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Happy Birthday, Malia! Barack Obama tweets his eldest daughter best wishes as she turns 23 and reveals she used to think July 4 fireworks were all for her

Barack Obama sent birthday wishes to his eldest daughter Malia on Sunday as she turned 23 - as he revealed how she used to think the July 4 fireworks were all for her. The former president, 59, tweeted: 'Happy Fourth of July, and Happy Birthday, Malia! It's been such a joy to watch you begin to make your own way in the world with poise, grace, and humor. I miss the days when you thought the fireworks were for you.' Malia graduated from Harvard University this spring. Her first job will be working as a writer for an as yet unnamed Donald Glover series on Amazon Prime Video, according to the Hollywood Reporter. The former president, 59, posted a charming photo of him with Malia as a little girl  He recalled how Malia used to think the fireworks on the 4th of July were to celebrate her birthday  Malia had previously interned on the set of HBO's Girls, where she worked alongside Lena Dunham, who described her as an 'angel' during an interview with Howard Stern. Form

Notorious vegan activist storms a KFC throwing red paint over the floor and berating 'animal abuser' customers with a megaphone - before being shut down with a killer comeback from a diner

Vegan protesters armed with fake blood, a megaphone and audio of chickens shrieking in agony swarmed a busy KFC as part of an animal rights protest, before being told 'no wonder people hate vegans' by a frustrated diner. Among the six irate herbivores covering the floor of the Melbourne fast food store with red liquid was Tash Peterson, a glamorous social media influencer who was recently banned from every pub in Western Australia for a string of similar demonstrations. The 26-year-old animal activist, known as Vegan Booty online, can be seen in a video posted online yelling at diners with a megaphone, accusing them of being complicit in an 'animal holocaust'.  The 26-year-old animal activist, known as Vegan Booty online is notorious for her stunts Among the six irate herbivores was Tash Peterson - a glamorous social media influencer who was recently banned from every licensed venue in Western Australia - for a string of similar demonstrations 'KFC murder six we

Pope Francis, 84, is taken to hospital in Rome for scheduled intestinal surgery hours after greeting the public in St Peter's Square

Pope Francis was admitted to a Rome hospital on Sunday afternoon for 'scheduled surgery' on his colon later in the day, the Vatican said. Spokesman Matteo Bruni said the pope, 84, was suffering from 'symptomatic diverticular stenosis' of the colon, a condition that can cause recurrent abdominal pain, bloating and changes in bowel habits. Bruni said the operation would take place later on Sunday in Rome's Gemelli hospital, which is the institution where popes receive medical treatment. Another statement would be issued afterwards. It is the first time the pope has been admitted to hospital since his election in 2013. Francis appeared to be in fine health several hours earlier when he addressed thousands of people in St. Peter's Square for his Sunday blessing and announced a trip to Slovakia and Budapest for September. He had a particularly demanding set of appointments last week, including celebrating a Mass on Tuesday to mark the Catholic feast day honouring sai

REVEALED: Self-proclaimed leader of 'Rise of The Moors' militia bragged about his firearm arsenal on YouTube video a month before he was arrested along with 10 other heavily armed men after standoff near Boston

The self-proclaimed leader of the Rise of The Moors militia bragged about his firearm arsenal on YouTube a month before he was arrested along with 10 other heavily armed men following a police standoff near Boston.  Jahmal Latimer, who also goes by the title Talib Abdulla Bey and identifies as the 'grand chief of Rhode Island', shared footage of him him racking a gun and bragging that he had three. The Rise of The Moors, which flies the Moroccan flag, is centered on the belief that its followers are the 'aboriginal people' of the US and takes its teachings partly from a religious sect known as the Moorish Science Temple.    Latimer and the Rise of the Moors have a large social media presence, with more than 16,000 subscribers to the group's YouTube channel, in which the leader posts videos showing off firearms and discussing 'the constitution.' Jahmal Latimer, who also goes by the title Talib Abdulla Bey and identifies as the 'grand chief of Rhode Island

Philippines plane crash kills 45 including three civilians on the ground as search continues for unaccounted military personnel after Hercules jet carrying troops crashed and burst into flames

At least 45 people have been killed and dozens injured after a Philippines Air Force plane carrying troops crashed on landing and burst into flames.  The incident happened shortly before noon on Sunday in Bangkal village in the mountainous town of Patikul in the southern Sulu province, where the plane missed the runway, according to an official.  Three civilians on the ground were be among the dead, according to the Armed Forces of the Philippines, who said that 42 soldiers had been killed.  Forty-nine military personnel and four civilians were also injured and taken to hospital. Five members of the military are still missing. Ninety-six people had been onboard the Lockheed C-130 Hercules at the time of the crash, including three pilots who survived with serious injuries, and five crew. The rest of the passengers were military personnel. The crash is one of the country's deadliest military aviation accidents. Some of the soldiers were seen jumping out of the plane before it hit the

Terrified families try to escape as fight breaks out between lions in a circus ring in Russia

A vicious fight that broke out between lions in a circus ring has sent 'terrified' spectators scrambling for the exit. Footage shows the big cats' trainers wielding large sticks to strike the animals in front of hundreds of children and parents at a gala re-opening of a major Russian circus. One lion attacked two others at the first performance after a four-year renovation at Saratov's permanent circus complex. The beasts ran amok in the ring before the trainers regained control. Audience members were left 'terrified' and some 'hurried to leave the show' after a fight broke out between lions at the gala re-opening of the Saratov circus in Russia. The fight came moments after the circus's head lion trainer had told how Russia would defy demands from anti-cruelty campaigners for a ban on performing animals. The ring was caged off but local reports said spectators had been 'frightened' and 'some hurried to leave the show'. The circus s

Six former Conservative work and pensions secretaries join forces to urge Chancellor Rishi Sunak to make temporary £20-a-week uplift in the value of Universal Credit permanent

Six former Conservative work and pension secretaries have joined forces to urge Rishi Sunak to make a £20-a-week uplift in the value of Universal Credit permanent.  The Government increased the value of the payments during the coronavirus pandemic to offer more support to struggling families. It was only supposed to be a temporary boost but there are growing calls for the increase to be retained.  Former Tory leader and the architect of Universal Credit, Sir Iain Duncan Smith, along with five of his successors - Stephen Crabb, Damian Green, David Gauke, Esther McVey and Amber Rudd - have penned a letter to the Chancellor on the subject.  They want Mr Sunak to stick with the £5billion benefits investment even after coronavirus restrictions have been eased. Sir Iain Duncan Smith and five other former Tory work and pensions secretaries have written to Rishi Sunak to urge him to keep a £20 uplift in the value of Universal Credit in place The extra cash for benefit claimants was brought in