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Inside the brazen illegal party in Sydney that was shut down by cops – where one man lied he was 'delivering a package' and another was spotted hiding behind a shower curtain

A man was caught hiding behind a shower curtain while another pretended he was dropping off a package when busted by police at an illegal house party amid Sydney's lockdown. Eight men between the ages of 31 and 50 were found at the home on Arthur Street in Randwick, in the city's east at about 1.20pm on Friday after police were called. Officers spoke to two men outside the house with one pretending he was dropping off a delivery despite having no package in his hands. Upon entering the home the group of men were found scattered across different rooms with one trying his luck behind the bathroom shower curtain. Two illegal parties have been shut down with 13 men slapped with $1,000 fines amid Sydney's lockdown - after 50 new cases were reported (pictured police patrolling Bondi Beach) Five men from the group were from Sydney's south-west while the other three lived at the house, police said. Each was slapped with a $1,000 fine for breaching public health orders with Depu

Dumb and dumber armed robber who held up two taxi drivers is jailed after failing to cover up prominent neck tattoo of his NAME while pulling a knife on his victims

An armed robber whose name is conspicuously tattooed across the front of his neck has been jailed for crimes against two taxi drivers in the NSW Riverina. Alex Steven Bartholomew pleaded guilty to robbing Danny Kelly of $245 cash on September 7, 2020 and Thomas Pearce of $220 two days later, while armed with a knife at Kooringal. 'The offender has a distinctive tattoo across the front of his neck displaying his name 'Bartholomew',' Judge Gordon Lerve noted on Friday. Alex Steven Bartholomew pleaded guilty to robbing taxi drivers Danny Kelly and Thomas Pearce in early September 2020 (stock image) Just five days before he held up the first cabbie, the now 24-year-old was released on parole from an armed robbery sentence but had little assistance and was effectively homeless. The judge jailed him in the Wagga Wagga District Court for five years and three months with a non-parole period of three years and four months. Bartholomew produced the knife in both robberies, holdin

Fury as football agent who killed traffic officer in horror smash is FREED on day release three years into a nine-year jail term so he can do his job

Football agent Peter Morrison, 37, arrives at Liverpool Crown Court for sentencing  A football agent who killed a traffic officer and left another paralysed has been let out of prison to go back to his job. Peter Morrison, 41, sent up to 25 WhatsApp messages while speeding at 81mph in the rain and high winds. He swerved across three lanes in his Mercedes ML350 and ploughed into the two officers on the hard shoulder of the M6 near Tebay, Cumbria. Adam Gibb, 51, died and Paul Holroyd, 57, was left paralysed from the chest down in the horror crash in February 2016. Morrison, of Worsley, Greater Manchester was jailed for seven years which was later increased to nine years as it was too lenient. But the Prison Service has decided to allow him out on day release from 8am to 8pm to allow him to work for his previous employers YMU sports agency in Manchester. Paul told MailOnline: 'It is a farce - I was shocked and dismayed when I found out he'd been allowed out. 'I thought when he

What NOT to do when selling your car: Tradie trying to offload his old Nissan Navara ute makes one huge mistake when listing it on Carsales

A tradesman trying to sell his ute for $22,000 has accidentally revealed way too much information in the online ad.  In addition to publishing photos of his 2011 black Nissan Navara, the New South Wales man also accidentally uploaded two photos of his genitals.  A screenshot of the surprising x-rated photo selection was uploaded to Reddit late on Friday, where it went viral. The seller of this Nissan ute cocked up his photo selection when uploading the vehicle photos to - and included two shots of a a very personal asset presumably not for sale The Reddit post was appropriately titled, 'When you're advertising your car online, don't upload your whole camera roll without checking it first'. 'Is that the xxxtra cab Navara?' joked one person. 'You're assuming that the dude didn't know exactly what he was doing,' added another.  Others joked the man may have actually advertised the car by mistake.   'Maybe it was his Tinder/Grindr

Incredible moment 'George the giant grouper' STALKS a crocodile in a murky river - as local tour guide reveals why the huge fish isn't afraid

What looks to be a suicidal fish seen innocently swimming after a monster saltwater crocodile is revealed to be George the friendly giant grouper - and he has no reason to fear the apex predator ahead of him. In a curious video uploaded to Reddit, a large crocodile can be seen cruising out from under a bridge in Port Douglas, Far North Queensland, followed closely by an enormous fish, which actually appears to following the massive reptile. While the Reddit user who spotted the strange scene believed the fish to be an oversized cod, it's actually a completely different species.    A fishing tour operator from the tourist spot told Daily Mail Australia the fish in the clip is a local legend, George the Queensland grouper. George is known for ruling the roost around the public jetty. A still from the video posted to reddit by Whateverpeanut shows a monster crocodile being pursued by an enormous Queensland grouper 'George has been there over 20 years and he wouldn't be movin

Twister on Teesside: Huge 'tornado' hovers over North East as Britain is set to be battered by storms

Twisters have been spotted on Teesside as Britain prepares to be battered by storms over the weekend.  Turbulent weather spawned 'mini-tornadoes' in the North East yesterday, including in Darlington and Stockton-on-Tees in County Durham.  Shocked onlookers shared pictures of the extreme weather on social media. NHS worker Dean Ball caught one of the natural occurring phenomenons — known as funnel clouds — on camera.  Turbulent weather spawned 'mini-tornadoes' in the North East yesterday, including in Darlington and Stockton-on-Tees Met Office Meteorologist Greg Dewhurst said a number of funnel clouds have been spotted over the last few days across the UK. He said: 'It's a tornado that doesn't touch the ground. 'We have seen a few over the last few days actually, where there has been low pressure over the UK.' A funnel cloud was spotted in Lincolnshire just two days ago and last month one rampaged through Dagenham in east London.  The spinning fing

How was he still on the force? Killer cop Wayne Couzens was caught flashing six years ago and four days BEFORE he snatched Sarah Everard - as 12 cops face 'gross misconduct' probe over her murder

The key questions police must answer  - What unsolved sex crimes with possible links to Couzens are detectives now probing? - Have any people claiming to be victims of Couzens come forward since arrest and conviction? - Why were two indecent exposures said to have been carried out by Couzens four days before he kidnapped Sarah not investigated when they were reported? - How many complaints about Couzens' behaviour at work were made about him but not acted upon? - How was he able to join the Met when he had been linked to a sexual offence in Kent back in 2015? -  Was Couzens given any psychological testing before he was allowed to become a Met armed officer? - Had he complained of stress or any psychological issues before his email after killing Sarah?  - When was Couzens first identified as a suspect and how long after that was he arrested? - Are police certain he was not aware he was in their enquries before he deleted the contents of his  mobile phone? Two UK police forces were t