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Frightening moment a tradie goes head-to-head with another motorist in terrifying road rage fight that brings traffic on a busy road to a standstill

A heated brawl between two motorist has brought oncoming traffic to a standstill on a busy motorway.  Dashcam footage captured punch up on the busy Fullarton-Greenhill road intersection in Adelaide at about 4pm on Tuesday.  The short clip saw the two men aggressively gesture each other through their car windows.  The two motorists exchanged rough blows in the middle of the busy street Oncoming traffic maneuver out of the motorists way as their punch up continues   The heated physical exchange on a busy Adelaide intersection was caught on a dash cam  The driver of a grey Volkswagen Golf then swerves across a lane, forcing another silver car to quickly pull out of the way.  The altercation comes to a boiling point when they stop at the intersection and take their argument to the busy road.  Cars remain parked as they leave their vehicles and begin to throw punches at each other.  At one point, the pair put each other in a head lock and begin kicking.  They continue to trade hard blows

Scam calls will FINALLY be traced and blocked after plaguing Australians' lives and draining bank accounts - with $250,000 fines for telcos that don't comply

Phone and internet companies will be required to find and block scammers from their service under new laws. Australians lost more than $634million to various scams in 2019, Scamwatch revealed, and now the Australian Communications and Media Authority has introduced regulations to stamp out the fraud. The rules were worked out with telcos and Communications Alliance and announced on Wednesday. Australians lost more than $634million to various scams in 2019, Scamwatch revealed, and now the Australian Communications and Media Authority intends to help put up stop to it Those that refuse to take part face penalties of up to $250,000 for breaching the directions to comply with the code. Major telecommunications companies reported blocking 30 million scam calls during a trial period in the past 12 months. Fiona Cameron, chair of the ACMA's scam telecommunications action taskforce, said this was a significant step in targeting scammers.  'There is no silver bullet to reduce scams, but

It's Wild Wednesday! Dozens flock to lockdown-flouting gym as it reopens on the stroke of midnight - with pubs across the country preparing to welcome revellers back and more than a MILLION people queuing online for Debenhams fire-sale bargains

People in England were quick to seize upon greater freedoms after the national lockdown ended and was replaced by a tiered system of restrictions. Some of the most hardcore fitness fanatics even hit the weights for a midnight workout as one London gym owner threw open his doors at the stroke of midnight.   All non-essential shops are allowed to open from today, paving the way for a festive spending spree that will likely drive people back to the nation's ailing high streets.  A fire sale at Debenhams is expected to fuel the shopping bonanza as bargain-hunters are lured by price cuts of up to 70 per cent ahead of the company's impending liquidation following the collapse of rescue talks. A precursor to today's likely stampede for generous discounts - as the chain reopens its soon-to-be axed 124 stores - was seen last night when more than a million people swamped the department store's website.   The sudden burst of activity as England flings off the blanket restrictions

The secret mistress and the ultimate betrayal: Inside story of how Salim Mehajer's business partner set up his bikie mate to be executed in a hail of bullets - as he's jailed for 11 YEARS

Ahmed Jaghbir is a former business partner of colourful Sydney personality Salim Mehajer, the pair briefly running a wedding planning business together. There's no suggestion Mehajer is in any way involved in this case Salim Mehajer's one-time business partner has been jailed for 11 years after he supplied hitmen with a key to an underworld figure's house, so they could execute him in bed with his mistress.  Ahmed Jaghbir, 31, was sentenced on Wednesday over his role in the 2017 death of Hells Angels' associate Kemel 'Blackie' Barakat at his home in Sydney's south.  Four armed assassins stormed Barakat's Mortlake unit as he slept with his secret lover, Fatima Hage, about 2.30am on March 10 that year.  Barakat died in a hail of bullets and his masked killers have never been arrested or charged.   Justice David Davies told the Supreme Court today that Jaghbir, a handyman, had played a major role in Barakat's death by betraying his bikie associate frie

England wakes up to life after lockdown: Country prepares for first day in new tiers system with Primark shoppers queuing from 5AM as stores reopen for ‘wild Wednesday’, gyms open overnight, salons raring to go and pubs serve their first pints

England's lockdown is over and today shoppers used their return to freedom to queue outside Primark before dawn to grab pre-Christmas bargains on Wild Wednesday.   Fitness fanatics also headed for the gym at midnight, others had haircuts at 1am or went to the golf course at first light while commuters went back to the office for the first time since early November as Boris Johnson's controversial tiers system was approved in the Commons last night. From Midnight 99 per cent of England was placed in Tier 2 or Tier 3 - meaning they are banned from all indoor socialising with other households apart from over the Christmas period. Just Cornwall, the Isle of Wight and the Isles of Scilly are in Tier 1. But despite the restrictions on 55million people, many are excited about returning to the pub from breakfast time or meeting friends outside for a pint later as long as they have a 'substantial meal'. People snaked around the block outside Primark in the Birmingham Bullring th