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Gay man is 'raped and beaten by the Taliban in Kabul after he was duped into meeting them'

A gay man has been raped and beaten by the Taliban in just the latest example of the new life facing Afghans as their country returns to Islamist rule. The man, who has not been identified, was lured out of hiding in the capital Kabul by two Taliban fighters who posed as a friend offering safe passage out of the country. Instead, they beat and raped the man when he arrived to meet them - then took his father's number so they could tell him that his son is gay. It comes after the Taliban was accused of forcibly marrying girls as young as 12 to its fighters as sex slaves, and of carrying out summary executions against anyone suspected of helping western forces during the 20-year war. Taliban fighters who tricked a gay man into coming out of hiding then beat and raped him, according to activists (file image) The man's fate was revealed by Artemis Akbary, an Afghan rights activist now living in Turkey, who told ITV News that he had been in touch with the man. He said the attack is

'Not a great day for America's service dogs': US military abandoned dozens of dogs alongside planes, Chinooks and Humvees worth BILLIONS in scramble to leave Kabul

Dozens of dogs have been abandoned by the US in Afghanistan, along with up to 200 civilians and military equipment, according to an animal welfare charity. American Humane condemned the 'death sentence' for the animals allegedly left behind who now face 'torture' at the hands of the Taliban, who took control of the city earlier this month.  The group has called on Congress to rescue the dogs, who according to the Pentagon's Press Secretary John Kirby, belong to the Kabul Small Animal Rescue charity, founded by American Charlotte Maxwell-Jones.  'To correct erroneous reports, the U.S. Military did not leave any dogs in cages at Hamid Karzai International Airport, including the reported military working dogs,' Kirby tweeted on Tuesday. 'Photos circulating online were animals under the care of the Kabul Small Animal Rescue, not dogs under our care.'  According to a recent update from the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, Maxwell-Jones ha

How America lost control: TOM LEONARD has previously voiced a nation's fears over the Afghan withdrawal. But even he couldn't have predicted the damage this surrender would inflict on us all

To the victor, the spoils – and they don’t come more glittering than those left behind by the Americans in Afghanistan. As the last US soldier, Major General Chris Donahue, was photographed walking up the ramp of a US transport plane on Monday night, the Taliban wasted no time in highlighting the scale of America’s downfall by flaunting their acquisitions. Journalists were given tours of airports, prisons and military bases by Taliban guides who obligingly mugged up for photo opportunities. Within minutes of the US leaving, Taliban troops were filmed entering a Kabul airport hangar containing four large Boeing Sea Knight cargo helicopters. They clambered around the cockpit of a huge C-130 Hercules transport plane and tried out the controls of other military choppers, some fitted with missile launchers in hangars strewn with discarded US flak jackets, helmets, ammunition and grenades. Indeed, for a time it looked as if not all US troops had yet departed as a group of men lined up on the

Taliban are on the trail of revenge: Jihadis start hunt for translators as soon as Western troops exit Afghanistan

Within hours of Western troops leaving, triumphant Taliban fighters began raiding the homes of interpreters left behind in Kabul yesterday. The terrified former translators hid as armed jihadis bent on revenge went knocking door-to-door. Despite a promise of amnesty from the Taliban leadership, the insurgents wasted no time in hunting down the ‘traitors’ who helped the British. One search party was said to have been led by an imam who is now a local Taliban commander. He knew ex-translator Kaleem, a veteran of five years on the front lines with British forces. Taliban fighters began raiding the homes of interpreters left behind in Kabul yesterday, within hours of Western troops leaving Kaleem told the Mail: ‘The mullah knew me from the mosque. Everyone knew that he was Taliban and he had been arrested by the Afghan government. But when all the prisoners were released, he was among them and he is leading the hunt for those who were the eyes of Western forces.’  Kaleem, 35, qualified

R Kelly 'made his girlfriends fight each other, face the wall if another man entered room and flew into a rage if anyone asked them about their relationship, sex abuse trial hears

Famed R&B singer R. Kelly once made two of his girlfriends fight at a party after he saw them twerking for cake at a birthday party, and would make them turn to face the elevator doors if a man walked into the room while they were there, a former assistant testified on Tuesday. 'He didn't like that they were twerking for cake,' Suzette Mayweather, who worked as one of Kelly's assistants said at a federal court in Brooklyn on Tuesday, as the trial into Kelly's sex crimes continues.  People have 'twerked for cake' in the past as a fun party game to see who would get the next slice. Mayweather said that at a January 4, 2016 party Kelly had two of his girlfriends 'get on each other' or fight. Later, the Daily Beast reports, she said she could hear the girls 'laughing or screaming' and 'thumping' noises coming from upstairs, which she believed was them fighting. Kelly reportedly later told her that while the birthday party only include

LAX is hit by third security breach in three months: Man poses as custodian to sneak through security and onto airfield before fleeing

Police are hunting for a man who posed as a custodian to sneak through Los Angeles International Airport security and walk onto the airfield before he was spotted and fled the scene. Cops shared images of the man on Monday in the hopes of tracking down the infiltrator who sneaked past security in May.  News of the security breach emerged just days after a homeless man sneaked into an empty American Airlines plane on Sunday. While in June, an unidentified driver crashed his speeding car through a gate and onto the runway. In May's breach, the suspect had slipped on a custodian's high-vis jacket to pass through security.  The man was spotted entering the Los Angeles International Airport on May 18, right, before changing into a custodial uniform to sneak past security 'The suspect posed as a custodial worker to pass through security, then changed clothes before entering the airfield,' according to an LAPD statement. 'When confronted, the suspect fled on foot by climbi