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UK house prices are now 13 per cent HIGHER than before the pandemic as average property value leaps by almost £5,000 in August - despite the end of stamp duty holiday

House prices are now 13 per cent higher than before the Covid-19 pandemic as average property price growth saw a 'surprising' bounceback in August, despite the end of the stamp duty holiday. The average house price across the UK in August leapt by nearly £5,000 in the space of just one month, rising to £248,857, new figures showed. The figures come in contrast to predictions from agents, who thought the end to the Covid-19 stamp duty holiday would see demand for properties dramatically fall and take heat out of the housing market. The Government's stamp duty holiday, introduced when the pandemic hit last year, fuelled a rapid rise in house prices, but the stamp duty band was halved from £500,000 to £250,000 from July, and will revert to £125,000 from September 30.  But property price growth has still seen a  'surprising' increase in August, with Nationwide Building Society figures placing it at 11 per cent higher than one year earlier. And in July this year, the ave

'Understaffing' and 'bad security' caused nursing home to allow 100-year-old dementia patient to wander off before she was found dead on Christmas morning OUTSIDE Florida facility, family claims in lawsuit

The family of a 100-year-old nursing home patient with dementia found dead outside her assisted-living facility on Christmas morning blames woeful understaffing and poor security for allowing the woman to leave the building, their lawsuit said.  Annie Hanna was found lying barefoot next to her pillow and walker alone on the frost-covered ground in front of the Senior Living Woodmont at around 7.45am, the Tallahassee Fire Department said. The family matriarch had a broken thigh bone as well as cuts and bruises but died from hypothermia after being exposed to the frigid mid-20s weather, the family said. Hanna's sister, who roomed with her, attempted to contact facility staff when she noticed Hanna was missing but did not receive a response.  Her death came after two other patients escaped the facility but were returned safely. One was found at a Greyhound bus station and the other on the interstate.  Florida woman Annie Hanna, 100, was found dead from hypothermia on Christmas morning

Just how sick can you get? Meet the doctor who falsely diagnosed children with cancer... to scare their parents into paying for private treatment provided by HIS healthcare company

A doctor frightened parents into paying for private treatment by falsely diagnosing their children with cancer. Dr Mina Chowdhury persuaded three separate families to pay for scans and tests run by his own company, Meras Healthcare. He also steered them away from free NHS treatment and refused to let the families’ GPs know what treatment he had decided on. Yesterday Chowdhury faced the prospect of being struck off after he was found guilty of misconduct and suspended. A Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service panel concluded that his behaviour was dishonest by reason of financial motivation. Dr Mina Chowdhury (pictured in 2019) frightened parents into paying for private treatment run by his company, Meras Healthcare by falsely diagnosing their children with cancer The panel also found Chowdhury, based in Stirling in Scotland, guilty of failing to provide ‘good clinical care’ and creating an ‘unwarranted sense of concern without clinical justification’. Chowdhury consulted three separat

EXCLUSIVE: Tech bro boasts about hanging with 'notable celebrities and execs' at UNOFFICIAL Burning Man as rich kids bring their own stages, Porta Potties and DJ equipment to Black Rock Desert 'Playa'

Another year of Burning Man has been cancelled due to the pandemic but for the die-hard festivalgoers with money to spend, they have decided to create their own unofficial event. Officials at the Bureau of Land Management, which controls the desert where the festival usually takes place, estimate the non-ticketed event will attract up to 20,000 people over Labor Day weekend. The last official ticketed Burning Man, which took place in 2019, drew nearly 80,000 Burners to the desert.  Thousands of festivalgoers have already begun to descend on Nevada's Black Rock Desert - dubbed 'the Playa' - including Michael Goetzman, 38, of Wisconsin, who flew first class to the event on a semi-private jet. 'It's amazing, it feels like the 90s,' Goetzman, who works in cyber security, said of the renegade event, where he's camped out at the Bureau Of Misinformation site with 'lots of highly intelligent successful friends from the Bay Area,' including 'notable cele

More than 60MILLION in the northeast are under flash flood warnings: Tropical Depression Ida will reach New York by this weekend bringing hourly rainfall of three inches

More than 60 million people throughout the northeast are under flash flood watches as Ida - now a tropical depression - moves its way into the area.    According to the National Weather Service's Weather Prediction Center: 'Flash flooding, some of it significant and potentially life-threatening, is expected to go through the late morning and early afternoon hours as TD Ida approaches the region from the southwest.' 'Flash flood emergency level rainfall impacts are possible as we head into the afternoon hours,' the Weather Prediction Center said, referring to the highest level flood warning, which indicates immediate and significant threats to life and property. Two to three inches of rain are expected every hour in the northeast, with total amounts reaching up to six inches. That total could be higher in certain areas. Northern Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania and eastern West Virginia could see the highest impacts from the storm - which has already caused extensive