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the lucky ones afghan evacuees arrive at dulles airport on one of the last flights from kabul before an isis suicide bomber and a car bomb at kabul airport

These are the fortunate Afghan evacuees who landed in the United States on Thursday hours before two explosions rocked Kabul airport, killing at least 60 people, including children, and 12 US troops. The heartfelt and tear-filled moments where parents, children and couples are reunited were captured as the relieved refugees arrived at Dulles International Airport in Washington DC. Some individuals were seen smiling and embracing their loved ones, while others walked through the airport with solemn expressions on their faces.  'I feel safe here. I think it's a better place,' 23-year-old Kamran, who evacuated Kabul, told the New York Times upon his arrival at Dulles. Kamran, along with many other evacuees, remains fearful for relatives back in Afghanistan where the now Taliban-controlled nation faces chaos and violence.  Refugees from Afghanistan exit Dulles International Airport after arriving from Afghanistan via evacuation flights on Thursday, August 26. A 'welcome hom

nashville man 28 faces civil rights charges after setting fire to four churches including three on the same night during the 2019 arson spree

A Nashville man, 28, has been charged with civil rights violations over a string of arson attacks on churches in 2019 after allegedly targeting the buildings because of 'religious character'.  Alan Douglas Fox, 28, is facing up to 80 years in jail for the arsons, as well as a consecutive five-year sentence for carrying a firearm. Prosecutors say Fox admitted to setting fires at Crievewood United Methodist Church, Crievewood Baptist Church, Saint Ignatius of Antioch Catholic Church, and Priest Lake Community Baptist Church back in June 2019.  He claimed to have intentionally set the fires due to the 'religious character of the churches,' according to the US Department of Justice.   Alan Douglas Fox, 28, has been charged with civil rights violations for his alleged involvement in four 2019 church fires in Nashville. The FBI say he started the fires due to the 'religious character of the churches' The case was investigated by the FBI, Tennessee's Bureau of Inve

the frat house is closed by the university of nebraska after protestors gather two nights in a row over the alleged rape of a 17-year-old girl inside the building

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln is shutting down a frat house that was already on probation while it investigates an alleged rape that has led to huge protests on campus for two nights in a row. The incident took place Monday between 11.30pm and midnight at the Phi Gamma Delta frat house, according to the university police crime log. It was reported shortly after at 3.47 am Tuesday, and word spread quickly through social media.   Lincoln station KOLN reports that the victim was a 17-year-old sorority girl, though this has not been confirmed by police or the university. Cops are investigating, but no arrests have been made.  By Tuesday night, nearly 1,000 students had gathered outside the fraternity mere hours after the rape was reported, according to the Lincoln Journal-Star, calling for the school to ban the organization for good. Video circulating on social media purports to show members of the frat peeking out of their blinds and laughing at the protesters outside as they chant t

was the surviving family in kabul lost after the kabul bombing?

A former British military interpreter and his family are feared to be among the casualties of the Islamic State atrocity at Kabul airport yesterday. Hussain, his wife, three children and three children of a relative were trapped with thousands of Afghans desperate for a mercy flight in an area between the Baron Hotel rendezvous point and the Abbey Gate at the time of the blast. The 48-year-old had told the Mail an hour before the double explosions – believed to be set off by terrorists wearing suicide vests first at the gate then near the hotel – that he had spent two days in the area trying to pass through British-manned checkpoints. He said he was aware of the bomb threat because UK forces had used loudspeakers to tell people to go home. But, with time running out, he worried that he would not be able to reach the front of the queue again. 'I know it is a risk but I have little choice if I am to escape,' said Hussain, who had worked with the UK military in Helmand. 'I kno

teachers will be given 'white privilege' lessons and 'anti-racism learning resources' to help decolonise' the school curriculum

Teachers in Scotland will be given 'white privilege' lessons and 'anti-racism learning resources' as part of efforts to 'decolonise' the school curriculum. Education Scotland has introduced the new guidance over fears that groups impacted by racism are not currently sufficiently represented in the curriculum. Among its recommendations is a call for young children to be given books, 'dolls and figures' and 'dressing up clothes' which 'normalise diversity'. The details of the plans are in a new 38-page document titled 'promoting and developing race equality and anti-racist education'.  The plans will also see teachers invited to take a 'white privilege test', while an anti-racism 'toolkit' asks staff to consider 'white fragility'.  The term is defined as a white person's defensiveness when confronted with information about racial inequality and injustice.   Teachers in Scotland are to be given 'anti-r

Texas Supreme Court temporarily BLOCKS mask mandate for San Antonio schools in win for Gov Greg Abbott's ban on face coverings

Republican Texas Governor Greg Abbott scored a legal victory Thursday in his attempt to ban mask mandates in public schools. The Texas Supreme Court has blocked a mandate issued by San Antonio and Bexar County for their schools — a blow to efforts by some cities, counties and school districts to go against Abbott's ban on such measures. The ruling came in a lawsuit by San Antonio and Bexar County, one of at least nine that have been filed by cities, counties and school districts against Abbott over his ban on mask mandates.  The Texas Supreme Court has blocked a mask mandate issued by San Antonio and Bexar County for their public schools — a blow to efforts by some cities, counties and school districts to go against Republican Gov. Greg Abbott's ban on such measures. Amid a surge in COVID-19 cases that have overwhelmed many hospitals across the state, at least 10 counties and cities, and 63 school districts or systems in Texas have imposed mask mandates in an attempt to slow th

EXCLUSIVE: Hero dog named Cooper saves a young autistic boy from the ravages of Tennessee's floodwaters as he clung to a wall, staying with him until rescuers arrived

A dog named Cooper is being hailed a hero after he swam to the aid of an autistic boy clinging onto a wall in Tennessee's floodwaters and stayed with him until rescuers arrived. Cooper, a six-year-old Great Pyrenees-Labrador mix, got swept into the water during Saturday's massive flood that has left at least 22 people dead, hundreds of homes ruined and devastated families throughout the region. A member of the rescue crew described to how Cooper was found nestled up to a young boy who was caught in the water and desperately holding onto a wall. The boy was saved and the dog suffered a scrape on his rear, but his energy was still intact when he arrived at the clinic, licking the staff with his tail endlessly flopping.   'We've been calling him Big Hero Dog all week long,' said veterinarian Dr. Jessica Peek. She owns the Waverly Animal Clinic where Cooper ended up after his long and exhausting day. 'He's a living sweety and we've been giving