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Kim Kardashian Is Growing Her Empire Within This Lifestyle Space

The reality TV character is expanding her empire to add... house décor. Based on docs, that have been acquired by E! News, Kim recently trademarked KKW Home. And even though the 39-year-old celebrity has to discuss the details himself, it seems she will be pushing her toes in the business with a range of family products. Per the docs, lovers can anticipate to store"towels, shower drapes, fabrics for home furnishings, comforters, aromatherapy diffusers, bath products, body sponges, toilet candles, family containers for organizing and storing makeup" and much more. From the appearance of the KKW Home involves, it's easy to see why Kim has chosen to enter this distance. Given that a number of the household things will perfectly match her other small business ventures, such as KKW Beauty and SKIMS, this looks like a natural next step. Kim recently observed that the one-year anniversary of her lingerie and shapewear line using a bang. "To celebrate our forthcoming @SKIMS

Covid-19: Group of drug companies racing against one another to develop coronavirus vaccines

A group of drug companies racing against one another to develop coronavirus vaccines, are planning to launch a statement early next week pledging that they won't prematurely launch a vaccine amid political pressure to deliver on a presidential election deadline that's now just two weeks away. A replica of those companies' draft statement obtained by the Wall Street Journal claims that the drugmakers will submit applications for authorities emergency-use authorization or vaccine licensing based on"substantial evidence of efficacy and safety" from advanced clinical trials conducted under Food and Drug Administration guidance. The statement of this pledge comes as worries mount a COVID-19 vaccine has been jammed through national law to deliver a Trump campaign success before the election. The companies have said they'll look at Phase 3 trials, which are intended to demonstrate the effectiveness of their shots at reducing rates of symptomatic COVID-19 compared wi

Moderna Reports 71% Registration in Coronavirus Vaccine Trial With a target of roughly 30,000

Moderna Reports 71% Registration in Coronavirus Vaccine Trial With a target of roughly 30,000 participants, the 71% enrollment in the analysis is up substantially from last week, when the company reported registration of 17,458 participants, or 58 percent of the targeted registration. The week-over-week enrollment growth is particularly impressive considering Moderna has stated it's slowed registration slightly to be able to increase the amount of minorities that are enrolled in the study. People of different races may respond differently to some vaccines and drugs, so it is essential for the clinical trial to test the vaccine on a varied population. Pfizer's latest update on Monday said the duo had registered 20,006, or 66 percent of the similarly sized clinical trial. On Friday, Pfizer pointed out that 6,000 participants had received another dose of this vaccine. Whilst completing enrollment in the clinical trials is vital for determining security, the pace of registration i

Wisconsin university quarantines pupils from 9 fraternities and sororities, as most recent school grapples with coronavirus danger from parties

University officials continue to worry that student cooperation is'essential' The University of Wisconsin-Madison and Dane County health officials requested 420 pupils to quarantine for two months after the positive results, the university announced in a statement. "Our objective is to prevent any further spread of this virus among our students and the wider community," stated Jake Baggott, executive director of University Health Services. The university stressed that breach of quarantine could create a court order to quarantine and/or a fine of up to $10,000. The faculty then declared it would require all members of its 38 fraternity chapters with live-in homes to check for COVID-19. Students may skip if they've confirmed results from within the previous 90 days. "We are dedicated to addressing concerns and dangers quickly to be able to keep everybody in our community as safe as possible," states Lori Reesor, vice chancellor for student affairs. "

COVID-19: Michigan has climbed to 106,215, including 6,534 deaths, state officials report. Up from 105,377 instances & 6,526 deaths reported Friday

The amount of confirmed cases of the coronavirus (COVID-19) in Michigan has climbed to 106,215 as of Saturday, including 6,534 deaths, state officials report. That's up from 105,377 instances and 6,526 deaths reported Friday. The deaths announced today include 3 deaths identified during a Critical Records review. The state also reports"active situations," which were recorded at 22,000 on Thursday. The nation's fatality rate is 6.2 percent. New cases have marginally increased in the previous week, while deaths remain flat in Michigan. Testing has remained stable, with an average of over 30,000 per day, with the positive rate between 3 and 3.5 percent. The state reported its greatest one-day testing total with over 41,000 diagnostic evaluations on Aug. 21. Hospitalizations have increased marginally during the previous month but remain lower than in April. Ventilator usage was at its lowest point since monitoring on Thursday. According to Johns Hopkins Uni prohibits foreign sales of seeds in U.S. amid puzzle packages Inc said it has banned overseas sales of seeds in america after tens of thousands of Americans received unsolicited packages of seeds in their mailboxes, largely postmarked from China. The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) in July identified over a dozen plant species which range from morning glories to mustard in the bags of unsolicited seeds. Based on plant experts, seeds from different areas of the world could be non-native types that damage commodity crops. "Moving forward, we're only allowing the sale of seeds by vendors that are located in the U.S.," Amazon said in an emailed statement on Saturday. The organization changed its policy on seed sales on Wednesday. The organization added that sellers who don't follow its guidelines will be subject to actions, including possible removal of the accounts. Based on Amazon's policy web page, the ban extends to plants and plant products. The USDA in July said the packages were probably part of a"b

Ignoring warnings from election officials, Trump again Indicates Fans should try to vote twice

Washington -- President Donald Trump suggested to his supporters on Friday night that should they vote by email they should also try to vote in person for a means to verify that their vote is counted, which risks causing chaos in the polls and undermining confidence in the election. At a North Carolina"telerally" Friday night, which was posted on Facebook, Trump spent the first few minutes of this telephone describing in detail how he wanted his voters to vote. Should they vote by mail, they ought to go to their polling place anyway to"determine whether your mail-in vote was tabulated or counted," Trump said, noting that if it has been counted, then they won't have the ability to vote. It is a federal crime to vote twice at exactly the same election, and it's also a felony in virtually every state, including North Carolina. "When it hasn't been counted, vote -- that is every citizen's right to do -- you go and vote. You press on the lever and v

Nova FM's Ryan 'Fitzy' Fitzgerald reveals he was an unknowing accomplice to a robbery during his teenage years

Ryan 'Fitzy' Fitzgerald has revealed he was unwillingly an accomplice to a robbery when he was a teenager. Speaking on  his  Nova FM radio show Fitzy & Wippa last week, he admitted to potentially driving the getaway car after a friend stole a safe.   Fitzy explained to co -host Michael 'Wippa' Wipfli: 'I had to pick him up to go to another friend's house. He said "can you come and get me and on the way can you stop at my father-in-law's house because I need to pick something up".' Past: Ryan 'Fitzy' Fitzgerald revealed he was unwillingly an accomplice to a robbery on his Nova FM radio show Fitzy & Wippa on Wednesday He continued: 'I pulled the car over, he jumped out of the car. I watched him jump the back fence and he was gone for 10 to 15 mins.' 'Then all of a sudden the back gate opens and he's got a safe and two plants.' Fitzy revealed his friend then placed the items in the back of his car and told him

Zac Efron and rumoured new girlfriend Vanessa Valladares jet into Byron Bay on a budget airline after enjoying a low-key ski holiday together

He may be one of the biggest stars on the planet.  But Zac Efron, 32, looked like one of the locals as he jetted into Ballina airport on a Jetstar flight with rumoured girlfriend Vanessa Valladares last Tuesday.  The Hollywood hunk and his brunette companion cut a low-key figure in surgical face masks and casual attire as they disembarked the aircraft.   Grounded: Zac Efron, 32, looked like one of the locals as he jetted into Ballina airport on a Jetstar flight with rumoured girlfriend Vanessa Valladares last Tuesday The twosome, who were returning from a ski trip in Thredbo, kept their head down as they made their way out of the airport and towards a parked car.  Ever the gentleman, Zac was seen carrying Vanessa's carry her duffle bag as he lugged his own luggage and a khaki backpack.    Zac covered his famously-ripped physique in a button-up blue shirt, and black jeans.  Low-key arrival: The twosome, who were returning from a ski trip in Thredbo, kept their head down as they made

Anti-Trump group Refuse Facism calls for nationwide protests on Saturday as chaotic summer grinds on

The anti-Trump group Refuse Fascism staged a series of protests across the United States on Saturday, as America's chaotic and turbulent summer continued. Over two dozen protests were scheduled, with large gatherings happening in Los Angeles and New York. Holding aloft orange placards and banners reading 'Trump/Pence out now', they marched through cities across the U.S. In New York City's Union Square, one protester hoisted a giant image of Trump as a devil on his shoulders. The New York City march then wove through Manhattan, heading up towards Times Square.  A giant effigy of Trump as a devil, with his hand on the Bible - a pose he struck for the cameras on June 1 Demonstrators in New York City marched for the defunding of the police and to say that Black Lives Matter Activists raised their fists as they marched through Times Square on Saturday, calling for an end to police brutality The anti-Trump crowd marched through Times Square on Saturday, holding placards sayin

Tammy Hembrow appears to take a SAVAGE swipe at ex Reece Hawkins on Father's Day - after his fiancée London Goheen announced their pregnancy

Tammy Hembrow appears to have taken a brutal dig at her ex Reece Hawkins on Father's Day.  Posting to Instagram on Sunday morning, the single mother-of-two, 26, uploaded a photo of herself posing with daughter Saskia, four, along with a very telling caption.  'Happy Father's Day to all the single mamas and boss b**ches doing it allll', she cryptically wrote next to a trio of love heart-eyed emojis. 'Happy Father's Day to all the single mamas and boss b**ches doing it allll': Tammy Hembrow, 26, appeared to take a savage swipe at her ex Reece Hawkins, 25, on Father's Day  Tammy shares custody of their children Saskia and Wolf, five, with their father Reece, 25, who she decided not to mention in her Father's Day tribute.    Tammy and Reece split in 2018 after four years together. Not long after the break-up, Reece moved on with his new fiancée, American model London, 22.  On Wednesday, Reece  and London announced they were expecting their first child -