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Number of stranded Australians desperate to return home nears 36,000 – but arrival caps mean some might not get a flight back for SIX MONTHS

There are almost 36,000 Australians stranded overseas trying to get home, an increase of more than 10,000 in less than a week. The bulging figure was revealed at a Senate inquiry which heard the personal plights of citizens desperate to get home. Prime Minister Scott Morrison said on Friday there was about 24,000 Australians registered to come home as he announced a staged increase in the weekly arrivals cap. There are almost 36,000 Australians stranded overseas trying to get home, an increase of more than 10,000 in less than a week (pictured, people returning on a domestic flight in August) Prime Minister Scott Morrison said on Friday there was about 24,000 Australians registered to come home as he announced a staged increase in the weekly arrivals cap The limit on people returning is slated to increase to 6,000 next month. At that rate it would take six months for every registered return traveller to arrive back. Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet officials said hotel quaranti

Drink-driving mum, 60, caught with ice stuffed down her bra pleads for a court to spare her a criminal conviction - so she can keep dating a man living in the U.S.

A mum who was busted with $500 worth of ice stashed down her bra pleaded with a magistrate to spare her a conviction so she couldn't continue a relationship with a man in U.S.  Lynette Pilgrim, 60, was caught with 1.16g of methamphetamine in Townsville, Queensland, on November 16, 2019, but told Townsville Magistrate's Court she was 'keeping it for a friend'. Townsville Magistrates Court heard on Monday that police saw her car pulled over in the suburb of Douglas and suspected she may be carrying drugs, the  Townville Bulletin reported. Lynette Pilgrim , 60, was caught with 1.16g of methamphetamine secreted in her underwear in Townsville The trained masseuse was caught again on May 13 parked outside Kirwan Police Station at 1.50am. Pilgrim was breathalised and blew 0.07 - two points over the legal limit. She pleaded guilty to possessing dangerous drugs and driving over the alcohol limit. Prosecutor Tim Madsen told the court she had a history of drug offences that never

Conflict of interest row as it emerges Chief Scientific Officer Sir Patrick Vallance has £600,000 of shares in vaccine maker contracted to make UK's coronavirus jabs

Sir Patrick Vallance has a £600,000 shareholding in a pharmaceuticals giant which is racing to develop a Covid vaccine for the Government, a report has revealed. The Chief Scientific Adviser holds the deferred bonus of 43,111 shares in GlaxoSmithKline from his time as president of the multinational company. Sir Patrick has already sold more than £5 million in shares he received during his tenure from 2012 to 2018, when he was appointed by the Government. Accounts seen by the Telegraph show that Sir Patrick held 404,201 GSK shares when he resigned, worth £6.1 million at today's price. Sir Patrick Vallance speaking to the nation on Monday night. He and Chris Whitty outlined why the Government was announcing a raft of new lockdown measures Sir Patrick, who also chairs the Government's expert panel on vaccines, predicted at a news conference this week that the first effective doses of a jab might become available on a limited basis by the end of this year. GSK is one of more than

UK legal first as court fines health trust over patient death 'secrecy': Staff did not act 'with candour or openness' towards 91-year-old woman's family, hearing is told

A hospital  trust yesterday became the first in Britain to be prosecuted and fined for failing to be 'transparent' about a death. University Hospitals Plymouth Trust did not act 'with candour or openness' towards an elderly patient's family. Elsie Woodfield, 91, died at Plymouth's Derriford Hospital after going in for an endoscopy.  University Hospitals Plymouth Trust has been prosecuted and fined for failing to be 'transparent' about the death of Elsie Woodfield, 91, who died at Derriford Hospital after going in for an endoscopy The Care Quality Commission said the trust failed to tell her family that the death may have been caused by a mistake during the operation. Her daughter Anna Davidson received a letter apologising some time later, but she felt it lacked 'remorse', Plymouth Magistrates' Court heard.  Yesterday the trust gave a new apology after admitting it breached its duty of candour under the Health and Social Care Act.  The duty

Five adults gather in a Melbourne park for a kid's birthday party - but they’re hit with $8,000 in fines for breaking lockdown

A group of adults who gathered in a Melbourne park for a child's birthday party have been fined for breaking coronavirus restrictions.  The five adults had travelled from across the city for a picnic in Whittlesea when they were confronted by police on Wednesday. They admitted they had travelled further than their respective 5km radius, which is against the city's current stage four lockdown rules. Each adult was issued a $1,652.  They were among the 114 Victorians to be fined in the past 24 hours for breaching the Chief Health Officer directions including 37 for breaching the curfew. Large numbers of locals are seen at the beach as the warm weather hits Melbourne during the COVID-19 Crisis A group of adults who gathered in a Melbourne park for a child's birthday party have been fined for breaking coronavirus restrictions (stock image pictured) There were 15 fines dished out to revellers who attended a party at a home in Mildura. The state continues to see a drop in coronav

'Try catch us, filthy pigs': The brazen taunts two men on the run allegedly sent police ahead of wild crime spree - and it ended very badly for them when cops accepted the challenge

Two men allegedly sent police brazen messages challenging them to 'try catch us filthy pigs' before leading officers on separate high speed car chases.  Kyle Salvatorie Mathiot, 25, and Cameron Welch, 28, were already wanted by authorities for several days leading up to the alleged car rampage in Queensland's far north.  About 8pm on Tuesday night, Mathiot allegedly threatened threatened his father with what appeared to be a gun at his Mereeba house, west of Cairns, according to The Cairns Post.  About 8pm on Tuesday night, Mathiot (pictured right) allegedly threatened threatened his father with what appeared to be a gun at his Mereeba house, west of Cairns  Kyle Salvatorie Mathiot , 25, and Cameron Welch , 28, allegedly taunted police before they were arrested  Police say he briefly stopped to steal petrol from a service station at Atherton before  driving off at speeds of up to 120km/h in his Holden Commodore until he hit police stingers placed over the asphalt.  Despite

Embarrassing moment Sylvia Jeffreys' cousin name drops her as he tries to fast-track his return to Australia in time for Christmas - claiming she'll even help him get on A Current Affair (but makes it clear the show is NOT his first choice)

An Australian father stranded in the UK with his family has raised eyebrows after name-dropping his Channel Nine presenter cousin Sylvia Jeffreys in an attempt to fast-track his return to Australia in time for Christmas. About 25,000 Australians are stranded overseas after the government capped the number of international airport arrivals in July to ease the pressure on hotel quarantine programs introduced since the COVID-19. Teacher Edward Swanwick - who has worked at the elite Clifton College private school in Bristol in the UK's south-west - said his situation was 'desperate' and claimed his famous cousin had urged him to contact A Current Affair to 'help keep the pressure on the Federal Government'.  A deputy head teacher at an elite British private school has name-dropped his TV presenter star cousin Sylvia Jeffreys and shared a photo of them together in a bid to get back home faster as the COVID-19 pandemic slows down international travel  Deputy head teacher

Police chase horror crash: Two men fleeing arrest die as their car smashes into another vehicle leaving it's driver and two passengers seriously injured

Two men fleeing a police car have died after their car smashed into two other vehicles leaving three others seriously injured. Officers patrolling Salford last night started chasing a speeding car on Frederick Road at around 11.40pm. During the chase the car collided with two other vehicles.  Two men have died after a police chase in Salford last night. Both men were in a car being chased by officers  A man and two women suffered serious injuries in the crash last night, which started after a speeding car passed patrolling officers Greater Manchester Police has confirmed two men from the pursued vehicle were pronounced dead a short time later. One man and two women from one of the other vehicles suffered serious injuries and were rushed to a nearby hospital.  Pictures from the scene show a silver car with its doors removed, partially covered by a plastic sheet. No arrests have been made, police have referred the incident to the IOPC and Greater Manchester Police's Professional Stan

Major Covid outbreak at Glasgow University as 124 students catch virus while 600 are told to self-isolate - after positive tests on Liverpool, Dundee and Aberdeen campuses

A major Covid-19 outbreak at Glasgow University has seen 124 students catch the virus and 600 self-isolate - after positive tests on campuses in Liverpool, Dundee and Aberdeen.  Earlier this week it was revealed 500 students were self-isolating at Abertay University in Dundee after one confirmed case, while 80 students and seven staff were confirmed to have coronavirus at the University of Liverpool.  There have also been 'a number' of confirmed cases at Aberdeen  University.  The outbreaks across Scotland have prompted a strong warning against house parties.  Glasgow University is the latest to see an outbreak of Covid-19 among students, following Aberdeen, Abertay in Dundee and Liverpool During yesterday's coronavirus briefing national clinical director, Jason Leitch, said: 'We need you not to have house parties, I could not be more clear.' Nicola Sturgeon said the 'significant outbreak at the University of Glasgow' had impacted on the daily Covid-19 infec

It's a bull (frog) fight! Ten-inch amphibians go to war in amazing battle

This is the incredible moment two ten-inch male bullfrogs are caught battling for females in a rare spectacle that only happens once a year.  Photographer, Temujin Johnson, 25, from Cape Town, South Africa, was 50-kilometres north of Polokwane, when he captured the dominant bullfrog grab the other male by the neck and pull it off its feet.  In another image, the same male was spotted biting down on his competitor's leg as the weaker frog tried to make a run towards the safety of the edge of the pool.  Photographer Temujin Johnson, 25, from Cape Town, South Africa, was able to capture the moment two ten-inch male bullfrogs battled for females The male bullfrogs are caught battling each other in the water  50-kilometres north of Polokwane, South Africa One bullfrog is sent flying in the air after being grabbed by the other male by the neck Mr Johnson said: 'This spectacle only happens once a year if the rains are heavy enough. Pools of at least sixty to one-hundred millimetres of

Online gaming addict known as 'Batman' gives shocking excuse for his sick habit of downloading 30,000 child porn videos and pictures

An online gaming addict said watching child porn every day made him 'feel good'.  Troy Hyman, 37, known as 'Batman' to his friends was arrested at his home he shares with his mother in Lalor, in Melbourne's north, in March, 2018. After banging down his door, police found several devices including phones, a laptop and computers which combined stored 29,746 images and videos of child porn. The 37-year-old admitted to watching the pornography everyday for six years and said most of the children were between eight and ten-years-old but were 'smiling'.  On Wednesday the former security guard pleaded guilty in the County Court to accessing and possessing child abuse material. Troy Hyman, 37, was arrested at his home he shares with his mother in Lalor in Melbourne's north in March, 2018 Hyman was caught after investigators from a specialist child abuse unit linked his IP address to an online peer-to-peer network that had been sharing child sexual material, the

'Last post-10pm pint until SPRING': Britons make the most of their final late-night out... before Boris Johnson's new pub curfew kicks in

Brits were spotted in their masses heading out for one final late night on Wednesday just before Boris Johnson's new coronavirus measures come into play.  The Prime Minister has today ordered pubs and restaurants to stop serving at 10pm, considerably earlier than most establishments across the country.  And owners will be forced to kick customers out of their premises before the cut-off point or risk a fine.  The new measures, which also outlaw customers from ordering drinks at a bar, will come into full effect as of today.  Rules are slightly different in Wales, where pubs will not have to close bang on 10pm, but rather just stop serving alcohol at that time. First Minister Mark Drakeford said such a plan would allow an 'orderly close' rather than forcing people to rapidly finish their food and drinks. The impact of the regulations is already proving significant with Monday's Premier League fixture between Liverpool and Arsenal now kicking off at 8pm, rather than the i