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pictured 18-year-old girl who died when her car hit a brick wall in country durham that left others with serious injuries

A devastated family has paid tribute to a 'much-loved' 18-year-old girl who was killed after a car crash on Saturday. Georgia Duncan was a rear seat passenger in a silver Ford Fiesta when it smashed into a wall on a country lane to the north of Durham. Emergency services rushed to the scene but despite their best efforts Georgia was pronounced dead.  Georgia Duncan, 18, was a rear seat passenger in a silver Ford Fiesta when it smashed into a wall on a country lane to the north of Durham. She was pronounced dead at the scene Georgia’s family have today paid tribute to her, saying: 'Georgia was a much-loved daughter, sister, granddaughter, niece and friend who will be greatly missed' An 18-year-old man who was driving and two passengers - an 18-year-old man and a 17-year-old girl - were all taken to hospital with serious injuries. Georgia’s family have today paid tribute to her, saying: 'Georgia was a much-loved daughter, sister, granddaughter, niece and friend who wi

University of Georgia professor, 88, RETIRES mid-class after student refuses to put mask over her nose because she was having 'hard time breathing'

A University of Georgia professor walked out of the classroom and announced he is quitting when a student refused to pull her mask up over her nose last Tuesday. Psychology professor Irwin Bernstein, 88, had informed the class of his 'no mask, no class' policy verbally and on the white board at the front of his classroom. Due to his age, Type 2 Diabetes and hypertension, he told students, he could die if he contracted the virus. Bernstein, an Air Force veteran who has taught at the school since 1968, said he was told by the head of his department that he could not enforce his mask policy upon students, in an email to The Red & Black, the student newspaper.  The final straw came when a student who was not present on the first day of the upper-level psychology class showed up to class unmasked. When Bernstein asked her to get a mask from the school's advising office, she was lent one by another student.  She pulled the mask up over her mouth, but not her nose. When Bernst

Billionaire Mets owner Steve Cohen blasts players for giving crowd 'thumbs down' in retaliation for booing slumping team: 'They hit the third rail by messing with fans'

New York Mets owner Steve Cohen said Monday that his protesting players who gave the crowd the thumbs down over the weekend 'hit the third rail by messing with fans.' Cohen's reprimand came after Javier Baez was the ringleader of a trio of players who pushed back at booing Mets fans with thumbs-down gestures during Sunday's victory over the Washington Nationals. It was a rare win for the former first-place team,  which has gone 8-19 in August to fall 7 ½ games behind the Atlanta Braves in the NL East. The team's billionaire owner said that was no excuse for insulting a fan base that has stuck by a club without a World Series crown in 35 years.  'These are young guys and sometimes we forget they are on a public stage and can make mistakes,' Cohen told the New York Post. 'They hit the third rail, though, by messing with fans. And it is unacceptable. Hopefully, this is a teaching moment and they will learn from this.' Javier Baez gives Mets fans at Citi

russian cosmonauts discover new cracks in the international space station and fear they'll get even worse

Russian cosmonauts have discovered new cracks in a section of the International Space Station that they fear could worsen over time. The superficial 'fissures' were found in the Zarya module, the first part of the ISS to be launched in 1998 by Russia. The country's space officials have warned that the latest incident aboard the station, following the discovery of other cracks last year, could become more widespread over the next few years. 'Superficial fissures have been found in some places on the Zarya module,' Vladimir Solovyov, chief engineer of rocket and space corporation Energia, told RIA news agency. The superficial 'fissures' were found in the Zarya module, the first part of the International Space Station to be launched in 1998 by Russia 'This is bad and suggests that the fissures will begin to spread over time.' He did not say if the cracks had caused any air to leak. Last year, ISS crew members hunted for an air leak for several weeks, t

shocking moment when the furious anti-vaccine mob ambushes bbc journalist and tells him the nooses are ready

This is the shocking moment a furious anti-vaccine mob ambush a BBC journalist in Yorkshire and tell him 'the nooses are ready'. Philip Norton was in Scarborough covering the demonstration in Scarborough yesterday for BBC Look North when the crowd turned on him. The video, shared by Norton on social media, shows a protestor with a megaphone target him and start warning him that he will 'hang'. The footage begins with the protestor yelling: 'There will come a time when justice will come. The Nuremberg trials are coming on September 1 ... and you will all be hanging.'  Surrounded by a large crowd of protestors, the megaphone wielding man continues to reference the Nuremberg trials. This is the moment a man with a megaphone targeted BBC journalist Philip Norton at an antivax protest in Scarborough and warned him he would hang along with the 'despicable MPs' BBC journalist Philip Norton was in Scarborough covering the protest for BBC Look North He continue

GMA hosts George Stephanopoulos and Robin Roberts are 'at war' over sex assault lawsuit against top producer because George 'kept working with him despite being told about the allegations in 2017'

Good Morning America hosts George Stephanopoulos and Robin Roberts are said to be at war over a recent sexual harassment lawsuit filed against a former producer, with Roberts' furious that staff including Stephanopoulos allegedly knew about the claims years ago.  The lawsuit was filed against Michael Corn last week by Kirstyn Crawford, 31, who claims he kissed her head and rubbed her legs in 2015. The lawsuit also includes a claim by Jill McClain, who worked with Corn on World News Tonight in 2010. She says he rubbed her vagina over her jeans during a red-eye flight in 2010.   Corn, who left ABC earlier this year, has denied the allegations strenuously and vowed to fight them.  On Monday, his attorney provided with emails from one of the accusers to him the day after he allegedly assaulted her, in which she tells him he's the 'best'.  The lawsuit described how Crawford told Stephanopoulos about the claims in 2017.  Stephanopoulos then told Heather Riley, t

One ISIS-K rocket got through US missile defense and landed INSIDE Kabul airport: Pentagon says there's still an 'active' attack threat and it is 'not in a position to dispute' report that drone strike killed 10 Afghans

The Pentagon on Monday said an ISIS-K rocket made it through U.S. missile defense systems and landed inside Kabul airport at a time when American forces remain on high alert for more attacks. Officials said it was one of five launched by terrorists but it landed without causing harm. During a briefing, the Department of Defense spokesman John Kirby said there remained an 'active' threat to U.S. personnel and that officials were investigating reports that children were killed in a drone strike on Sunday. Army Maj. Gen. Hank Taylor told reporters that C-RAM defense systems took down one of the rockets fired on Monday morning.  'We assessed that five rockets were in the air and went,' he told reporters.  'Three landed off the airfield ... were no effect. 'C-RAM was able to affect and thwart the attack. The one or the other rocket landed with no effect to the mission or any danger to our personnel.' He later clarified that one rocket landed inside the airport pe

US 'blames BRITAIN' for making Kabul ISIS-K suicide attack death toll worse: Pentagon says airport gate at center of blast was kept open longer for more UK evacuees - despite planning for a 'mass casualty

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin told top Pentagon leaders to prepare for a potential 'mass casualty event' 24 hours before the Kabul suicide attack and said Britain wanted to keep the airport gate at the center of the blast open for longer to allow more evacuees through, internal DOD documents reveal.  The documents, which the Pentagon condemned as a leak of classified information and urged the media not to report, detail top military officials trying to sort out security in a situation they already deemed a major risk.  'I don't believe people get the incredible amount of risk on the ground,' Austin said on the call. Pentagon sources said they begged to shut down Abbey Gate at Hamid Karzai International Airport in Afghanistan's capital city before it was hit by the deadly jihadist attack - but Britain wanted it kept open to continue its evacuation campaign. The new twist came as survivors of the deadly blast claimed panicked US troops opened fire on the crowds o