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NASA Will try to hunt down a leak on the International Space Station this weekend

The crew on board is not in any danger. NASA and its Russian partner Roscosmos will attempt to hunt down the origin of a very small leak on the International Space Station this weekend, one that's been causing air to discharge a little more quickly from the ISS for the last calendar year. Both crew members now on board the station will stay in the Russian segment of the ISS over the weekend, whereas NASA attempts to isolate the source of the leak in other areas of the spacecraft. NASA first detected it could have a flow on the channel way back in September of 2019. Air inside the station slowly leaks out of the ISS over time, but officials noticed the air appeared to be escaping in a marginally higher rate than normal. Ever since that time, the flow appears to have increased marginally. However, NASA has not had much time to investigate. Things have been pretty busy on the ISS since September, with astronauts conducting various spacewalks and new vehicles such as SpaceX's Crew

Behind the scenes in the Strangest NBA draft lottery ever

The lottery has come to be a celebration for the damned. It's usually held at a fancy hotel, with pre-show mingling over cocktails and appetizers for VIPs. After a team contingent showed up, let us saya little rowdier than usual after a personal trip to New York. Representatives from every lottery group sit at tables adorned with team logos in the secret drawing room where the actual lottery occurs about an hour prior to the TV show. A dozen media"observers" watch. It is a production. There were nine people in the room -- including me. There were more pingpong balls (14) than individuals. The TV show, headlined by Mark Tatum, the NBA's deputy commissioner, was filmed in the cafeteria down the hall. I was the sole press member in the drawing area. If it turns out to be among of the NBA finally awakened, I'll go down in infamy as having failed to discover the conspiracy. • The NBA kicked around assembling some video wall in which representatives from every team coul

Coronavirus upgrades: 17 allegedly suspended for going to school party without masks

A novel coronavirus pandemic has killed over 794,000 people worldwide. More than 22.7 million people throughout the world have been diagnosed with COVID-19, the disease brought on by the new respiratory disorder, according to data compiled by the middle for Systems Science and Engineering at Johns Hopkins University. The real numbers are believed to be considerably higher due to testing shortages, many unreported instances and suspicions that some federal governments are hiding or downplaying the reach of their outbreaks. The United States is the worst-affected country in the world, with over 5.5 million diagnosed cases and at least 174,504 deaths. Death toll could top 200,000 by Sept. 12, CDC says New York sees lowest hospitalizations since March 16 CDC director warns flu season may strain hospitals Here's how the information is growing today. Please refresh this page for updates. 10:30 a.m.: Death toll could top 200,000 by Sept. 12, CDC states "This week's nationwide ens

Florida mosquitoes: 750 million genetically modified insects to be released

Local officials in Florida have approved the release of 750 million mosquitoes that have been genetically altered to reduce local inhabitants. The purpose is to decrease the amount of mosquitoes that carry diseases such as dengue or the Zika virus. The green-lighting of a pilot job after years of disagreement drew a swift outcry from environmental groups, who cautioned unintended consequences. One group condemned the program as a public"Jurassic Park experiment". Activists warn of possible damage to ecosystems, and the potential creation of hybridvehicle, insecticide-resistant mosquitoes. But the firm involved says that there will not be any adverse risk to people or the environment, and factors into a record of government-backed studies. Can it be incorrect to eliminate mosquitoes? Is the world prepared for GM creatures? The plan to launch the mosquitoes in 2021 in the Florida Keys, a string of islands, comes months following the altered mosquitoes were accepted by federal

Everything to know about flu season during the coronavirus pandemic

The concept to vaccinate isn't lost on Americans who already are calling their doctors and pharmacists to program a flu shot appointment before the onset of the 2020-2021 season. Experts say it is crucial to get vaccinated this year as it complies with the continuing coronavirus pandemic that continues to overwhelm hospitals in parts of the nation and has taken the lives of over 170,000 people in the U.S., according to Johns Hopkins data. It's difficult to know for certain how COVID-19 will blend with this year's flu season: Can mask wearing and social distancing contain influenza transmission as it's supposed to do with SARS-CoV-2? Or will both viruses simultaneously wreak havoc around the country as some colleges reopen for in-person learning? "That autumn, nothing could be more significant than to attempt to increase the American public's choice to adopt the influenza vaccine with confidence," Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Director Robert R

Rainbow meteorite found in Costa Rica may hold building blocks of existence

It's a good time to become a Costa Rican meteorite-hunter. Plus it may have completed building blocks for life. And while meteorites turn up all over Earth, these shards were special; the asteroid that spawned them was a gentle palate of the ancient solar system, made in the dust in the spinning nebula that would ultimately form our solar system, formed in older celebrities. Along with the meteorites that divides in the case -- collectively called Aguas Zarcas -- belong to a rare class called carbonaceous chondrites, which kind in the wee hours of this solar system's development and are typically packed with carbon. This particular space rock includes complex carbon materials, probably including amino acids (which join to form proteins and DNA) and possibly other, even more intricate building blocks of life. While other rocky chunks in the very early solar system became parts of planets, this one stayed undamaged and transformed over time only through sunlight-driven chemical r

View SpaceX grab its nosecone fairing with ease

The fairings price as much as $6 million annually, so it is a smart business decision to try to regain them as soon as possible. SpaceX currently has over 650 Starlink satellites in orbit. SpaceX's Starlink satellite horde acquired a tiny bit bigger on Tuesday together with the successful launch of another Falcon 9 and the deployment of 58 new satellites into Earth orbit. The launch and deployment went off without a hitch, and as an added bonus, SpaceX was able to recover part of its rocket's nosecone, which was a challenging thing for your company to pull off.The 2 nosecone halves, called fairings, cover the payload bay and tumble back down to Earth following the spacecraft reaches distance and deploys whatever it is carrying. In a first-of-its-kind video released by Elon Musk, the fairing grab was captured by a camera drone that provides us with some stunning footage.As you can see in the movie, the fairing was shot as it flew toward the ocean. The boat carrying this enormous

Cam Newton vs. Jarrett Stidham: Newton divides himself together with uptick in workload

Cam Newton vs. Jarrett Stidham: Newton divides himself together with uptick in workload We may wind up looking back on Thursday as the afternoon Cam Newton began to pull away with the starting quarterback gig at New England. It is early, of course. There is still time for Jarrett Stidham to catch the reins and demand to be named"The Guy" while Newton picks up the crime. But based on workload independently, it seemed as though the Patriots needed to get Newton as many snaps as possible. In an early 7-on-7 interval, Newton made four pass attempts. Brian Hoyer created four pass attempts. Stidham, watching carefully, didn't take part in the interval. Stidham was up in another 11-on-11 time, followed by Newton. From that point, Stidham and Newton worked carefully. They stayed on precisely the same area during a 11-on-11 period, while Brian Hoyer shared reps with undrafted rookie Brian Lewerke within an adjacent area. Once the clinic was completed, however, it had been evident

Washington Football Team head coach Ron Rivera has been diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma, the team verified in a statement on Thursday night.

Washington Football Team head coach Ron Rivera has been diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma, the team verified in a statement on Thursday night. Before the statement, Rivera's cancer investigation was first reported by ESPN's Adam Schefter. The team claims that the cancer is at a lymph node and was detected from a self-care check. The team also says the cancer is at an early phase and can be considered"quite treatable and curable, providing a fantastic prognosis for Coach Rivera for a complete recovery." "For now, Coach has asked that the team keep things business as usual and remain focused, however a'Plan B' is set up if it's decided that he should take off some time," the staff statement says. The group also posted Twitter on Thursday night,"We love you, @RiverboatRonHC. We're all with you, Stephanie, Christopher, and Courtney." Jason Wright, recently named president of the team, tweeted,"Adding my prayers for health to

Malcolm Jenkins says Saints cornerbacks duo Might Be the best he's played with

The secondary might be the strength of the New Orleans Saints defense this year, and veteran security Malcolm Jenkins has a good idea why that could be the case. He's seeing it each day in practice when cornerbacks Marshon Lattimore and Janoris Jenkins are making his job easier. "For me, and without knocking anybody I've played , I don't think I've played with a tandem who're equally as talented as Marshon and Janoris," Jenkins said in his media conference telephone following Thursday's training camp session. That's high praise from a participant entering his inaugural season in the NFL, who won a pair of Super Bowl rings with the Saints and the Philadelphia Eagles. But he stands by it, continuing:"Janoris being a veteran who will run with anyone, can alter direction and cover anyone, who is completely motivated at this time, simply to see him against our recipients in clinic has been remarkable. It's nearly consistency and bringing that o

Microsoft Flight Simulator: The construction soars like a Tower of Babel within a quiet Melbourne suburb.

The construction soars like a Tower of Babel within a quiet Melbourne suburb. Microsoft's latest Flight Simulator entry doesn't do anything small. It's a name that comes on 10 DVDs and lets you explore the entire world in almost its entirety. It turns out that scale even extends to its accidental inclusions. Flight Simulator users recently found an unusual landmark: a 212-story monolith towering over an otherwise nondescript suburb in Melbourne, Australia. After some sleuthing, the name's community discovered what had caused the tower to look in Flight Simulator. When programmer Asobo Studio built its comprehensive recreation of this globe, they pulled data from OpenStreetMap, a free map of the world to which anyone can contribute. About one year ago, an individual called"nathanwright120" added a label that said this 1 construction in Melbourne'd 212 floors rather than 2. Based on their other gifts, it appears the edit was a simple typo, not them trying t

Gold price remains under pressure after Increase in U.S. flash PMI data

Gold prices are off their session lows but still stay under pressure even as opinion in the manufacturing and service industries has improved more than expected. Friday, IHS Markit stated its flash U.S. manufacturing Purchasing Managers Index for August rose to a reading of 53.6 up from July's reading of 50.9. The data had been better than anticipated. Economists were expecting to find that a reading of 51.9. The report said that belief in the U.S. manufacturing industry is at its greatest level in 19 months. At precisely the exact same time, the company's service sector PMI studying rose to 54.8, up from July's reading of 50. Economists were calling the index to come in at 50.9. Sentiment at the service industry is at its greatest level in 17 months, the report said. "August data pointed to some further improvement in business conditions across the private industry as customer demand picked up among both producers and service suppliers. Notably, the renewed increase i

Samsung's Galaxy S20 is getting Note 20 attributes with new One UI upgrade

One UI 2.5 will roll out to some other Samsung devices 'slowly' The most recent version of Samsung's One UI software, which was declared alongside the Galaxy Notice 20 earlier this month, has begun rolling out to the Galaxy S20, the company has announced. The 5G Galaxy S20, S20 Plus, and S20 Ultra are allegedly among the first to be receiving the update. One UI 2.5 brings Lots of the Galaxy Notice 20's attributes to the S20 lineup. The most fascinating of them is support for Wireless DeX, which permits you to mirror your phone's screen to supported TVs and use it like a touchpad. There are also a couple of new camera features, like the fact that Guru Video Mode can currently manually change between the telephone's different mics, and supports 8K video recording at 24fps. The notes program can be getting updated, and can now sync sound recordings with written notes. One UI 2.5 also makes it simpler to talk about Wi-Fi credentials along with other Galaxy devices.S

First trusted Pixel 5 renders flow showcasing recognizable design, fingerprint scanner, much more

The initial reliable Pixel 5 leaves have now leaked, showcasing what looks to be a remix of a very familiar design seen previously. We have already seen some less dependable leaves seem online, but this time around, leaves have come courtesy of the guy using the best track record to date. Steve Hemmestoffer, aka, @OnLeaks shared with the high-resolution renders in cooperation with Indian outlet PriceBaba. The layout feels like a combo of the newly released Pixel 4a along with the Pixel 4, choosing the best of both designs and merging them into a single device. What do we glean from those Pixel 5 renders that we don't already know? In all honesty, nothing really major, as Google themselves demonstrated a few layout tidbits when unveiling the Pixel 4a a few weeks ago. Fans of this physical fingerprint reader will probably be pleased, since the rear-mounted capacative fingerprint reader is set to come back, while the square camera bump first seen about the Pixel 4 and 4 XL last year i

Megan Thee Stallion says rapper Tory Lanez is the Man who shot her

The feminine performer previously called it'the worst experience' of her own life More than a month later she had been shot in the feet following a party in Hollywood Hills, Calif., Megan Thee Stallion stated for the first time Thursday night that fellow hip-hop star Tory Lanez was the person who pulled the trigger. "Yes... Tory taken me. You took me and you also got your publicist and your folks going to these sites lying," that the 25-year-old rapper, whose legal name is Megan Pete, said in an Instagram Live video. "Stop lying. Why lie? I don't understand." Representatives for Lanez, a 28-year-old rapper and singer whose legal title is Daystar Peterson, didn't I mediately respond to requests for comment. The female rapper stated she did not inform Los Angeles police who reached the scene July 12 about the shooting because she was afraid of the legal repercussions and feared for her own safety. "I didn't tell the police nothing since I didn

BTS's very first English language tune is 'Dynamite'

It required less than eight hours BTS to rack up more than 45 million viewpoints for its first English language only on YouTube. "Dynamite" is clearly already a hit for the planet's biggest K-pop group. The disco pop tune comes six months following their fourth studio record,"Map of the Soul: 7," premiered. According to a press release,"BTS sings of joy and confidence, treasuring the small things in life that make life truly valuable and particular" in the single. "The tune intends to bring a fresh surge of much-needed'energy' to reinvigorate the international community in the midst of Covid-19," the release states. "Creative contributors to"Dynamite" comprise David Stewart and Jessica Agombar, known for"What A Man obtained Id" by the Jonas Brothers and"I Love You's" by Hailee Steinfeld." Several K-pop stars operate with American producers and songwriters, but"Dynamite" marks the f

Britney Spears' former property manager Andrew Wallet may recover co-conservatorship control together with the singer's father Jamie Spears

Britney Spears' former estate manager Andrew Wallet may recover co-conservatorship control alongside the 38-year-old singer's dad Jamie Spears. According to court records obtained by Us Weekly, Jamie'filed a petition with the Superior Court of California' to reinstate the Camarillo-based lawyer as co-conservator on Britney's estate on Tuesday. Andrew, who resigned voluntarily as Britney's co-conservator at March of 2019, reportedly'signed an affidavit stating he is consenting to act since the co-conservator again with Jamie.' As for the Womanizer songstress' money assets, the total was cited as $2.7 million. In February of 2008, Jamie and Andrew gained control over Britney's estate. This happened shortly after the singer had her public breakdown. Over eight-years after on March 4, 2019, Andrew voluntarily relinquished his control and'requested to dissolve his powers as swiftly as possible,' according to court records at the moment. 'T

GOP pollster provides Biden high marks on language -- 'challenges for Donald Trump are important'

GOP pollster provides Biden high marks on language --'challenges for Donald Trump are important' "The Democrats are attempting to make this a referendum on Donald Trump, not his policies, but not the problems," a longtime Republican pollster told CNBC on Friday. "I do believe that Joe Biden is ahead, and I do believe the challenges for Donald Trump are important" heading into next week's GOP convention, additional Frank Luntz. Biden includes a 7.6 percent point lead over Trump, based on an average of national polls gathered by RealClearPolitics. Pollster Frank Luntz breaks down exactly what worked and did not operate in Biden's DNC speech Longtime Republican pollster Frank Luntz on Friday complimented Joe Biden's Democratic National Convention acceptance speech, saying the former president succeeded in changing the narrative and toeing the line involving both ideological factions of the party. "The Democrats are trying to make this a refere

NASA currently has a mock-up lunar lander to play with.

A personal team led by Jeff Bezos' spaceflight company Blue Origin has delivered a mock-up of its crewed moon lander to NASA for testing. In late April, NASA announced that it had awarded funding to three commercial groups -- SpaceX, Dynetics along with also the Blue Origin-led"National Team" -- to develop human landing systems to the bureau's Artemis lunar exploration program. These companies must work fast, given that NASA would like to land two astronauts close to the moon's South Pole at 2024. And also the National Team has given the bureau some hardware to operate together with: a full-scale engineering mock-up of its lunar lander, which has been delivered to Johnson Space Center (JSC) in Houston today (Aug. 20). Analyzing this technology mock-up for team interaction is a step in creating this historic mission actual," Brent Sherwood, Blue Origin's vice president of advanced development applications, said in a statement. "The understanding we ge

Trouble for Trump as Fox News praises 'hugely successful' Biden speech

Republican pundits accept victory of Biden's conference address as Trump's bid to depict Democratic rival as radical leftist falls flat Under strain on the last day of the Democratic conference, Joe Biden"hit a home run" with an"hugely powerful" speech which blew"a big hole" in Donald Trump's efforts to paint him as a psychologically faltering captive of his party's left wing. Biden provides the acceptance speech he's been waiting years to deliver And that was to hear Fox News hosts Dana Perino and Chris Wallace tell it. "It was an excellent speech," added Karl Rove, a Republican strategist respected and reviled on each side of the aisle. Democratic hopes were riding large that when Biden rose to accept the presidential nomination on Thursday night, he would deliver the type of speech to get voters nodding their heads rather than nodding off, and cable pundits speaking about"momentum". Broadcast to tens of thousands

Uber and Lyft had time to abide by the law. They didn't.

They just refuse to reclassify their drivers as workers. Earlier this week, both Uber and Lyft threatened to close down in California as a result of a ruling that would force them to reclassify their drivers as employees. Lyft even declared that it would stop surgeries starting this Friday. But in a few hours, that would no longer be necessary. Thanks to an appeal filed by both firms, a court had granted a temporary reprieve to allow them to continue business as usual. The appeals process could go on for months, as both Uber and Lyft attempt to get more time. The stark reality is, however, both companies have had nothing but time to abide by the law. The simple fact that they fought , stalled, made excuses and so are funding a ballot proposal that would reverse worker rightsis a indication that these businesses have no intention of following the principles or giving their drivers the advantages they deserve. They had their period, but they squandered it. The legal drama began last year

July home sales spike a listing 24.7% as prices put a new high

The source of existing homes plummeted 21.1percent annually, with only 1.5 million homes available at the end of July. The median cost of a home sold in July climbed 8.5% annually to $304,100. That's the strongest monthly gain in the history of this poll, heading back to 1968, and the greatest sales pace since December 2006. Earnings were 8.7percent higher from July 2019. The increase in sales came as provide fell, prices climbed and mortgage rates remained low. The source of existing homes plummeted 21.1% annually, with just 1.5 million homes for sale at the end of July. This signifies a 3.1-month supply at the current sales rate , down from a 4.2-month provide a year earlier. It's the cheapest July source in the background of this stock survey, that has been monitoring single-family supply data since 1982. "The newest listings are running a little higher than 1 year ago but each of those new listings are being caught from the buyers and taken off the market," said L

Jeff Wilke, Amazon's customer boss and a top lieutenant to Bezos, will resign in 2021

Jeff Wilke, CEO of Amazon's worldwide consumer company, will retire early next year, Amazon stated Friday. Dave Clark, senior vice president of retail operations, will triumph Wilke later he retires, Amazon stated. In a memo to workers, titled"Hanging up the flannel," CEO Bezos called Wilke"an unbelievable instructor to all people" and stated Clark is well-suited to presume Wilke's role. Since Jeff joined the company, I have been lucky enough to have him as my mentor," Bezos said. He's simply one of these people without whom Amazon would be totally unrecognizable." Wilke, 53, has been with Amazon for over two years, joining the company in 1999 to lead international operations. Since then, he has risen through the ranks and now manages the company's heart e-commerce and physical retail business. Wilke is one of the closest executives to report to Bezos and was widely considered to be a possible successor for Bezos if he step down. In 2013, C