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Donald Trump slams Democrats for brazenly attacking Amy Coney Barrett because she is a Catholic and insists the question of faith was 'settled 60 years ago with the election of JFK'

Donald Trump called a press briefing Sunday to staunchly defend his Supreme Court Justice pick Amy Coney Barrett after Democrats launched a series of attacks on her alleged inability to be an impartial judge due to her Catholic faith. 'We have noticed some comments made in the media about my incredibly qualified nominee Amy. The New York Times said her religion is not consistent with American values – she's Catholic. That covers a lot of people. That's a very disgraceful thing to say,' Trump told reporters gathered at the White House Sunday evening just a day after he announced his selection.  'I thought, though, on the religious situation with Amy – I thought we settled this 60 years ago with the election of John F. Kennedy,' Trump said referencing the first and only U.S. Catholic president. Kennedy's nomination at the time was controversial as many Americans held strong anti-Catholic attitudes. He was able to prevail, however, due to his vocal belief in th

Hero Dallas cops and bystanders save driver from his burning vehicle after fiery crash left him trapped

Three Dallas police officers are being praised as heroes after they managed to save a man's life having been involved in a car crash that saw his vehicle burst into flames. The rescue, which involved the trio along with regular civilians, happened last weekend after a multi-vehicle accident. The officers' body cameras captured the harrowing rescue. Initially, the officers approaching the scene of the wreck saw a burning car but did not realize anyone was still trapped inside until a member of the public rushed up to tell them. Three Dallas police officers are being hailed as heroes for helping save the life of a man who was involved in fiery car crash last weekend in the city It was then that two officers, Jonathan Calder and Jonathan Martinez, initially arrived and ran to help other Dallas residents pull the man out of the car.  'We saw a large plume of smoke coming from the intersection and thought that was something we needed to check on. Immediately when we ran up to

'It's not good enough': Deputy PM demands Australia's states end their border closures in time for Christmas

Australia's Deputy Prime Minister has demanded state leaders open their borders in time for Christmas.  Michael McCormack said it's 'not good enough' that Australians still can't travel within the country despite daily coronavirus cases continuing to plummet.  'We want the Premiers of those states who have still got very tight lockdowns to ease those restrictions,' he told Sunrise on Monday. 'People want to travel, particularly as we approach the warmer months where people want to go on holiday and they want to catch-up with their loved ones over Christmas. The federal government is extending subsidies for airlines operating flights between capital cities and regional towns. Pictured: Passengers leaving Sydney for Adelaide on September 24 Deputy Prime Minister Michael McCormack told Sunrise it's 'not good enough' that Australians still can't travel within the country despite daily new coronavirus cases continuing to plummet 'It'

TikTok is granted an eleventh hour reprieve as federal judge in Washington DC blocks the Trump administration's ban on the Chinese-owned app

A U.S. judge in Washington has temporarily blocked a Trump administration order banning TikTok, hours before it was due to go in to effect. District Judge Carl Nichols granted a preliminary injunction sought by TikTok owner ByteDance to allow the app to remain available at U.S. app stores, before the 11:59pm Sunday deadline. He declined, however, 'at this time' to block additional Commerce Department restrictions that are set to take effect on November 12, which the Beijing-based company has said would have the impact of making the app impossible to use in the United States.   Donald Trump has for months been pressing for TikTok to either pass into U.S. ownership, and ordered that TikTok be blocked at midnight on Sunday unless a buyer was found. Donald Trump, pictured Sunday, ordered a ban on downloads of TikTok from 11:59pm Sunday Trump's ban was blocked at the last minute by a judge in Washington DC Judge Carl J. Nichols's ruling was issued hours before the ban was du

'Delay the new term': Call for university courses to be put back until chaotic testing system is fixed as row grows over campus lockdowns

The return of university students was thrown into doubt last night amid a growing row over coronavirus lockdowns on campuses. As thousands prepared to start the new term, the president of the National Union of Students said the Government was 'gambling' with students' lives. Labour even called for a delay to the start of the English term until the chaotic testing system can meet soaring demand. In Manchester, it emerged that 1,700 students under lockdown are unable to even find out if they have Covid-19. Labour's shadow education secretary Kate Green last night called on ministers to stop students from returning to university until the chaotic testing system could meet soaring demand First year students at Manchester Metropolitan University stand behind a fence after undergraduates self-isolating for a fortnight were told they could not leave the campus The undergraduates self-isolating for a fortnight at Manchester Metropolitan University have been told they cannot l

Bail granted for three women who sparked a Queensland Covid-19 outbreak after allegedly lying their way into the state from Victoria while infected

Three women who sparked fears of a second wave of coronavirus in Queensland after they allegedly lied their way across the state's closed borders will remain on bail.  Diana Lasu, 21 and Olivia Winnie Muranga, 19 are accused of lying on their border declarations about where they had been when they arrived in Brisbane from Melbourne via Sydney on July 21. Police allege the women hosted an Airbnb party in a Melbourne apartment despite the city being in hard lockdown at the time and grappling with a devastating COVID-19 outbreak.  Upon returning home, both Lasu and Muranga developed symptoms and were tested for COVID-19, but allegedly carried on working, socialising and dining out at cocktail bars while waiting for their test results. Haja Umu Timbo, 21, is accused of travelling with both women but never tested positive to COVID-19.  All three women appeared in Brisbane Magistrate's Court on Monday charged with one count of fraud and deception each.  Olivia Winnie Muranga, 19 is

We made Britain a clean and pleasant land again! Pint-sized heroes leap into action in huge litter pick success

It was a massive campaign which saw tens of thousands of big-hearted Britons clear rubbish across the country – helped by an army of child volunteers. Now Keep Britain Tidy and campaign supporters, including the Daily Mail, have one thing to say to the heroes who took part in the Great British September Clean: Thank you. The two-week campaign, which ended yesterday, saw Britons waging war on waste on beaches, in the countryside, on streets and in parks after the nation was left horrified by the pile-up of lockdown litter. The annual litter pick, which in 2019 was the biggest environmental action the UK had ever seen, was postponed in March after it became clear the coronavirus crisis was getting worse. Elizabeth Gadsdon, nine, picks litter on the coast at Leasowe lighthouse, Wirral, Merseyside  Even though some predicted it would be impossible to run a campaign amid a global pandemic, Keep Britain Tidy realised there were plenty of people determined to do their bit. The drive received