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U.S. diplomat killed

U.S. diplomat killed , US diplomat named Anne Smedinghoff, aged 25, died in a bomb attack Saturday while delivering donated books to a new school in Zabul Province. Family and friends said Anne Smedinghoff had chafed at the restrictions that American diplomats can face in Afghanistan, where the excitement and passion for foreign service are often dampened by lives circumscribed by blast walls and checkpoints and fortified compounds. Ms. Smedinghoff joined the Foreign Service three years ago, straight out of Johns Hopkins University, and moved to Kabul in July. Being locked in the embassy compound, though it kept her largely safe from suicide bombers and rocket attacks, was not for her, her family and friends said. She longed to be out among Afghans, helping to ease the tumult of their lives. On Saturday, Ms. Smedinghoff, 25, got her chance. She joined a delegation accompanying the governor of Zabul Province to inaugurate a new school in Qalat, the provincial capital. She was to h

Tyson 50 Shades of Gray

Tyson 50 Shades of Gray , “Fifty Shades of Grey” is making headlines even before it becomes a movie. Thanks to Mike Tyson and the cast of “Scary Movie 5,” the sexy story will hit the big screen this month, according to an April 5 New York Post Page Six report. The new installation of the “Scary Movie” franchise features a spoof of the movie. Between Jerry O’Connell, Ashley Tisdale and Tyson, “Fifty Shades of Grey” fans will get a preview of their favorite story. Page Six reports that the spoof features O’Connell as the “Kinky Lothario Christian Grey,” attempting to seduce Ashley Tisdale, but things end up a bit messy. “Prepare for a night of unparalleled passion,” O’Connell tells Tisdale after blindfolding her. “Your safe word is . . . deeper.” A grimacing Tyson appears from another room telling Grey, “Golly . . . thanks for working on my prostrate like it was a speed bag.” O’Connell responds, “I was surprised by your performance as well. Not bad for a washed up, overweight, faciall

Two kids feared dead

Two kids feared dead , Two young children trapped when dirt fell on them at a home construction site Sunday were not expected to be found alive and crews expected to work through the night to recover their bodies, a fire official said. A father of one of the children called 911 at about 6 p.m. to report what happened, said Lincoln County Emergency Services public information officer Dion Burleson. Crews were on the scene in minutes, but couldn't get to the 7-year-old boy and 6-year-old girl, Burleson said. Crews used shovels and climbing gear trying to get to the children at the Denver neighborhood. Emergency personnel from several places, including nearby Charlotte, were on the scene late Sunday. Video from WSOC-TV shows backhoes scooping dirt from a deep hole surrounded by dirt. Equipment surrounded the hole. Burleson said it is hard to estimate how far down the children might be. The man who called was the father of at least one of the children, Burleson said. Neighbors told

Jamie Oliver's chicken supplier fined after 'nauseous' smells 'depress' locals

A supplier which makes chicken dishes sold under Jamie Oliver's brand has been fined after people complained of 'nauseous' smells coming from one of its farms. People living near Heale Farm in Kirkby on Bain, Lincolnshire, told the Environment Agency the smell surrounding the site had left them feeling 'sick and depressed'. The BBC reports that Moy Park Ltd, the company which manages the site, has been charged with two breaches of environmental permit conditions. It comes after 94 complaints were lodged by nearby residents between July 2008 and September 2011, The Daily Telegraph reports. The company was fined £10,000 and ordered to pay cost of £42,500 in a hearing at Lincoln Magistrates' Court. It said it had spent £400,000 over four years trying to combat the problem of the smell. Moy Park produces ready-to-cook chicken dishes for a variety of companies. They include Empire Chicken, Jubilee Chicken and American Style BBQ Chicken meals for Jamie Oliver's b

Hunt for the runaway aardvark: Lady McAlpine calls on public to help find her lost ring-tailed coati

The McAlpine family has appealed for help after a Brazilian aardvark, believed to have escaped from their sanctuary, was found dead in forest close to their home. Lady Judy McAlpine, of the McAlpine construction empire, said the animal had escaped from the estate at Fawley Hill, Henley on Thames several months ago. She told the Daily Telegraph: 'We're assuming this one is our boy, which is sickeningly sad, as he was adorable.' She has now called for the public to help find a second male Brazilian aardvark, or coati, which escaped at the same time. Lady McAlpine, whose husband helped found the famiyl construction company, which has helped them become one of Britain's wealthiest families, said the male must be 'very lonely' as they are pack animals. She said: 'Coatis climb trees and I doubt there are too many roaming the woods of Buckinghamshire.' The coati is believed to have last been seen by ramblers walking in Fennimore Wood, Marlow, Buckinghamshrie,

Bodies of American tech executive and his wife recovered from the South Pacific after their plane crashed in New Zealand

New Zealand navy divers have recovered the bodies of American wireless executive Eric Hertz and his wife Kathy after their small plane crashed in the South Pacific. Divers recovered a second body Sunday from the wreck of the couple's twin-engine Beechcraft Baron at a depth of 56 meters (184 feet). They recovered the first body Saturday near Kawhia Harbour, about 150 kilometers (93 miles) south of Auckland. Divers were also able to recover pieces of the plane. Hertz, an experienced amateur pilot, radioed authorities March 30 to say the engine had failed. The couple had left from an airport near Auckland bound for the South Island town of Timaru. The body of tech CEO Eric Hertz was recovered off the coast of New Zealand after his twin-engined plane crashed Hertz, 58, had been chief executive of New Zealand's Two Degrees Mobile since 2009. He'd previously been chief executive at Seattle's Zumobi and held senior positions at Western Wireless, AT&T Wireless, Bell S

Man who took hostages in Hillary Clinton's campaign office in 2007 escapes from jail

A man who took hostages at a Hillary Rodham Clinton presidential campaign office in 2007 escaped from a minimum-security correctional facility on Sunday, authorities said. Leeland Eisenberg was discovered missing during an afternoon head count at the Calumet Transitional Housing Unit in Manchester, state Department of Corrections spokesman Jeff Lyons said. Eisenberg was sentenced in May 2010 to 3 1/2 to 7 years for probation violations. The 52-year-old would have been eligible for parole in August. Eisenberg was discovered missing during an afternoon head count at the Calumet Transitional Housing Unit in Manchester, state Department of Corrections spokesman Jeff Lyons said Once he is found, he will be charged with escape, a felony punishable by 3 1/2 to 7 years in prison, Lyons said. Eisenberg isn't considered armed. Eisenberg spent about two years behind bars for the November 2007 siege at Clinton's Rochester campaign office in which he claimed to have a bomb. No one

Borgen meets House of Cards: Lord Michael Dobbs teams up with creator of Danish political drama for 'major new project'

The writer behind one of British television's best loved dramas, House of Cards, has revealed he is working on a 'major project' with the creator of Danish political drama Borgen. Author Michael Dobbs, whose political thriller was adapted into a BBC television series and recently an American version starring Kevin Spacey, said the collaboration is expected to hit BBC screens in 2014. The Conservative peer said the project had 'a pretty good pedigree' and would star a 'strong female lead', the Telegraph reports. House Of Cards, starring Ian Richardson as Francis Urquhart, was one of British television's best loved dramas. Now author Lord Michael Dobbs has revealed he is working on a 'major project' with the creator of Danish political drama Borgen Author Michael Dobbs, whose political thriller was adapted into a BBC television series and recently an American version starring Kevin Spacey, said the collaboration is expected to hit BBC scre

‘It sounded like a giant thunder clap, but twice as loud’: Truck explosion shuts down entire Queensboro Bridge in New York

Authorities say an oxygen tank in the back of a truck exploded when the truck caught fire near the entrance of the Ed Koch Queensboro Bridge in Manhattan. Fire officials say it happened just before 7 pm Sunday on the Queens-bound lower level entrance to the bridge. There were no reports of injuries and the fire was extinguished. Scroll down for video Explosion: A truck burns after authorities say an oxygen tank in the back exploded near the entrance of the Ed Koch Queensboro Bridge in New York, Sunday, April 7, 2013 Neighbor Jim Holtje said the explosion startled him out of his chair. The 47-year-old said it ‘sounded like a giant thunder clap, but twice as loud.’ Authorities say the truck was carrying several tanks, including two oxygen tanks, one of which exploded when the truck's engine caught fire. Both directions on the bridge have been closed to traffic. Fighting flames: Firefighters battle the blaze after authorities said the oxygen tank exploded

Condi Rice plays first round of golf as one of Augusta National's two first female members ahead of the Masters

Phil Mickelson has won three green jackets, and he was the one asking all the questions on Sunday during a practice round at the Masters. In his group was Augusta National's newest member — former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice. 'Awesome,' Mickelson said after playing 18 holes with his agent and Augusta members Rice and Lee Styslinger. 'She's one of my favorite people to be around. She's so knowledgeable and interesting to talk to. I always learn so much. When I saw she became a member, one of the first things I did was schedule a game close to Masters time. The fact she's here, we were able to work it out. It was really cool.' New member: Condoleezza Rice, right, former Secretary of State and new Augusta National member, laughs on the practice range with members Dave Dorman, left, and Pat Battle, center, Sunday, April 7, 2013 Rice and South Carolina financier Darla Moore made history in August when they became the first women invited to join t

North Korea 'preparing to test ANOTHER nuclear missile' amid fears of a cyber attack on the U.S.

North Korea is continuing to stoke tensions with a fourth nuclear missile test, which comes as the regime may be looking to carry out war on a different battlefield - the internet. South Korea's point man on North Korea, Unification Minister Ryoo Kihl-jae, told a parliamentary committee today that 'there is such an indication' that the country is preparing to launch another test missile, according to two ministry officials who spoke on condition of anonymity. Ryoo was answering a lawmaker's question about increased personnel and vehicle activities at the North's nuclear test site. Provocative act: North Korea is said to be preparing a fourth nuclear missile test, a new incendiary action amid tensions with South Korea and the U.S. Ministry officials cite Ryoo as telling the lawmakers he wouldn't provide further details because they involve confidential intelligence affairs. South Korean defense officials previously said the North completed preparations for a

Why I drug my children on airplanes: We all know the hell of bawling toddlers on flights.

Somewhere high above the Atlantic, I caved in. It wasn’t so much the fact my daughter, Flo, then one, had been screaming since take-off three hours earlier. Or even that, crammed into my economy-class seat with this bawling bundle, I had yet to pour myself the calming snifter I yearned for, open a miniature packet of pretzels or even go to the loo. I was held hostage to the relentless, nerve-jangling wailing of my inconsolable infant. And so were the other 300 passengers. It was the looks of hatred on their faces — glares saying: ‘Can’t you do something about that dreadful noise, you ineffectual mother?’ — that made me reach, in desperation, for the bottle in my handbag. One spoonful of a sedating medicine was all it took to knock out Flo. She slept for hours, blissfully drugged It wasn’t vodka. This was something that held the promise of a few hours of peace; the chance to eat dinner without having the contents thrown around. It was what was going to save me from a lynching at 37,

This week FEMAIL shows you, step-by-step: How to do a sleek bun

Ever wanted to master that polished ballerina-inspired bun, using a doughnut hair sponge? Here, FEMAIL shares a how-to guide with step-by-step pictures. The ballerina topknot hasn't been out of fashion since it appeared on 2010's catwalks. This year's look is more professional but easy to achieve with a doughnut ring (£4.67, Boots), hairbands and pins Step one: Brush your hair (and straighten if frizzy). Using a hairband, secure it in a high ponytail Pull your ponytail high and slide a doughnut over it till it sits flat against your skull. Lean forward and spread the ponytail evenly around the doughnut so it is hidden. With very long locks, you may need to tuck some hair under it Step three: Put another hairband, over the doughnut, sliding it underneath to hold your hair in place For a sparkling office look, keep make-up sleek and eyebrows groomed

Five steps to Kate's new cut: How you can copy the Duchess' new style

When the Duchess of Cambridge changes her image, so must the women who make a living out of being her lookalike. As the Duchess’s new fringe was unveiled (estimated cost £250), we joined 32-year-old Heidi Agan, who’s appeared as Kate on American TV and at Olympic events, as she booked into Jo Hansford’s London salon to get Kate’s new look. India Sturgis reveals how to recreate that new style in five steps. Fringe benefit? Kate Middleton lookalike Heidi Agan before she went to the salon (left) to replicate the Duchess of Cambridge's new hairstyle (right with the new 'do) 1. REACH FOR THE VEG Kate’s morphed from soft, light-tinged auburn tones to a sleeker, chocolatey brown. To get a similar tone, senior colourist Evie Perkins used a semi-permanent vegetable colour in a rich dark brown. Vegetable colours don’t contain peroxide, so dry out the hair less, keeping it in better condition. The dye is carefully brushed through shampooed and towel-dried hair from roots to tips

EXCLUSIVE: Maybe she should be brunette all the time!

Complete with a slick brunette crop and vampish make-up January Jones is barely recognizable as she strikes a sultry pose for the new issue of Vs. Magazine. The Mad Men star, 35, who usually sports uptight outfits on the hit Sixties-era series, showed off her sexy side for the glossy's spring/summer edition which runs with the theme 'Passionate'. In one shot she is seen blowing a puff of cigarette smoke towards the camera while another frame shows her reclining on a sofa with a peep of cleavage on display. Transformation: Mad Men star January Jones is barely recognizable in a new shoot for Vs. Magazine, as she sports a slick brunette crop while posing in a selection of sexy outfits Sultry look: Ms Jones blows a puff of cigarette smoke towards photographer Mark Abrahams The moody black and white images were captured by top fashion photographer Mark Abrahams. Classic designs from fashion labels including Bottega Veneta, Tom Ford, John Galliano, Burberry Prorsum and Jimm

That didn't last long! Ivanka Trump goes back to blonde just a month after debuting new brunette do

Ivanka Trump has gone back to her signature blonde bombshell look just a month after experimenting with a dark chestnut hue. The billionaire heiress, 31, posted a photograph of herself at the hairdressers on Tuesday via Instagram informing fans that the 'experiment is over' and she has ditched the brunette wash. 'That was quick!','blonde is better!' and 'so pretty' were among the comments left by some of her 142.202 followers. Back to blonde: Ivanka Trump has ditched her brunette hair a month after experimenting with a chestnut hue Brave new look: The heiress debuted a chestnut hue last month druing a business trip to Uruguay Ms Trump revealed that she had turned brunette in mid-January, as she left New York for Uruguay to attend the launch of TrumpTower Punta del Este - one of her father's latest ventures. She uploaded a picture of herself seated next to her younger brother, Eric, on a plane with her brown hair straightened in a casual styl