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Baby girl fights for life after being found 'pale, soft and cold' in fishpond - as heroic neighbour who rushed to help infant relives his desperate attempt to save her

An 11-month-old girl is fighting for life after her family found her lying unresponsive in a fishpond. Emergency services were called to a home in Springvale, 22km southeast of Melbourne, at 9pm on Sunday. But neighbours Phong Nguyen, 44, and Thu Le, 30, leaped into action before the officers arrived, the Herald Sun reported. An 11-month-old girl is fighting for life after she was found unresponsive in a fishpond (stock image) Mr Nguyen performed CPR on the girl for four minutes until police and paramedics took over. Ms Le called emergency services while Mr Nguyen performed tried to resuscitate the baby.  The infant was immediately hooked up to oxygen, and remains in Monash Children's Hospital's paediatric intensive care unit.  'She couldn't breathe. She was on the floor … she was pale, soft and cold,' Mr Nguyen said. 'I tried to clear her airways and get the water out, but there was none coming out so I did CPR.' It is unclear how long the little girl was i

Horrifying moment a motorist punches another driver through the window in a McDonald's car park

A road rage incident has been caught on camera where a man allegedly punched the window of another vehicle.  The alleged fight broke out between two men near the front of a McDonald's restaurant located on Bridge Road at Parra Hills, Adelaide.  According to 9News Adelaide, the punch on was the result of one driver allegedly tailgating the other.  The alleged fight broke out between two men near the front of a McDonalds restaurant in Adelaide The footage shows a man approach the white 4WD and punch the window twice then reach his hand inside the vehicle through a half opened window.  South Australian Police were called to the disturbance at midday.  A South Australian police spokesperson told the Daily Mail Australia that the police spoke with both parties and a witness. ' A 35-year-old Ingle Farm man was reported for assault and property damage after he allegedly punched a 48-year-old man and smashed his reading glasses'. The police said that no major injuries resulted fr

Ride ’em, dogboy! Farmhand at 9,000-acre Australian cattle station mounts tiny toy cowboys on cattle dogs’ backs – and the results are hilarious

A farmhand at a 9,000-acre family cattle station mounted tiny toy cowboys to her dogs' backs in a hilarious video. Ian Vivers, founder of Eaglehawk Angus cattle farm in the New England region of northern New South Wales, shared his daughter Annie's footage to social media.  The two cattle dogs, Chips and Tjas, were each mounted with tiny brown saddles and a small toy cowboy waving a cowboy hat. 'We're family-run and so we try to make each day as enjoyable as we can, there's always something lighthearted going on,' Mr Vivers told Daily Mail Australia.      Annie Vivers, a farmhand at her parents' Eaglehawk Angus cattle farm in northern NSW, filmed a hilarious clip of her two cattle dogs with toy cowboys on their backs   Annie recorded her sandy dog Chips and black dog Tjas running through the cattle station's fields, taking close-ups of the cowboy dolls on their backs.  The background music in the clip escalated and increased in speed as the dogs began

Fresh twist in the search for missing mother-of-four as police scour bushland for a body after her disappearance became a murder investigation

Kobie Parfitt , 43, is believed to have been murdered on April 28 - the last day police believe she was last seen alive Police have began searching bushland as they investigate the murder of a missing mother-of-four.  The Missing Persons Squad detectives, with the assistance of police from the Search and Rescue Squad Ms Parfitt's body is yet to be located but police believe it is only a matter of time before they find her.  Detective Inspector Andrew Stamper of the Missing Persons Squad said officers believe they are closing in on those responsible for Ms Parfitt's death. 'We have returned to the area a number of times as part of this investigation and will continue to return each time we receive new information,' he said. 'There are definitely people in the Ballarat community who know what happened to Kobie. Police have been able to confirm Kobie was last seen alive in April at a property on Hickman Street, 115km northwest of Melbourne. 'We know she was last se

George W. Bush's senior advisor Karl Rove says Donald Trump is 'on the edge of looking like a sore loser' and is 'not helping himself or the country'

Karl Rove has said Donald Trump is 'on the edge of looking like a sore loser', urging the president to put the country first and accept the results of the election. Rove, who was George W. Bush's chief advisor, said on Sunday that Trump needed to put the country's interests first. Trump told Fox News on Saturday, in an interview which aired Sunday, that he felt the election was 'not over' and he would continue to fight.  He also refused to say whether he would attend Joe Biden's inauguration, which would make him the fourth president to shun the ceremony, after John Adams in 1801, John Quincy Adams in 1829 and Andrew Johnson in 1869. Asked whether he believed Trump would continue to contest the results even after January 6 - the day when both the Senate and House gather to officially count the votes - Rove told Fox news it depended on what Trump's aim was. Karl Rove, who was George W. Bush's senior advisor, said Trump needed to accept reality Donald

Chris Christie calls Trump's election fraud claims an 'absurdity' and slams the President for still refusing to concede

Chris Christie on Sunday dragged continued efforts from Donald Trump and his allies to overturn the election results, claiming their legal theories are an 'absurdity.' 'The legal theory put forward by his legal team and by the president is an absurdity,' Christie told ABC's 'This Week' on Sunday morning. The Republican former governor of New Jersey was specifically referencing the recent case brought to the Supreme Court by Texas, attempting to police how other states run their election in an effort to overturn Joe Biden's victory. Seven of the nine justices refused on Friday to hear the case. Chris Christie appeared on ABC's This Week on Sunday to discuss the election results Donald Trump spoke to Fox on Saturday and said he believes the election is not over 'The reason why the Supreme Court didn't take it is because it's an absurd idea to think that any state or any number of states, no matter how good they are, can challenge another

'We will build a world where our daughters will be celebrated and not diminished': Jill Biden hits back at 'misogynistic' WSJ op-ed writer who called her 'kiddo' and said her doctor title 'sounds and feels fraudulent'

Jill Biden on Sunday night hit back at a Wall Street Journal author who mocked her use of the doctor title, as the university where he previously taught distanced itself from his 'misogynistic' writing.  Columnist Joseph Epstein, 83, labelled the future first lady, 69, 'kiddo' in the piece published Friday in which he said she should 'think about it and forthwith drop the doc'. His words sparked anger, and on Sunday she tweeted: 'Together, we will build a world where the accomplishments of our daughters will be celebrated, rather than diminished.' Epstein had previously taught at Northwestern University in Chicago, but on Saturday they said that he had not taught a class since 2003.  Epstein had been listed as an 'emeritus lecturer of English' on the school's website earlier Saturday, but the page had vanished later in the day  'While we firmly support academic freedom and freedom of expression, we do not agree with Mr Epstein's opini

‘I’ll put you to sleep’: UFC legend Mark Hunt and NRL star Paul Gallen trade heated insults ahead of their fight – as footballer is on the receiving end of a sexual slur

Paul Gallen plans on sending UFC legend Mark Hunt into retirement once and for all on Wednesday night. If the pair's heavyweight showdown is even half as lively as their verbal slanging match on Monday, boxing fans at Bankwest Stadium are in for a treat. Hunt branded Gallen a 'part-time fighter', while the rugby league great accused the so-called Super Samoan of making excuses for himself for when he loses. 'Making excuses already - you haven't fought for three years, haven't boxed for 20 years,' Gallen said. 'I've got no excuses. I'm going to step into the ring, I'm prepared. You're just setting those little traps in case you get beat. 'I'll win comfortably.'  Paul Gallen and Mark Hunt (pictured together) have mouthed off during their press conference ahead of Wednesday night's boxing bout Despite the trash talk, Gallen, unbeaten in 11 fights, does have immense respect for Hunt. 'He's the biggest name in Australia

Kay Burley's friends 'hunt Sky News leakers who tipped off photographers about her lockdown-breaching birthday night out and told media she bragged about breaking rules'

Kay Burley's friends are said to be searching for the Sky staff who reportedly told photographers that she was breaking Covid rules. A number of junior producers hatched a plan after they overheard the newsreader discuss her 60th birthday celebration, it was claimed. Her disgruntled colleagues revealed details of her night out to the Press via an encrypted email, according to the Mail on Sunday. 'It was a case of boom, this could really bring her down,' said a source. 'They thought, 'If she gets caught, that would be the end for her'.' A number of junior producers at Sky hatched a plan after they overheard Kay Burley discuss her 60th birthday celebration, it was claimed Miss Burley has been taken off air for six months following an internal investigation by Sky. She had visited a restaurant in central London with nine other diners then used a different restaurant's bathroom after the 11pm curfew. Miss Burley then continued the party at her Knightsbridge

Trump accuses Republicans of allowing Democrats to 'blatantly cheat' in the election, says the Supreme Court 'chickened out' by refusing to hear the Texas case and claims 'everyone knows' dead people and children voted

Donald Trump accused Republicans of allowing Democrats to steal the election and chastised the Supreme Court for refusing to hear a Texas lawsuit attempting to overturn the Joe Biden's victory in a furious Twitter rant on Sunday evening.  Trump packed several of his favorite unfounded claims of election fraud into the rant, which came hours before the Electoral College is set to vote on Monday.   'The RINOS Republicans In Name that run the state voting apparatus have caused us this problem of allowing the Democrats to so blatantly cheat in their attempt to steal the election, which we won overwhelmingly,' the lame duck president wrote after spending the day golfing at his club in Sterling, Virginia.  'How dare they allow this massive and ridiculous Mail-In Voting to occur......Tens of millions of haphazardly ballots sent, with some people getting two, three, or four ballots. We will never give up!' Minutes later he launched an attack on the Supreme Court, which has