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Police officers are ordered not to use their work phone to download coronavirus tracing app

Thousands of police officers have been told not to download the virus tracing app to their work mobiles. The National Police Chiefs’ Council is urging them to install it only on their personal phones instead. A spokesman said the intervention was not for security reasons but to ensure all forces were adhering to the same rules. Some constabularies do not allow officers to download ‘third party’ apps on their work phones whereas others are more lenient. The spokesman also pointed out that it was not clear whether the app would definitely function properly on all phones issued by forces. Thousands of police officers have been told not to download the virus tracing app to their work mobiles The NPCC, which represents all chief officers, is due to issue more detailed guidance over the next few days once it has considered the app fully. Health Secretary Matt Hancock yesterday announced it had been downloaded on 12.4million smartphones since its launch last Thursday. The app uses Bluetooth t

Elderly face long wait for flu vaccine as leading chemists suspend appointments amid shortage of jabs 

Pensioners could face severe delays getting a flu vaccine this winter, with a surge in demand caused by the coronavirus pandemic leading to shortages.  High street pharmacies Boots and Lloyds have decided to suspend bookings for those aged 65 and over at branches across the UK.  Meanwhile, waiting lists at some GP surgeries are at high levels, leading to a potential several week wait for the jab for the elderly.  It means that those aged 65 or above are facing the prospect of being without a flu vaccine over the winter, despite the government promising that, as the most vulnerable, they would be at the front of the queue.  Boots and Lloyds have decided to suspend bookings for those aged 65 and over at branches across the UK amid a supply shortage Public Health England is aiming to immunise 30 million Britons this winter, the largest flu vaccination programmer ever undertaken in the UK.  It comes after a PHE report revealed that coronavirus patients were almost twice as likely to die if

Denver Broncos fill the stands with 1,800 cardboard cut outs of South Park characters wearing masks in the seats left empty by COVID restrictions

The stands at the Denver Broncos' Mile High Stadium at Empower Field were almost full on Sunday as organizers got creative when it came to filling the seats. Characters from popular cartoon South Park filled the rows. The cutouts saw friendly faces everywhere, all of them masked, as part of social distancing restrictions during game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Denver Broncos cheerleaders perform as two fans sit among cardboard characters from the show South Park during the first half of an NFL football game against Tampa Bay on Sunday The Denver Broncos used cardboard cutouts South Park cartoon character fans The characters were clad in masks for the game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Joining the cartoon characters were 5,700 real human spectators in a stadium that would normally host 76,000 Broncos fans.    The Broncos had teased the stadium's special guests during a video that was tweeted out on Sunday morning before the game saying the 'Gang's all here.

How Dan Andrews' right-hand man is set to take the fall for Victoria's hotel quarantine disaster instead of his boss - as farcical inquiry hears NO-ONE made deadly decision to hire private security guards

The future of Daniel Andrews' right-hand man hangs in the balance after an inquiry into Victoria's hotel quarantine program was urged to find he failed to tell the premier crucial information which may have prevented the state's second wave.  Legal counsel for the inquiry submitted their recommendations on Monday - urging it to find Mr Andrews was not kept sufficiently informed of issues with the program, which the inquiry found became a COVID-19 'seeding ground' and caused 768 deaths. In one of a series of recommendations, counsel assisting Ben Ihle said Department of Premier and Cabinet secretary Chris Eccles should have told Mr Andrews the federal government had offered Australian Defence Force support in an April 8 email exchange.  The recommendations came after Mr Andrews told the inquiry on Friday he was not made aware that the Commonwealth was willing to provide ADF support. He claimed that although he acknowledged Prime Minister Scott Morrison's offer to

Jon Venables is REFUSED parole – with James Bulger's family saying they can 'rest easy' as 38-year-old murderer is told he must stay in jail after child porn conviction

James Bulger killer Jon Venables has been refused parole and told he must stay in jail after his child porn conviction.  The decision has been hailed by James' family, with father Ralph Bulger saying he could now 'rest easy'.  Venables, 38, and his friend Robert Thompson were 10 in 1993, when they killed James, two, after taking him from a shopping centre in Bootle, Merseyside. They served eight years before being freed on licence with lifelong anonymity, before Venables was jailed in 2010 for child pornography.  He was released three years later with yet another new identity but was sent back to prison after more child porn was found in his laptop in 2017.  His bid to be released on parole has now been refused and it is understood he will have to spend another two years in jail before he can apply for it again.  Jon Venables, the killer of two-year-old James Bulger, has been refused parole and told he must stay in jail after his child porn conviction Venables, 38, and his

Woman in her 80s fights for her life after 'losing a leg' when she was hit by a bus in front of horrified onlookers on London's Oxford Street

A woman in her 80s is fighting for her life after she was hit by a double decker bus on London's Oxford Street on Monday afternoon.  The woman, a pedestrian, was hit on the junction of Oxford Street and Regent Street at 3.29pm in front of horrified onlookers in the popular shopping district.  Footage shared on social media shows crowds of people watching the incident unfold, with some helping the stricken pedestrian.  There were reports that she lost her leg after being hit by the bus, with witnesses describing their horror.    A woman in her 80s was hit by a double decker bus on Oxford Street London this afternoon, pictured she lays getting treatment The Metropolitan Police confirmed the collision and described the woman's condition as 'potentially life-threatening' The Metropolitan Police confirmed the collision and described the woman's condition as 'potentially life-threatening' - though police did not comment on the reports she lost her leg.   A polic

How an Apple watch saved a man's life by calling Triple 0 and texting his wife when he fell backwards from a ladder and fractured his spine

A grandfather who suffered serious fractures in a ladder fall believes he may not be still here today if he wasn't wearing his trusty Apple Watch at the time.  Jason Potts, 54, was cleaning his gutters with a pressure cleaner at his Latrobe Valley home in Victoria's Gippsland region earlier his month when disaster struck. A piece of timber he was holding broke, which forced him to fall backwards, topple over a 1.8m high fence and land head first on the concrete path in the backyard next door. As neighbours rushed to his aid and rang triple-0, Mr Potts' Apple Watch also detected the chaos. An injured Jason Potts is treated by paramedics after his Apple Watch called triple-0 'A voice came out of my watch saying "hello, can anyone hear me, your Apple Watch has detected a hard fall and called triple-0, do you require an ambulance?",' Mr Potts told Seven News. 'That was a spin out as if the fall wasn't a spin out itself.' The smart device also al

Airlines 'are failing to keep social distancing rules': Passengers are getting too close to each other even when middle seats could be kept free, consumer watchdog claims

Airlines are failing to maintain social distancing between passengers even when middle seats could be kept free, it is claimed. Many firms are still asking passengers to pay extra to sit with their families or social bubbles. The probe by consumer champions Which? suggests carriers are flouting Department for Transport guidelines designed to limit the spread of coronavirus. According to the most recent figures, Ryanair planes were 61 per cent full in the three months up to June 30 – meaning there was room to separate passengers According to the most recent figures, Ryanair planes were 61 per cent full in the three months up to June 30 – meaning there was room to separate passengers. However, passenger groups complain they have been split up and forced to sit next to strangers on half-empty planes. Worse, the budget carrier is still asking families to pay up to a £17 fee to sit together. Other airlines are also reportedly asking families to pay to reserve seats as a group. The DfT is a

Texas sheriff smirks in mugshot as he's charged with evidence tampering in death of black father-of-two, 40, who was repeatedly tasered while gasping 'I can't breathe' while being filmed for cop reality TV show Live PD

A grand jury on Monday indicted a Texas sheriff on a felony evidence-tampering charge in connection to the death of a black man in police custody that was caught on video early last year. Williamson County records show Sheriff Robert Chody is facing the third-degree charge that is punishable by up to 10 years in prison. He was booked into his jail Monday on a $10,000 bond. A booking photo released by the jail that the sheriff oversees shows a grinning Chody dressed in a suit-and-tie, posing in front of the Williamson County Sheriff's emblem affixed to a wall.  Scroll down for video  Williamson County Sheriff Robert Chody (pictured left in his booking photo) was arrested on Monday and charged with third-degree evidence tampering in the death of Javier Ambler during his arrest that was filmed by A&E's Live PD  Body camera footage released in June showed Ambler telling deputies 'I can't breathe' and that he has congestive heart failure as they deploy Tasers on him

Neighbourhood feud erupts over 'bin divers' who break bottles and tip bins in the middle of the night in search for 10c refundable bottles

Frustrated families woken in the middle of the night by bin divers rummaging for 10c refundable bottles have blasted enthusiastic recyclers for causing chaos in suburban streets. Bottle collectors have flocked to the quiet residential streets of Southport, in the Gold Coast, tipping over bins and leaving a mess.  Residents say they are fed up with the noise disturbing their sleep and trail of rubbish left on their lawns.  Southport residents say they are fed up with bin divers regularly rummaging through their bins 'It happens between midnight and five in the morning, you would think a garbage truck was there with the sound of bottles and cans,' Grant Stephens told the Gold Coast Bulletin.  'People rock up and go through our rubbish, tipping it out onto the street, digging through it and then moving onto the next one.  'The noise keeps going and going, it’s very painful for the kids who are at uni trying to sleep before they have an exam or need to study, it is alway