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Bikers for Trump rally draws thousands of motorcycles to Pennsylvania as Eric Trump stumps for his father in bid to boost state poll figures

More than 1,000 President Trump supporters cruised on motorcycles and drove vehicles in Pennsylvania, where Eric Trump sought to drum up last-minute support in the battleground state.  Flags reading 'Trump 2020' and 'Keep America Great Again' fluttered in the wind as Bikers for Trump drove through the city of Wilkes-Barre for a scheduled rally. Led by Bikers for Trump founder, Chris Cox, the group was spotted in a local mall parking lot before the army of vehicles departed for a vehicle parade towards Scranton.   Attendees were outfitted in 'MAGA' paraphernalia as many decked out their vehicles with homemade banners, 'Blue Lives Matter' signs and American flags. More than 1,000 motorcyles and vehicles gathered in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, for a rally supporting President Trump in the November 3rd election People who participated in the Bikers for Trump rally in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, outfitted their vehicles with 'Trump 2020' flags and 

Revealed: Rishi Sunak was reluctant to accept lockdown but did NOT threaten to resign during Downing Street's 24 hours of chaos as leaks forced Boris Johnson to address the public

Rishi Sunak was reluctant to agree to the second national lockdown in light of the threat to the economy and the huge £5 billion cost of furlough, sources said last night. The Chancellor was one of those at the Downing Street meeting on Friday which decided to go ahead with new restrictive measures. A source said there was a 'collective decision' to back a second lockdown, and that Mr Sunak 'accepted it' – and he did not threaten to resign, as some whispers around Westminster were suggesting yesterday. 'There was a presentation from the scientists,' the source said. 'The data was put to them and there wasn't a great deal to say.' Boris Johnson and Mr Sunak had been hoping to avoid a second lockdown, over fears of its devastating impact on business and jobs. But the figures presented to them – predicting that the NHS would be overwhelmed – were so stark that it was not possible to argue against.  Rishi Sunak was reluctant to agree to the second nation

Nightmare before Christmas: Boris Johnson faces Tory rebellion as lockdown threatens to stretch for MONTHS and health chiefs refuse to release '4,000 daily deaths dossier that forced PM's hand'

Boris Johnson was facing a Tory rebellion last night over his new national lockdown. Many of his own MPs were outraged by the revelation that the restrictions could last much longer than the planned four weeks – and potentially even run into spring with a brief easing over Christmas. Some indicated they would oppose the measures that business chiefs fear will devastate an already fragile economy. 'I will be voting against the new national lockdown on Wednesday when it comes before the House of Commons,' said former Cabinet minister Esther McVey. 'The "lockdown cure" is causing more harm than Covid.' Another Conservative MP said the fresh clampdown was 'like a nightmare that we'll never wake up from'. Yesterday health chiefs refused to release the dossier behind a prediction of 4,000 daily deaths that forced Mr Johnson to act on Saturday night. Cabinet minister Michael Gove admitted the lockdown for England could be extended beyond December 2 if the