson, 29, had been working as the Australian liaison officer at Port Moresby in Papua New Guinea in 2018 when he gave an unsigned doctor's note to a PNG nurse asking her to help him collect sperm in a bottle. The nurse refused and in a court martial hearing in Canberra on Tuesday, the former captain was found guilty of prejudicial conduct.  The 29-year-old's actions were found to be a premeditated breach of trust and violated values of the army and he was subsequently demoted to a lesser rank.  William Howieson, 29, has been demoted from an army captain to a lieutenant after he tried to trick a nurse into helping him provide sperm samples His wife, Bronte Millman - a vet from from Townsville - cried in court as the guilty verdict was delivered on Tuesday.   Chief Judge Advocate Brigadier Michael Cowan told the hearing Howie

'They must be extremely careful': Former Defence chief issues a chilling warning to Australians living in China and reveals why ALL expats should return home NOW

Australians living in China are being urged to return home and be 'extremely careful' abroad after a Chinese consular official was named in a national police investigation. Former senior Defence official and diplomat Allan Behm issued the stern warning on Thursday after documents revealed the Australian Federal Police were investigating China's Sydney consulate, Sun Yantao. Officials were looking into whether he conspired with John Zhisen Zhang, a policy adviser to New South Wales Upper House Labor MP Shaoquett Moselmane, to infiltrate the Labor Party and influence voters.  Yantao is responsible for managing relations with the Chinese diaspora and pro-Beijing organisations, ABC reported. Mr Behm said Australia-China ties would worsen due to this and 'the Australian Government needs to act right now.' Former senior Defence official and diplomat Allan Behm issued the stern warning on Thursday after documents revealed the Australian Federal Police were investigating C

Graduate student admits lying about being black and resigns from teaching role at the University of Wisconsin-Madison

A University of Wisconsin-Madison graduate student has resigned from a teaching role after admitting to lying about being black.   CV Vitolo-Haddad, who identifies as non-binary and goes by 'they' or 'them' pronouns, pretended on multiple occasions to be black or Latino although the teacher is actually Southern Italian and Sicilian.   Vitolo-Haddad failed to correct peoples' assumptions about racial identity, 'entered Black organizing spaces' and  on three occasions didn't say no when others asked about being black.   Vitolo-Haddad confessed to the deception in two Medium blog posts and apologized for 'every ounce of heartbreak and betrayal' caused by the false claims.  The grad left a teaching assistant job at the university as well as the role as co-president of the Teaching Assistants' Association . The revelation comes weeks after white George Washington University associate professor Jessica Krug was publicly shamed after she admitted sh

Check your mirrors! Terrifying moment tailgating hatchback driver flips their car after merging into another lane and hitting another vehicle on a busy highway

The moment a blue car flipped after merging into the middle lane and hitting another car has been captured on camera.    Dashcam footage shared to Reddit shows cars driving along the Great Western Highway in Mount Druitt, in Sydney's west about 3pm on Wednesday.  A blue hatchback can be seen driving in the far right lane and tailgating another car, while a red station wagon accelerates forwards in the middle lane.   A blue hatchback is seen driving in the far right lane and tailgating another car, while a red station wagon is a bit further behind in the middle lane  The blue car indicated to switch lanes and collided with the red vehicle in the middle lane The red station wagon appears to speed up when the blue vehicle suddenly indicates left to switch into the middle lane.   As the hatchback begins to merge the blue car collides with the station wagon, suggesting the driver did not look over their shoulder into the blindspot beforehand. The red car veers into the right lane and

Wildlife photographer captures incredible moment three ducks help a deadly tiger snake swimming in their lake find his way back to shore

A photographer has snapped the incredible moment three ducks escorted a highly venomous tiger snake that had been swimming in their lake back to the shore. Tim Kemp was in Whiteman Park north of Perth this week when he spotted the snake making its way to a patch of floating vegetation where the ducks had been sitting. He immediately braced for the worst, expecting the ducks to become the snake's next meal only to then see them calmly lead the reptile back onto dry land.  Mr Kemp told Daily Mail Australia he'd never seen anything like it in all his years as a wildlife photographer. Nature photographer Tim Kemp witnessed the remarkable moment three ducks escorted a tiger snake back to shore in Whiteman Park near Perth this week Mr Kemp said he initially thought the ducks were about to become the snake's next meal before seeing them lead the reptile back to shore 'As the minutes ticked by and there weren't any feathers flying or wings splashing, I realised if the birds

Huge police operation that brought Port of Dover to a standstill 'was sparked by a terror suspect removing his ankle tag and vanishing - meaning every vehicle needed to be checked in case he tried to flee'

A huge manhunt for a terror suspect who removed his ankle tag and vanished was the reason police shut down the Port of Dover yesterday and searched every vehicle in case he was trying to flee Britain. Huge 10-hour tailbacks were caused and frustrations grew as officers carried out in-depth searches for the suspect. It wasn't until the man - who cannot be named for legal reasons - handed himself back in to police that the emergency was stood down.   Officers from the Metropolitan Police and Kent Police searched all vehicles and passengers entering the major shipping hub as part of what they termed a 'sensitive' counter-terrorism operation yesterday morning.   Scotland Yard confirmed that a request was made yesterday by Counter Terrorism Policing nationally for 'enhanced security checks to be carried out at UK ports', in relation to 'ongoing operational activity'.  Last night The Sun reported the alert was because a suspect subject to a Terrorism Prevention an

The email lies that brought a glamorous socialite undone: How police unraveled Sydney fraudster's web of deceit with the most simple of checks - as she's jailed in tearful scenes

A socialite jailed for fraud in tearful scenes was brought undone by the most simple of checks after repeatedly emailing police excuses why she couldn't see them.  Annabel Walker, 32, was locked up for 12 months without parole by a Sydney court last week, after pleading guilty to dishonesty and fraud charges worth $26,000. Walker was already facing serious allegations when she tried her luck to avoid reporting to the police station for bail, court documents released this week said. The former student at the elite Frensham boarding school flicked officers an email from her Hotmail account on June 22, a police fact sheet said. Walker attached a document purportedly from the South Coast Private Hospital which claimed she had been admitted as a patient and therefore couldn't come in.  It was the beginning of a spate of medical lies from Walker, court documents said. Annabel Walker, 32, has been jailed for at least 12 months over what a magistrate called a 'shocking' spree o

Some energy drinks contain BLEACH, Aussie study finds - and the shocking revelation could help explain changes in cancer risks

Harmful levels of hydrogen peroxide in some energy drinks may explain cancer risk trends in the age group who consume them, a Monash University study has found. Professor Louise Bennett, who led the study, says the levels of hydrogen peroxide in some energy drinks were found to be 15,000-fold higher than the natural levels produced in the body. Hydrogen peroxide is the chemical present in household bleach and hair dye. 'The research indicates that people are drinking diluted hydrogen peroxide when they consume some energy drinks,' Prof Bennett said in a statement. 'The long term effects may explain some cancer risk trends in the age group who consume energy drinks.' Levels of hydrogen peroxide in some energy drinks were found to be 15,000-fold higher than the natural levels produced in the body The body produces low levels of hydrogen peroxide - less than 0.0003 mg/kg - as a signalling molecule that can be inactivated by cellular processes. The research, published on Th

Spring-credible! Temperatures are set to soar to 30C in Sydney as thousands prepare to flock to beaches around the city - but the weekend's not so sweaty

Sydneysiders are flocking to the beach as temperatures soar - but are warned to brace for smoke as authorities conduct hazard reduction burns. The mercury will hit 30C in most suburbs on Thursday, before a southerly change blows the first real taste of summer away. Weatherzone meterologist Brett Dutschke said the warm weather is 'not unusual' for this time of year, despite being well above the September average.   'In spring we always get a taste of summer but it's usually brief,' he said.  'But having said that, the city's 30C forecast is about 10C above average for this time of the year. Pictured: Map of Australia shows heat across the country at about midday on Thursday Sydneysiders are flocking to the beach as temperatures soar to 30C. Pictured: A woman walks along the sand at Bondi Beach on Thursday A couple make the most of warm weather on Thursday at Sydney's Bondi Beach A group of friends enjoy the warm weather on Thursday at Sydney's popular