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PICTURED: Swastika-drawing 'white supremacist,' 28, who went on rampage killing two black bystanders before being shot dead by police

New details have emerged about the suspected white supremacist who authorities in Massachusetts say crashed into a home and executed two black bystanders in an alleged hate crime, including that he was a married physical therapist with a doctorate.   The gunman, identified as 28-year-old Nathan Allen, was shot and killed by a Winthrop police sergeant on Saturday, after officials say Allen crashed a stolen truck into a building and then gunned down David Green, a 68-year-old retired Massachusetts State Police trooper, and Romana Cooper, a 60-year-old Air Force veteran, both black.   Early in the investigation, police found 'troubling' racist and anti-Semitic statements written in Allen's hand, which exalted the superiority of the white race and described whites as ‘apex predators. Suffolk County District Attorney Rachael Rollins also said that detectives found drawings of swastikas among the suspect's possessions.  Rollins added that Allen walked by several other people

Love Island fans panic and football fans are left watching a frozen screen for 10 minutes as ITV Hub goes into meltdown

Love Island fans were left in a panic after ITV Hub crashed moments before the series was due to return this evening - and also ruined a Euros match. Viewers streaming the series' launch tonight were met with 'page not loading' and other error messages popping up instead. The issues had earlier caused fury for football fans when ITV's coverage of the Euros tournament was hit by technical issues. Supporters trying to watch the France vs Switzerland match on ITV Hub say that play has been frozen on a corner kick for more than 10 minutes. Love Island fans were left in a panic after ITV Hub crashed moments before the series was due to return this evening Viewers streaming the series' launch tonight were met with 'page not loading' and other error messages popping up instead ITV tweeted to say: 'We are currently experiencing technical difficulties and working on getting services back as soon as possible' Supporters trying to watch the France vs Switzerlan

White House believes NOTHING (not even the deadly Delta variant) can stop the July 4 party: Psaki says administration is still expecting thousands of people in Washington despite concerns US could see 'very dense outbreaks'

White House press secretary Jen Psaki dismissed questions Monday about whether hosting a large gathering on the Fourth of July was 'risky' with the emergence of the Delta COVID-19 variant.  'I don't anticipate at this point our plans changing,' she told reporters at the press briefing, also saying, 'we are confident in our plans moving forward for July 4.'   Psaki was asked if it was 'too soon' for the White House - and for Washington, D.C., which will allow crowds to watch the fireworks from the National Mall - to be having largescale events, something the Trump administration was criticized for last year. Experts, including former Food and Drug Administration commissioner, Dr. Scott Gottlieb, have warned that the U.S. could see COVID-19 numbers tick up again thanks to the Indian 'Delta' variant.   'It's not going to be as pervasive,' Gottlieb said Sunday on Face the Nation. 'It's going to hyper-regionalized. There's

BREAKING NEWS: Multiple rockets hit a US base in Syria - less than 24 hours after Biden launched airstrikes against Iranian-backed militia sites and killed seven fighters

Multiple rockets hit a US military base in eastern Syria on Monday, less than 24 hours after President Biden launched airstrikes on Iranian-backed militia sites.  Coly. Wayne Morrotto, spokesman for Operation Inherent Resolve, said: 'At 7:44 PM local time, U.S. Forces in Syria were attacked by multiple rockets. There are no injuries and damage is being assessed.' A US defense official told CNN the rockets were 'likely' fired by Iranian-backed militia in the area, but the origin had not been determined.  Some of the missiles landed near US troops, according to the report. The attack took place at a site known as the 'Green Village' near an oil field, where 900 American troops are believed to be stationed.  Iraq on Monday condemned overnight U.S. air strikes against Iran-backed militia groups on the Syrian-Iraqi border that killed at least seven fighters and sparked calls for revenge from Iraqi armed factions. President Joe Biden's second strike of his adminis

Moment 15-year-old steals car with girl, two, inside as her mother goes to fill tires with air at Maryland gas station

Video released by police in Maryland shows the moment a teenager steals a woman's car at a gas station with her 2-year-old daughter still strapped in the backseat. The footage shows the driver parking her car on June 16 around 9.30am at the station's air pump and vacuum cleaner before getting out to put money in the machine. As she walks around the rear of the car to the passenger's side, the 15-year-old boy can be seen sneaking up, getting in the driver's side door and speeding off as the victim is left holding the air pump hose.  Video released by police in Maryland shows a woman getting out of her car at a gas station to put money in the air pump machine before a teenager runs up and steals the vehicle with her 2-year-old daughter still strapped into the back seat Montgomery County police reported that the victim's 2-year-old daughter was in the back seat of the car when the theft occurred.  A witness who saw the incident reportedly followed the car, and watche

Retired police constable, 68, is jailed for 28 years for catalogue of rape and sex abuse on five women and a girl spanning three decades

A former police officer from Durham has been jailed for raping and assaulting women over a period of 30 years. Kevin Barry Bentley, from Spennymoor, was convicted at Durham Crown Court for a catalogue of historical abuse against five women and one girl, some dating back to the 1970s. After a two-week trial, the 68-year-old was found guilty of 24 serious sexual and physical assaults, including two counts of rape, six of assault and eight of indecent assault. Bentley retired as a police constable in 2006 and none of his offences related to his job as a police officer. Kevin Barry Bentley, from Spennymoor, was convicted at Durham Crown Court for a catalogue of historical abuse against five women and one girl Last week Judge James Adkin sentenced Bentley to 28 years in prison with an additional extended licence period of six years and ordered that the defendant must serve at least 18-and-a-half years in custody before he can be considered for parole. His conviction follows a three-year lon

Piers Morgan blasts 'utterly spineless' BBC for reprimanding Emily Maitlis for re-tweeting his post slamming the government's handling of pandemic - after single complaint over impartiality

Piers Morgan has branded the BBC 'utterly spineless' after the Corporation slammed Emily Maitlis for sharing a Twitter post that criticised the government's handling of the pandemic.  The Newsnight presenter, 50, was told she had breached impartiality rules after sharing a tweet by fellow journalist Piers Morgan that slammed the government's pandemic response. BBC presenter Emily Maitlis, 50, was reprimanded by bosses after she shared a 'controversial' tweet from Piers Morgan A statement on the complaints section of the BBC's website criticised the broadcaster's social media activity after she shared a post by fellow journalist Piers Morgan in February.  The Twitter post said: 'If failing to quarantine properly is punishable by 10yrs in prison, what is the punishment for failing to properly protect the country from a pandemic?' Morgan labelled the BBC's reaction as 'quite incredible', adding the post was 'not a partisan comment, i

Mother and disabled son, 26, who couldn't walk and elderly married couple are latest victims of Miami condo building collapse to be identified

A mother and her disabled son, as well as an elderly husband and wife, have become the latest victims of the Miami condo collapse to be formally identified. They are a mother Ana Oritz, 46, and her son Luis Bermudez, 26, who suffered from muscular dystrophy and was unable to walk. Also named as victims were Leon Oliwkowicz, 80, and his wife Christina Elvira, 74. All remains bar those of Christina were pulled from the wrecked building on Saturday, with Elvira's discovered on Sunday.  Bermudez's father Luis Bermudez Sr paid a heartbreaking tribute to his late son on Facebook, writing in Spanish: 'God decided that he wanted one more angel in heaven. I still do not believe it. I LOVE you and will love you forever.' He also shared a photograph of a handwritten note, which said: 'My Luiyo. You gave me everything. I will miss you all my life...I will never leave you alone.' Anna Ortiz, left, and her son Luis Bermudez, right were among four new victims of the Champlain