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The quadruplets who have ALL followed in their mothers' footsteps to become nurses

When she gave birth to quads 21 years ago, Joby Shibu Mathew was naturally proud of her little angels. Now her four daughters have given the nurse even more joy, by following in her footsteps and working for the NHS. Aneetta, Anjel and Aleena truly are sisters – they joined the wards at the Royal Papworth Hospital in Cambridge this week after qualifying as nurses. Aneesha took a physiotherapy course and began work at Kettering Hospital in Northamptonshire two weeks ago. Fantastic four, from left: Aneetta, Anjel and Aleena, 21, who are now nurses at Royal Papworth Hospital in Cambridge, with physiotherapist Aneesha Mrs Shibu Mathew, who works in the oncology department of Ipswich Hospital, hopes her daughters will inspire others to consider a career in the NHS. ‘They said to me they saw my passion for caring and being a nurse and that they wanted to do it too,’ said the 52-year-old from Woodbridge, Suffolk. ‘It’s just how it worked out that they all wanted to do the same thing. ‘They ha

Republican candidate slaps Candace Owens with $20m defamation lawsuit over pundit's Instagram video that alleged Maryland politician was a 'madame' at a strip club, illegally used drugs, laundered money and committed campaign fraud

A former Republican candidate for a congressional seat in Maryland is suing conservative pundit Candace Owens for $20million, accusing her of defamation stemming from an Instagram video that purported to paint her as a cocaine-snorting, money-laundering strip club 'madame.' The defamation lawsuit was filed on behalf of Kimberly Klacik in Baltimore County Circuit Court in late July. According to the court documents, as a result of Owens' 44-minute tirade, Klacik lost a book deal and a contract with a 'nationally recognized vendor,' and had politicians cancel fundraising appearances with her. Scroll down for video  Kimberly Klacik , a rising star in the GOP, is suing right-wing pundit Candace Owens for $20million in damages, claiming defamation  According to previous reporting, Owens and Klacik have been locked in a months-long feud and have been trading barbs on social media, with Owens slamming her rival as a 'fake' person. The two hardline conservatives fi

Scarface stash for sale! Al Capone's favorite .45 automatic pistol and a letter he wrote from Alcatraz are among 174 of the mobster's possessions being auctioned off by his granddaughters

The granddaughters of one of America's most notorious gangsters - Al Capone- are putting a treasure trove of the mobster's personal items, including his favorite .45 automatic pistol and a letter he wrote to his son Sonny from Alcatraz, on the auction block. The prized pistol is expected to fetch the biggest haul, with a started price of $50,000, and his private correspondence is listed for $12,500. In all, there will be 174 items on sale in the collection entitled 'A Century of Notoriety: The Estate of Al Capone' in Sacramento, California, on October 8. The former possessions feared mobster Al Capone go up for auction in  Sacramento on Oct. 8   Capone's prized .45 automatic pistol will be sold at the auction, starting at $50,000 A letter written from Alcatraz to Capone's son Sonny will start at $12,500 The other items include vintage photos, the bed he shared with his wife Mae at their Florida mansion, his platinum Patek Philippe pocket watch and various other

Why parents DON'T need to be alarmed about their kids getting Delta - as Gladys Berejiklian prepares to reveal when children can finally go back to school

School student Osama Suduh, 15, died after catching Covid and meningitis. Osama is the only child who has died after catching Covid in Australia to date Since the pandemic began only one Australian child has died after catching Covid - and his death was officially caused by viral meningitis.  The revealing statistic comes as many parents fret about Scott Morrison and Gladys Berejiklian's plan to re-open Australia when 80 per cent of adults are vaccinated. New South Wales looks likely to hit the target by about mid-November and the PM has warned lockdowns 'must' end when the target is hit.  But there is growing anxiety over whether the plan could place children at risk, given there isn't yet a vaccine for kids aged under 12.  So should parents be worried when the months-long lockdowns gripping 16 million Australians eventually lift? And what do doctors say about the risk of Delta to children?  Some 8,581 Australians aged under 20 have tested positive to Covid since the p

Mums-to-be will get same-day test for fatal blood condition to spare thousands from hospital stay during pregnancy

A same-day test for potentially fatal pre-eclampsia will spare 65,000 pregnant women a year lengthy hospital stays. The NHS is rolling out the new test – the first kind in the world – to speed up diagnosis and reassure soon-to-be mothers. The condition causes high blood pressure during pregnancy and if left untreated, the mother can suffer fits, organ failure and a stroke. It can also stunt a baby's growth or result in stillbirth. Currently, thousands of women spend more than three days in hospital being monitored for pre-eclampsia. But the new test gives a result in as little as an hour. During the test, women with symptoms – such as high blood pressure, headache and protein in the urine – will have a sample of blood taken so doctors can look for a protein called placental growth factor . A same-day test for potentially fatal pre-eclampsia will spare 65,000 pregnant women a year lengthy hospital stays If the PLGF levels are high, it is highly likely they do not have the condition

Dozens of weight loss supplements sold on eBay and Wish contain 'dangerous' stimulants that can lead to strokes and heart attacks, UK watchdog warns

Dozens of weight loss supplements with potentially dangerous ingredients are being sold on popular websites, an investigation has found. The products contain yohimbine and synephrine that are said to have ‘considerable potential to cause harm if used without medical supervision or advice’.  Experts at the consumer group Which? were able to buy nine potentially harmful products from eBay, Wish and AliExpress.  They were among dozens of listings for products with the suspect ingredients. Prices varied considerably with some costing as little as £2.39 and others more than £80. The suppliers were based in countries including India, the United States, Ukraine and Poland. Drugs containing the ingredients are only supposed to be available in the UK through a prescription.  Yohimbine and synephrine are popular among bodybuilders and gym enthusiasts, because they are thought to be powerful fat burners that suppress hunger.  The Medicine & Healthcare Regulatory Agency said products containin

Colombian authorities arrest former police officer who spent four years on the run after he shot an unarmed 16-year-old graffiti artist working on a Felix the Cat painting

A former police officer who shot dead an unarmed 16-year-old graffiti artist has finally been arrested in Colombia after spending the last four years on the run.  Wilmer Alarcón was taken into custody Sunday after security forces raided a home in the city of Yupal. Alarcón was wanted for shooting Daniel Felipe Becerra on August 19, 2011. The arrest came days after family and friends gathered for a vigil to mark the 10th year anniversary of the teen’s murder, Colombian newspaper El Tiempo reported. Gustavo Trejos told El Tiempo that he had taken his son to buy paint at a shop in Bogotá after the pair had lunched together. “We return at night,” Trejos recalled. “I has some movie theater tickets and he told me no, to go with my .' Becerra stayed home, then went with friends to do a rendering of Felix the Cat at the base of a bridge in downtown Bogotá. Former cop Wilmer Alarcón was taken into custody without incident Sunday after security forces raided a home in Yupal, Colombia. He wa

Hacking group nicknamed SparklingGoblin is accused of stealing usernames and IP addresses from US computer retailer and Canadian schools

A hacking group has targeted the networks of US media and retail companies to gather usernames and IP addresses, according to research from an antivirus company. Slovakia-based cybersecurity company Eset has identified a 'backdoor' used by a group it calls SparklingGoblin to enter firm's supposedly secure servers, according to a post on the company's blog on Tuesday. The group mostly targets the academic sectors in East and Southeast Asia, but it's also shown interest in the education sector in Canada, media companies in the US, and at least one unnamed computer retail company in the US. It is not clear what companies were attacked or when the breaches happened. It's also not known where the group is from, though Eset notes that some of its procedures were described on a Chinese language blog, suggesting it may be based in eastern Asia.  The group uses similar tools to the Winnti Group, which has targeted universities in Hong Kong and supply chains in the video

Friend of two stab victims, 22, wins Dyson innovation award for designing device to stem blood flow from knife wounds

A 22-year-old has won this year's UK James Dyson Award for designing a potentially life-saving device to help stem bleeding from knife wounds. Winner Joseph Bentley, a product design graduate from Essex, revealed that knife crime is a topic personal to him, as two of his friends were victims of knife related incidents. Stab victims can bleed to death in just five minutes, so the priority for emergency personnel is to stop excessive blood loss. Paramedics have wound pack kits that they use to treat stab victims but police are usually first on the scene and do not currently have the rapid and accessible tools required to prevent catastrophic blood loss, according to research by the device maker. Joseph Bentley, 22, from Essex, won this year's UK James Dyson Award with a potentially life-saving device to stop blood loss from stab victims His React device, which stands for Rapid Emergency Actuating Tamponade, aims to help police treat knife wounds while waiting for medical assista

The 'Weed Boss' policeman caught at cannabis farm: Special constable who quit after he was found at a drugs factory is allowed to keep his identity secret following panel's ruling

A police disciplinary panel has allowed a special constable who called himself 'Weed Boss' and was found at the scene of a cannabis farm to keep his identity secret. The volunteer officer was banned from working in policing and would have been sacked if he had not resigned. He claimed to be oblivious to the drugs factory in his girlfriend's garage containing cannabis worth up to £21,000 even though there was a strong smell in the house and the electricity had clearly been bypassed. But a misconduct hearing panel ruled that the Cleveland Police special constable should remain anonymous. Chairman John Bassett said the ruling was 'not to spare Cleveland Police embarrassment', but it would be 'inappropriate' to name him.  The officer – whose phone was found to contain a picture of a cannabis leaf with the words 'Weed Boss' on it – was not charged in relation to the cannabis farm as there was insufficient evidence. The special constable did not attend his

Moment two 'idiotic' tourists peer over edge of sheer 120ft cliff onto rocky beach below after straying off coastal path at popular Dorset beauty spot

This is the shocking moment two 'idiotic' tourists were spotted dicing with death as they peered over the edge of a 120ft cliff. The two men were spotted teetering on the edge of the chalk cliffs at Old Harry Rocks near Swanage, Dorset, after straying off the coastal path to walk out to the narrow ledges. The scenes come just months after a 28-year-old man narrowly avoided death after he slipped and plunged 120ft off the cliff after reportedly getting too close to the edge while taking a selfie. He was  saved by landing in four feet of water, with rescuers saying it was a 'miracle' he survived.   In recent months, coastguards have warned about the dangers of tourists getting too close to the cliff edges. The two men   were spotted close to the edge of the chalk cliffs at Old Harry Rocks near Swanage, Dorset The tourists has strayed off the coastal path to walk out to the narrow ledges on the chalk cliffs Speaking about the latest photos taken at Old Harry Rocks, a Swana

California court rejects calls to reopen case of Mexican woman who helped gang lure two 'associates' of cartel who were kidnapped and beaten when she was a teenager

A 31-year-old woman convicted for her role in the 2007 kidnappings of two men linked to a Mexican cartel will continue to serve a life prison sentence after a California court rejected her appeal. Lawyers on behalf of Nancy Mendoza filed a habeas corpus claim in June and called for a new trial due to the ineffectiveness of her former team of attorneys during her August 2013 court hearing in which she was sentenced to life in jail without the possibility of parole. The Court of Appeal, Fourth Appellate District Division One ruled that 'a resentencing hearing does not constitute a new trial.' Mendoza was just 19 years old at the time when she helped members of Los Palillos - a gang that was once linked to the Arellano-Félix Cartel - lure wealthy, high-profile men, including some who were associates of the same criminal organization.  Nancy Mendoza is serving life in prison for her helping a gang in the San Diego area kidnap two men in 2007 who were reportedly linked to the Arella