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Pelosi recalls the House for vote on USPS funding as mail-in ballot crisis deepens and demands Trump mega-donor and Postmaster General Louis DeJoy testify - amid reports of mailboxes being removed across US

Around 14,000 jobs could be on the brink at struggling department store Debenhams. Plans to liquidate the business are being drawn up in case other options for saving the company – such as selling it – fall through. If the ailing department store chain collapses – and all 14,000 jobs are lost – it would be the single biggest cull of the coronavirus crisis. This would bring the total number of potential UK job losses to more than 150,000 since the pandemic began – adding to misery hitting firms from Virgin Atlantic to NatWest, British Gas-owner Centrica and luxury car maker Aston Martin. British Airways has so far announced the largest cull, signalling that it may have to cut as many as 12,000. Debenhams’ hedge fund owners have brought in a group called Hilco Capital, which specialises in winding up retailers, to put together a series of ‘contingency plans’. The clock is ticking for Debenhams, which has 124 stores across the UK, as its owners want to sell it by the end of next month. Al

Several states Contemplating legal Actions against Trump Government over USPS and mail-in voting

Many states say they're thinking about legal action against the Trump administration along with the United States Postal Service to prevent them from utilizing new operational modifications that could slow email service leading to the presidential elections, which may rely greatly on lend voting. No less than a half dozen countries such as Colorado, North Carolina and Virginia are thought to be reviewing their legal options from the government. "We won't be discouraged by Donald Trump's blatant efforts to undermine the integrity of the elections. We're exploring all options available to guarantee everyone's vote is counted," Healey told CNN in an announcement on Sunday. As is our normal practice, we're going to affirm nor deny a grand jury investigation." "There are plenty of obstacles being set up from the government -- if that is hoping to induce Americans to risk their own lives to cast a ballot, to meddling with the Post Office, undermini

Developer brings the 'Dark Sky' for back for the Android Users

Before this year, Apple bought Dark Sky, a more favorite hyperlocal weather program on iOS and Android. With the purchase, the Dark Sky program for Android was closed down earlier this month on August 1st. The Android program is no longer on the Google Play Store, and consumers that attempt to start the program will observe that it shows weather information. However, 1 programmer on XDA was not happy with some of those alternate weather programs on Android, so that they put out to reverse engineer the previous variant of this Dark Sky program to find out if they can get this up and running . Meet Darker Sky to get Android--a probably short resurrection of this treasured weather program that Apple killed off for Android users. Below are screenshots in my present daily-driver mobile cellphone, the ASUS ROG Phone 3, operating the very first launch of Darker Sky. As you can see, the majority of the fundamental features operate, including the complete weather prediction, the time machine fe

Huawei license gone, threatens to 'cut off Android newest upgrades' for the currently supported smartphones

After over a year, the Commerce Department has ceased giving Huawei temporary permits to maintain encouraging clients -- and it is not fantastic news if you just happen to have among their organization's mobiles. The Washington Post has confirmed the exceptions gently died on August 13th, which makes it illegal for Google and other applications developers to deliver updates to Huawei (and, naturally, to Huawei's clients ). In case you've got a P30 Guru or another Huawei telephone with complete Google services, then you likely won't receive Android 11 or some other upgrades going forward. It has been well over a year because its US ban forced Google to cut Huawei, but a continuing and renewed license has enabled the two companies to work together and keep encouraging phones in the hands of customers with Android upgrades. Now, however, that permit is in peril. The Washington Post reports that, in this past Thursday, the overall permit that enabled Google to operate with

Epic Games and Fortnite Pitches for 'Fair Competition' at Google & Apple Stores

Last week, Epic Games -- Owner of Fortnite -- laid down the gauntlet as it sued Apple because of its restrictive App Store policies. This week, I will break down the instance, explain what is happening, and supply a few ideas about how it may turn out. Among other principles, Apple requires iOS programmers to distribute their programs only via the Apple App Store and borrows applications locks which make it impossible or difficult for users to install or download programs out the App Store. In the same way, Apple needs developers to utilize Apple Pay to ease in-app purchases. These two conditions include substantial costs, both concerning freedom and money. The cash costs are simple to measure -- Apple requires a 30% reduction of every sale on the App Store and every payment made with Apple Pay. While I was not able to locate definitive numbers, it is apparent that Apple's 30 percent commission amounts to thousands of dollars every year. The liberty costs -- although hard to measur

NASA forces up Ingenuity Mars helicopter in distance for the 1st time

The Mars Helicopter, also Called Ingenuity, is riding together with all the Perseverance rover on a lengthy trip to Mars. Both are just 1 week to a seven-month travel, which makes this the ideal time to be certain the Helicopter may actually function in distance. NASA's Mars helicopter, also called Ingenuity, successfully pushed up to the very first time in space a week. It's currently travelling into the Red Earth aboard NASA's Mars 2020 Perseverance rover, which started on July 30. The 4-lb. (1.8 kilograms) Ingenuity, that is presently stored under Perseverance's stomach, receives its cost from the rover's energy source, according to a Thursday (Aug. 13) announcement from NASA. "This is a huge landmark, as it had been our first chance to flip on Ingenuity and provide its electronic equipment a'test drive' because we started July 30," Tim Canham, the operations cause Mars Helicopter in NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) in Southern Califor

Enormous lava tubes on Mars and the moon May be home for you, Scientists find

Lava tubes beneath the surface of the moon and Mars are big enough to be the houses of planetary foundations as humankind further investigates the cosmos, a recently published study indicates. The study notes that the tubes are probably between 100 and 1,000 times the number of the on Earth and can protect people from cosmic radiation. The tubes will also be likely around 100 feet broad and up of 25 mph. "Additionally, they have excellent potential for providing an environment where temperatures don't change from day- to night. Space agencies are at present considering planetary lava and lava tubes, since they represent an initial step toward future explorations of the lunar surface (see also NASA's job Artemis) and toward discovering life (present or past ) at Mars subsurface." "We then compared these statistics to topographic research about comparable meltdown chains on the planet's surface and also to laser scans of the interior of lava tubes at Lanzarote

Can Dragon spacecraft fly people to the Moon? It is a complex puzzle

After a couple of minutes, Endeavour lose almost all of its own orbital velocity. Sinking into the lower air, its parachutes deployed in a careful arrangement, along with the spacecraft drifted down from blue sky into blue seas. They had been home. For the very first time in 4.5 decades, astronauts returned from distance and splashed down to the sea, such as the Apollo-era heroes that walked round the Moon. This really is a Herculean job for the bureau's administrator, Jim Bridenstine, who's balancing politics, financing, and technical challenges to drive NASA and its contractors ahead. Right after the landing, Bridenstine revived his pitch to get this particular Artemis Moon program through a splashdown news conference. Wearing a polo shirt emblazoned with the Artemis emblem, he explained,"We need to be certain that another generation does not overlook this chance. Today was a fantastic success, but it was only a start. Afterward, Bridenstine added this remark:"When

Greenland's ice sheet could have struck a tipping point that puts it in a lasting path to fully evaporating.

Snowfall that generally replenishes Greenland's glaciers annually can't keep up with the speed of ice melt, according to investigators at Ohio State University. That usually means that the Greenland ice sheet - the planet's second-hand ice hockey body - will continue to get rid of ice if global temperatures ceased climbing. In their study, published Thursday in the journal Nature, the scientists examined 40 decades of monthly satellite information from over 200 big glaciers which are draining to the sea across Greenland. Total melting of the Greenland ice sheet can increase sea levels 23 ft (~7 metres) from the year 3000. If this occurs, the sea would consume coastal towns throughout the world. Greenland's ice hockey is currently the world's biggest single contributor to sea-level rise. "Even though the weather were to remain the exact same or perhaps get a bit colder, the ice sheet could still be losing mass" However, this is simply one of several climate

Ariane 5 rocket delivered a robotic space tug along with a set of industrial communications satellites to orbit

An Ariane 5 rocket delivered a robotic space tug along with a set of industrial communications satellites to orbit Saturday after a fiery blastoff from French Guiana, debuting new updates in Arianespace's first mission because briefly suspending launching operations earlier this season on account of this coronavirus pandemic. Over an hour after, the rocket deployed three commercial satellites. The Ariane 5's third launching of 2020 was scheduled for July 31, but a detector issue to the rocket's center stage hydrogen tank compelled Arianespace officials to abort the countdown about two minutes prior to liftoff. Ground crews in the Guiana Space Center gathered back the rocket to its construction and replaced the detector a week, then returned the Ariane 5 into the launching pad Thursday. The launch team postponed the Ariane 5 takeoff 31 minutes Saturday to wait to get greater upper level wind conditions. After the winds enhanced, the countdown resumed along with the Ariane 5

Trump breaks with CDC manager on the potential to get 'worst autumn' amid pandemic, flu season

President Trump on Saturday said he disagreed with an examination from the mind of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) the United States could face the "worst drop" from a public health standpoint if Americans don't follow instructions to calm the spread of this novel coronavirus. "You can not compare it to 1917. This was unbelievable," Trump continued, speaking to the Spanish influenza, which infected an estimated 500 million people globally and is thought to have killed at least 50 million. At Saturday evening, the coronavirus had infected over 21 million internationally because it appeared in China late last year and had murdered over 768,000 globally, according to Johns Hopkins University. The U.S. accounts for its most cases worldwide, with over 5.3 million. Redfield in a meeting Wednesday with WebMD reported that when people don't follow public health advice, the U.S. may confront "the worst autumn, by a public health standpoint,

Russia says army assistance accessible for Belarus; enormous demonstration held in Minsk

MOSCOW/MINSK (Reuters) - Russia said on Sunday it'd told Belarusian leader Alexander Lukashenko it had been prepared to provide military help when necessary because demonstrators held the largest protest yet from what they predict Lukashenko's rigged re-election. At least two protesters have died and tens of thousands have been arrested in demonstrations because last Sunday's vote. Individuals carried white and red flags and chanted "Lukashenko step " and "We won't forgive or forget." He simplifies shedding, mentioning official outcomes that gave him only over 80 percent of their vote. The Kremlin said Russian President Vladimir Putin had informed Lukashenko Moscow was prepared to help Belarus in accordance with a collective military pact if needed and external pressure has been applied into the nation. It didn't say where from. Lukashenko, under pressure from the European Union for breaking down on his competitors, said NATO tanks and airplanes

Israel and the UAE announced on Thursday they will normalize diplomatic relationships, reshaping Middle East politics in the Palestinian problem into the struggle against Iran

"In the aftermath of this arrangement will come extra arrangements, both with much more Gulf nations and with Muslim nations in Africa," Intelligence Minister Eli Cohen told Army Radio. "I believe that Bahrain and Oman are on the schedule. Additionally, in my evaluation, there's a possibility that currently in the upcoming year there'll be a peace agreement with additional nations in Africa, leader among them, Sudan," he explained. Both Bahrain and Oman commended the U.S.-sponsored accord, but have commented about their own chances for normalised connections or reacted to requests for comment on the topic. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has fulfilled with Omani and Sudanese leaders within the past two Decades, including a trip to Oman at October 2018. "I anticipate more nations will soon be joining us at the peace group," Netanyahu told cabinet ministers on Sunday, according to a statement in his office. "That is a historical change

Lebanon confronts 'biggest threat', needs elections, states patriarch

Lebanon's leading Christian cleric called on Sunday for premature parliamentary elections and a government made to rescue the nation in contrast to the judgment "political group" following the huge explosion in Beirut's port threw the country into chaos. The now-caretaker cabinet resigned amid protests within the Aug. 4 explosion which killed over 172 individuals, wounded 6,000, left 300,000 homeless and destroyed swathes of this Mediterranean town, compounding a profound financial crisis. Patriarch Bechara Boutros Al-Rai, that holds sway in Lebanon as part of the Maronite church where the head of state has to be attracted under ancestral power-sharing, cautioned that Lebanon was now facing" its main threat". "We won't permit for Lebanon to become a undermine card involving countries that are looking to rebuild ties among themselves," Al-Rai stated in a Sunday sermon, without seeing any states. "We have to begin instantly with change and i