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Are YOU owed cash? Hundreds of thousands of Australians are set to share $588MILLION after they were short changed by their employers

Almost 400,000 Australians will see a welcome boost in their superannuation balances after being ripped off by their employers. The Australian Tax Office estimates $588 million in unpaid or underpaid superannuation will be handed to those eligible after 24,000 employers came forward to fess up to the error. Some unpaid amounts could date back almost three decades to when compulsory super was first implemented in Australia. The 393,000 Australians short changed employees will have funds paid into their super funds or straight into their bank accounts if they've since retired.  Thousands of Australians have been short changed on super by their employers. Pictured are Sydneysiders going about their daily lives last week Employers were recently given six months to admit their mistake of underpaying workers between July 1, 1992 up until March 31, 2018 as part of the federal government's superannuation guarantee amnesty. The aim of the amnesty was to reunite Australians with their ha

Millions more Australians can now apply for $1,500 coronavirus handout as Scott Morrison gives disaster payment the green light - here's who is eligible

More Australian workers can now apply for a coronavirus payment if they're ordered to self-isolate for 14 days. New South Wales is the latest state to have the $1,500 pandemic leave disaster payment approved by Prime Minister Scott Morrison. The lump sum payment is available to eligible workers unable to earn an income because they've been ordered by health authorities to self-isolate for two weeks due to close contact with an infected case - or need to care for a loved one with COVID-19.  The financial relief is available to workers aged 17 and older who don't have access to personal, care or pandemic sick leave. NSW workers are the latest Australians who could be eligible for a coronavirus payment if they're forced to self-isolated for two weeks and will lose income as a result. Pictured are Sydeysiders in Pitt Street Mall last week Eligible workers in NSW must show they're been ordered by health authorities to self-isolate or quarantine for 14 days on or since Se

'You're doing irreparable damage and destruction!' Dentists blast TikTok stars for dangerous new trend that sees them grinding down their teeth with NAIL FILES in a bid to create a symmetrical smile

Dentists are hitting out against a dangerous new trend on TikTok, in which people grind down their uneven teeth with nail files.   Several influencers have taken to the popular social media app in recent months to share videos of themselves partaking in the dangerous practice.  But while the TikTok stars proclaim that the simple hack helps make their smiles more symmetrical, professionals say it can cause permanent damage to a person's teeth.  Dentists say the influencers are filing away at enamel, which ultimately destroys the structure of a tooth.  Enamel - which cannot be restored - is the outer layer of a tooth that protects against the effect of harsh dietary acids. A lack of enamel can cause extreme sensitivity, and eventually lead to tooth decay.  'The moment that you remove tooth structure, if you don't know what you're doing, you're doing irreparable damage and destruction to your teeth,' Texas-based dentist Dr. Chad Evans told Business Insider.   @mi

Joe Biden calls for Donald Trump's Supreme Court nominee to be WITHDRAWN if he loses the election in November

Former Vice President Joe Biden appealed to Senate Republicans Sunday not to allow President Trump to 'jam' through' a Supreme court pick – and said if he himself wins in November, it should be he who gets to make the selection.    'This appointment isn't about the past. It's about the future. And the people of this nation are choosing their future right now as they vote,' Biden said in a speech in Philadelphia Sunday. 'To jam this nomination through the Senate is just an exercise in raw political power, and I don't believe the people of this nation will stand for it,' Biden said. 'President Trump has already made clear that this is about power, pure and simple power,' Joe Biden said Sunday After heralding the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Biden said the American people would not stand for what he said would be an 'abuse of power.'  'President Trump has already made clear that this is about power, pure and simple power,&

Whitehall cash haul! Number of mandarins on at least £100,000 pay surges by 15% to 1,560 in just 12 months

The number of Whitehall mandarins on £100,000 or more has gone up by 15 per cent in just 12 months. Official figures show a record 1,560 civil servants are paid at least three times the national average salary. The exclusive club has increased by 200 in the past year alone – almost doubling in a decade. Ian Booth, left, pictured here with Defence Secretary Michael Fallon, is the best-paid civil servant in Government, raking in a £275,000 salary as well as a £180,000 bonus as head of the Ministry of Defence’s submarine delivery agency. Former Brexit Minister Steve Baker said the civil service needs good people, but also needs realistic pay. 'Most of my constituents would think £50,000 a year is an enormous amount of money, never mind £150,000. They would be astonished to learn that their taxes are paying more than 1,500 civil servants that amount.' (file photo) At the same time the austerity years saw the wages of nurses, teachers and police officers frozen. Twenty civil servant

Some of the world's biggest banks including HSBC and Barclays 'let criminals and fraudsters move dirty money around the globe – in some cases even after being told' global investigation reveals

Some of the world's biggest banks let criminals and fraudsters move dirty money around the world, according to leaked financial dossiers.  Banking papers detailing $2 trillion in dealings were analysed after being leaked to Buzzfeed News and shared with the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists, which distributed them to 108 news organisations, BBC Panorama said. HSBC is one of several international banks whose name appears most in the cache of thousands of secret US government documents called the FinCEN files. They show that HSBC continued shuttling funds through to accounts in Hong Kong months after it was warned about the Ponzi scheme worth £62 million.  Five international banks which appeared most often in the documents were HSBC, JPMorgan, Deutsche Bank, Standard Chartered and Bank of New York Mellon, the ICIJ reported When HSBC, the UK's largest bank, closed down the fraudsters' accounts they had already been drained of the millions. HSBC said in a st