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'My son was murdered in cold blood for being a black man': Mother of man, 23, shot dead by sheriff's deputy in Ohio when his 'Subway sandwich was mistaken for a gun' calls officer who killed him a 'coward'

The heartbroken mother of the black man shot outside his grandmother's home by an Ohio sheriff's deputy says he was murdered 'in cold blood' for 'being a black man'. Casey Christopher Goodson Jr, 23, was killed on Friday December 4 in northeast Columbus when Franklin County Sheriff's Deputy Jason Meade opened fire.   'My son was murdered in cold blood, and we don't have no answers as to why he was murdered. It is not a question to me at all at this time if my son was murdered or not,' Goodson's mother Tamala Payne said to CBS News.  Payne became emotional as she said her son was targeted for nothing other than 'being a black man', and slammed Meade as 'a coward.'  The US Marshals, Columbus police and Goodson's family have shared differing accounts of what led up to the shooting.  US Marshal Peter Tobin said Goodson was seen driving down the street waving a gun and when Meade confronted him, it resulted in the shooting.  Bu

'Astronomical' amounts of food are being binned by restaurants and pubs because of the 'substantial meal' rule -with scotch eggs and even OYSTERS going to waste

Furious pub landlords say 'astronomical' amounts of food are being binned because of the government's substantial meal rule.  Beleaguered hospitality industry bosses say customers are only ordering food including chips, scotch eggs and oysters because they 'have to', without any intention of eating it.  They say restrictions in the Covid tier systems are 'doing more harm than good', leading to confusion among publicans and customers and massive amounts of food waste.   Lotte Lyster Connolly from The Prince Albert pub in Stroud, which runs a food bank collection, said she feels 'very strongly' about food waste. She told MailOnline people would no longer be able to pop into their local for a pint on Christmas Day with family, because they'd be forced to order food. Lee Worsle, who owns The Coach House Inn in Winterbourne Abbas and The Kings Arms pub in Portesham, told MailOnline food was being wasted amid the fund to feed hungry schoolchildren.  Me

Cheddar instead of Brie, swap avocado for eggs on toast and plan a stay-cation! What No Deal could mean for the UK's favourite foods, travel, holidays, second homes and the economy

Boris Johnson and Ursula von der Leyen have set a deadline of this Sunday for a breakthrough in post-Brexit trade talks between the UK and the EU.  There are now just three weeks until the end of the 'standstill' transition period and the two sides remain deadlocked on a series of crunch issues.  With time running out and seemingly no progress being made, there is now growing speculation that Britain and Brussels are heading for a chaotic no deal split on December 31.  Below is a breakdown of what a no trade deal divorce could mean for the UK.    What a no trade deal split from the EU could mean for UK dining tables: Shoppers could be forced to switch to buying more British-sourced foods Food: Swapping avocado for eggs on toast and end of reasonably priced Brie?  The Government has admitted a no deal split would result in an increase in some food prices.  This is because in the absence of a trade accord, the UK and the EU would do business using basic World Trade Organisation t

UK signs £17.6billion free trade deal with Singapore as Liz Truss hails 'further proof we can succeed as an independent trading nation'

The UK has signed a £17.6billion free trade trade deal with Singapore as Liz Truss hails it as 'further proof we can succeed as an independent trading nation'. The International Trade Secretary shared a picture of her meeting Singapore's trade minister Chan Chun Sing after signing the deal, which is second biggest such agreement  Britain has signed in the Asia-Pacific region. It comes as UK and EU negotiators begin a final push to salvage chances of a post-Brexit trade deal after Downing Street warned the gaps between the two sides remain 'very large'. Boris Johnson and European Commission president Ursula von der Leyen held crunch talks over dinner in Brussels on Wednesday aimed at breaking the deadlock, yet key differences prevail. International Trade Secretary Liz Truss, pictured with Singapore's trade minister Chan Chun Sing, said a free trade agreement has been struck with worth around £17.6billion Ms Truss said the pact with Singapore 'secures certai

EXCLUSIVE: Notorious 'Black Widow' Barbara Kogan admits she spent every penny of the $4.3M in life insurance she got after hiring a hitman to kill her husband and plans to work as an anti-violence counselor now that she's out of prison

New York's notorious Black Widow, Barbara Kogan, plans to work as an anti-violence counselor following her release from prison last month, and has admitted that she claimed the $4.3million life insurance left by the husband she had killed and spent every last dime, can reveal. Kogan, was granted parole in July having served just 12 of a possible 36-year sentence for hiring a hitman to gun down her estranged husband, George Kogan, 49. Now, has obtained the transcript of Kogan's Parole Board hearing and can today reveal exclusive details of the proceedings that led to her sensational release. Barbara Kogan, 77, was released on parole last month after serving 12 years of a possible 36-year prison sentence for her part in her husband's death Manuel Martinez, right, was convicted of arranging the hit for $40,000 with Kogan  He is currently serving a sentence of 25 years The 77-year-old inmate appeared before two Parole Board members via video link fro

EU medicines agency sets December 29 date for Pfizer approval decision as it insists cyberattack targeting covid data will not affect its vaccine delivery

The European Medicines Agency, has announced that a decision for approval of the Pfizer vaccine will be made on December 29, despite the cyberattack targeting coronavirus vaccine data.  The EMA, which is currently weighing up whether to give special approval for several coronavirus vaccines, announced the cyberattack on Wednesday, but said  it will not affect the timeline for approval of the vaccines. Pfizer-BioNTech also said documents relating to its regulatory submission were illegally accessed.  The European Medicines Agency announced the cyberattack on Wednesday but said it will not affect the timeline for the delivery of vaccines The Amsterdam-based international body said the decision on coditional approval for Pfizer-BioNTech's Covid-19 vaccine will be made on December 29, while a ruling on Moderna's vaccine will follow on January 12.    EMA chief Emer Cooke told a European Parliament committee said: 'We have been subject of a cyberattack over the last couple of wee

Australia's billion dollar coronavirus vaccine is SCRAPPED after trial participants returned HIV 'false positives' amid hopes the jab would immunise 25 million Aussies

Australia's potential coronavirus vaccine has been scrapped after several trial participants returned false positive HIV test results.  The University of Queensland had been developing the vaccine in partnership with pharmaceutical company CSL - and the government had ordered 51 million doses.  But those plans were abruptly halted this week over fears the false results could damage the public’s confidence in the COVID-19 vaccination program. According to the Sydney Morning Herald, the government has already secured an additional 10 million doses of other vaccines being developed, including from Oxford University-AstraZeneca, to make up for the shortfall.  The UQ vaccine was still in the trial phase, but it was hoped it would be rolled out across Australia by mid-2021.  More to come 

'Please don't make me do this': Cops plead with 'armed' suspect, 27, to 'put his hands up' - before shooting him dead after he disobeys their order

Police bodycam footage shows the moment Florida officers plead with a suspect 'to put your hands up' before he was shot dead after disobeying their order.  Dylan Ray Scott, 27, was killed Tuesday night in Riverview after telling law enforcement he had a gun in his car, police say. A later search found no weapon.  Hillsborough County Sheriff's Deputy Timothy Miskell repeatedly tells Scott to put his 'hands up' and 'show me your hands' in video released by police.  Officers are said to have spent four minutes asking for Scott, wanted on charges of grand theft and resisting arrest, to show his hands before opening fire.  He is said to have written a note saying he wanted to 'die via suicide by cop' earlier this year, according to his mother.  Scroll down for video  Dylan Ray Scott was killed Tuesday night in Riverview after a standoff with cops. They say he told officers he had a gun; a later search found no weapon Hillsborough County Sheriff's Depu