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Pictured: Mistress who killed herself after stabbing to death her married businessman lover who was leading a secret triple life with three women who knew nothing about each other

This is the first picture of a mistress who was found dead at her home after a mystery 'altercation' with her married lover - who she stabbed to death before killing herself, an inquest heard. Jessena Sheridan, 46, was one of two secret lovers of businessman Gary Williams, 58, from Swansea, South Wales.   Mr Williams, who was leading a triple life with three different women, was a devoted husband, father and grandfather with two other women on the go. On Christmas Eve last year, the caravan dealer told his wife Elaine he was away on business, intending to spend the night with Miss Sheridan. The inquest heard there was a mystery 'altercation' between the pair and they were both found dead in Miss Sheridan's home, in Llanelli. A post-mortem examination found Mr Williams had been stabbed more than 50 times. Mr Williams had been married to Elaine for almost 40 years but was having an affair with another woman since 1991.  He started a third relationship with Ms Sheridan

Biden beats Trump.... in ratings war: Early figures show the former VP raked in 14.1 million viewers compared to the president's 13.1 million during rival town hall events

Former Vice President Joe Biden appears to have trumped the President in a TV ratings battle in their competing town hall events last night, early data shows.  The early data shows that Biden's ABC News event attracted an audience of 14.1 million. Meanwhile, President Donald Trump drew 13.1 million viewers to his town hall broadcast on NBC.  The Nielsen data is only early figures and the outcome could change when the final numbers are tallied.  Hillary Clinton was quick to weigh in on the one million viewer difference, tweeting: 'Americans are sick of the Trump reality show. Let’s cancel it for good, shall we?'  The early data shows that Joe Biden's ABC News event attracted an audience of 14.1 million compared to President Trump's 13.1 million viewers on NBC  The early ratings came as Trump complained on Friday that his Democratic rival wasn't asked about his son Hunter's emails about the Ukraine during his town hall meeting. Coming off a combative town ha

Police and CPS missed three chances to put Lord Janner on trial over child sex claims over space of 16 years before his death at 87, inquiry hears

Police and CPS missed three chances to put Lord Greville Janner on trial over child sex claims before his death aged 87, an inquiry has heard.  Lord Janner was accused of committing acts of abuse in children's homes, schools, a flat in London and in Parliament over the course of three decades. Following his death in December 2015 an official report by a retired High Court Judge identified three occasions - in 1991, 2002 and 2007 - when the former Leicester West MP should have been put on trial. The opportunities were missed because of mistakes made by the police or prosecutors, according to the 2016 report.  Iain Groundwell, former senior legal adviser at the Crown Prosecution Service, told the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse that senior officers with Leicestershire Police seemed wary about investigating the politician. Allegations against the former Leicestershire MP first emerged publicly in the trial of disgraced care home boss Frank Beck in 1991. Lord Greville Jan

Ex-Angels comms director Eric Kay is indicted by a federal grand jury in the overdose death of pitcher Tyler Skaggs and could face LIFE in prison

Former Los Angeles Angels employee Eric Kay is facing life in prison after being indicted by a federal grand jury in Texas for his role in the 2019 overdose death of pitcher Tyler Skaggs.  Kay is accused of knowingly giving Skaggs the fentanyl that resulted in his death. He's officially charged with conspiracy to possess with an intent to distribute a controlled substance and distribution of a controlled substance resulting in death and serious bodily injury, the latter of which can be punished by up to life in prison.  'On or about June 30, 2019,' the indictment began, 'Eric Prescott Kay, the defendant, did knowingly and intentionally distribute a mixture and substance containing a detectable amount of fentanyl, a Schedule II controlled substance, and the use of said substance resulted in the death and serious bodily injury of .' Kay faces up to 20 years in prison, according to an August press release from the US Attorney's Office for the Northern District of T

Water cannons 'filled with irritant chemicals' are used to blast anti-royal protesters in Thailand as thousands gather to demand release of activists arrested for 'violence against the queen'

Police in Thailand have used water cannons against pro-democracy protesters in Bangkok as thousands gathered to demand the release of activists.  The demonstrators, part of an anti-monarchy movement that has been rallying for months - defied an emergency decree banning large gatherings for a second night running.    Some 2,000 protesters chanted for the release of arrested activists and hurled obscenities at Prime Minister Prayut Chan-O-Cha in the city's main shopping mall district before several hundred riot police advanced towards them in formation, calling on the protesters to go home or face the water cannon.   A few metres away, hundreds of activists blocked the road behind a makeshift barrier, calling for the riot police to 'get out!' and singing the Thai national anthem.  Police fired water from the cannon, pushing back the protesters who used umbrellas against the blue liquid.  Onlookers claimed the liquid was laced with chemicals and caused irritation to the eyes o