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'It's a f***ing joke!' Democrats voice fury at Donald Trump's threat to veto crucial defense bill and pay rise for military if they don't agree to strip internet giants of legal protection

Democrats are furious at President Donald Trump's threat to veto a crucial defense bill that contains a pay raise for service members if they don't agree to repeal certain legal protections enjoyed by tech companies. The section 230 of the law the president wants strip has nothing to do with the National Defense Authorization Act . It's part of 1996 Communications Decency Act.  Trump issued his veto threat late Tuesday night as part of his war against social media companies. But the president is also unhappy the defense bill contains a bipartisan provision to rename military bases honoring Confederate military members. 'It's a fucking joke,' a senior Democratic staffer on Capitol Hill told Politico of the president's move.  'This is a complex debate that has no business as an eleventh-hour airdrop.'  The House and Senate have passed their own versions of the defense bill and are in conference, where a final version of the legislation is being worked

'Rigged' national lottery claim after 20 players share jackpot with numbers 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 in South Africa

South African lottery players have claimed fraud after the numbers 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 were drawn last night, leaving 20 people with a share of the jackpot.  The six consecutive numbers were drawn on Tuesday night, leaving the 20 winners with 5.7million rand (£279,000) each, while another 79 people won around £300 for guessing the first five numbers but not the PowerBall 10.  While the outcome is no less likely than any other combination of numbers, 20 people getting the jackpot is highly unusual in South Africa's lotto draw.  However, it was claimed in 2013 that as many as 10,000 people choose the numbers 1 to 6 every week in the UK's National Lottery, likely hoping that others will not adopt the same strategy.  The results of the lotto draw on Tuesday night, showing six consecutive numbers which left 20 people with a share of the jackpot in South Africa  South Africa's National Lotteries Commission , which regulates the game, said the six consecutive number combination w

Just another night in Alice Springs: Woman films a hoon doing burnouts along the Outback town's main street – before changing her focus to a baffling brawl that spills out of a mini-mart

Shocking footage has captured the moment a fight broke out in front of a remote Outback mini-mart while a hoon performed burnouts in the background.   The chaotic scenes took place along one of the main streets in Alice Springs in front of dozens of revellers on November 6. Local resident Jannah Mae had stopped to film a car revving for onlookers when two men started shouting at each other. 'A thriving, spirited outback centre, Alice Springs is famous for the personality of its locals,' Ms Mae captioned the video online, making light of a NT tourism slogan.  Her video begins with the loud screech of tires as the car hoons down the road before doing a burnout in front of onlookers. Moments later a woman barges up to two men in the midst of of an argument outside the mini-mart on Todd Street. She stands in between the pair as one tries to start a fight while the other tells him to stand down so he can eat his food. Footage posted on Facebook shows chaotic scenes on Alice Spring

How did Covid REALLY spread around the world? As damning test results show antibodies were in US in December - WEEKS before China raised the alarm - growing global evidence points to a cover-up

A new study that found traces of coronavirus in US blood samples from December last year is adding to the growing evidence that the virus was circulating for months before China announced its existence, casting more shadows over the truth about the pandemic and fuelling suspicions of a cover-up by Beijing.  Claims the global outbreak began in a livestock market in Wuhan last winter have crumbled in the face of scientific evidence proving the virus was all over the Western world weeks and even months before China declared the first cases to the World Health Organization on December 31. Research published on Monday revealed that 39 blood samples taken between December 13 and 16 last year in California, Oregon and Washington state had tested positive for Covid antibodies, meaning the people who gave them had been infected weeks earlier. The evidence is the earliest trace so far of the virus on US soil, and a further 67 samples from between December 30 and January 17 tested positive in Con

Sacramento mom, 34, shoots dead her two-year-old son before turning the gun on herself inside van at a movie theater parking lot as friends blame her COVID-19 diagnosis as last straw

A mother and her two-year-old son reported missing in Sacramento early last week were found dead by police Sunday in an apparent murder suicide, officials have said. Roseville police discovered the bodies of Shana Pringle, 34, and her young son Noah inside a black Dodge Caravan parked in the lot of a movie theatre near Eureka Road at around 3am Sunday morning. Investigators said it appeared as though Pringle had shot her son dead before turning the gun on herself. The mother and son were first reported missing by the boy’s father on November 23 after Pringle failed to drop Noah off for a scheduled visitation. A friend of Pringle’s, Sarah Beilgard, told CBS13 that Pringle had recently contracted COVID-19 and blamed the virus for causing her and Noah’s deaths. ‘It’s the worst, and I really blame COVID for what happened to Shana,’ a tearful Beilgard told the network. Shana Pringle, 34, and her young son Noah, 2, were found dead with gunshot wounds on Sunday, six days after they were first

Sprawling Grade-II listed County Durham country mansion with eight bedrooms hits the market for £1.75m as housebuyers look north - while one-bed London flat goes up for sale for same price

A sprawling country mansion in County Durham which is set in nine acres of land has hit the market for £1,750,000 at the same time a one-bedroom flat in London has gone up for the same price.     The Grade-II listed Neasham Abbey in Darlington comes with eight bedrooms, a tennis court, a cinema room, a wine cellar, a private gym and an adventure playground. Sitting just a stone's throw away from the River Tees,  the property, which extends to just under 65,000 square feet, is arranged over two floors and includes many original period features including high ceilings, window shutters and ornate ceiling cornices and picture rails. Meanwhile the one-bedroom flat in London, which sits  on the fashionable Maddox Street, just off Regent Street, and is a mere two-minute stroll away from Oxford Circus, is less than a tenth of the size at just 638 square foot.  The Grade-II listed Neasham Abbey in Darlington, County Durham has hit the market for £1,750,000 as more people head north amid the

The Bristol suburb split by Covid rules: Villagers blast 'ludicrous' restrictions as half live in Tier 2 while the rest are forced into Tier 3 with pubs and restaurants staying shut

Residents in a suburb of Bristol have slammed the 'absolutely ridiculous' and 'ludicrous' tier system which has seen their hometown split across Tier 2 and Tier 3. Residents in one half of Whitchurch face one set of coronavirus restrictions, while the other falls under the jurisdiction of another council, so has fewer curbs.   The side of Whitchurch near Bristol falls under the remit of Bristol City Council which begins life in the harshest Tier 3 of the Government's coronavirus restrictions today. But the other half, known as Whitchurch Village, is in Tier 2 as it is in Bath and North East Somerset Council's area.  Business owner Rosa Consiglio, who runs Caffe Rosa , lives on one side of the invisible border and works on the other, after Whitchurch was split across two different levels of coronavirus restrictions Locals have branded the situation 'really odd' as some businesses in Whitchurch will have to remains closed, while others will be able to ope