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Prince Andrew's accuser and the orgy conundrum: A group of young Russian girls flown in… an erotic photoshoot that descended into debauchery, But the mystery? In one version of accuser's identical accounts Duke is centre stage. In the other, he's not

On May 3, 2016, Virginia Roberts was cross-examined in a U.S. court, having brought a defamation action against Ghislaine Maxwell, who had accused her of lying. Maxwell's lawyer asked her: 'Again, is there more than one truth, Miss Roberts?' She replied: 'No, there's not more than one truth.' Not more than one truth, perhaps. But there is sometimes more than one version of an alleged event. And on occasion these versions can seem to vary or evolve into a different scenario altogether. In 2011, Miss Roberts wrote the draft of a personal memoir. Titled The Billionaire Playboys' Club, it describes her life from sexual abuse in childhood, homelessness and drug-taking in her teenage years, through being 'recruited' as an underage 'sex slave' by Epstein and Maxwell to her escape and redemptive marriage to her Australian husband, Rob Guiffre. She offered the manuscript to at least two U.S. literary agents with a view to commercial publication. Her c

'We just want Esther back':Mother of van life blogger breaks her silence and insists it is 'totally out of character' for her daughter to be out of touch for so long

The heart-broken family of missing hiker Esther Dingley have called for help to find her, saying: 'we just want her back'. In a joint statement, partner Daniel Colegate and mother Maria 'Ria' Bryant said they were utterly distraught three weeks after Dingley, 37, disappeared while hiking across the Pyrenees mountains. They said: 'We are utterly distraught not knowing where Esther is or what has happened to her and would implore anyone who may know anything, however seemingly insignificant, to come forward with that information. 'We are desperate to see our beloved girl again so thank you for anything you can do to help us find her.' The heart-broken family of missing hiker Esther Dingley have called for help to find her, saying: 'we just want her back'. In a joint statement, partner Daniel Colegate and mother Maria 'Ria' Bryant said they were utterly distraught three weeks after Dingley disappeared while hiking across the Pyrenees mountains

Spinning creator files patent infringement lawsuit accusing Peloton of stealing its technology for their stationary bikes

Peloton Interactive has been hit with a patent infringement lawsuit from a company credited with sparking the world's indoor cycling craze over a quarter of a century ago. Mad Dogg Athletics , which brands itself as 'the creator of the Spinning and indoor cycling category', filed the lawsuit against Peloton in the US District Court for the Eastern District of Texas on Monday.  The suit obtained by alleges that Peloton infringed upon two of MDA's patents that are 'directed to core features of an exercise bike designed to bring the experience of an instructor-led class into the rider's home'.  It was filed three days after it was announced that Peloton, which burst into the at-home workout market in 2012, will be joining the Nasdaq 100 index. The company's sales have grown by 172 percent this year as its stationary bike - which retails from $1,895 -  became wildly popular when coronavirus-related gym closures forced many Americans to start wo

EXPOSED: The huge swathes of Australian farmland owned by foreign companies with 25 per cent of some states bought out by billionaires - and guess who comes first

Foreign ownership of farmland in some states has surged to as high as 25 per cent as China maintains its position as Australia's most powerful foreign investor. Overseas investment has soared on the east coast with foreign holdings now owning 26.2 per cent of farmland in Tasmania, according to new Australian Taxation Office data. The proportion of foreign-owned agricultural land in the Northern Territory has also reached 25 per cent, with WA coming in third at 17 per cent.  Foreign holdings increased by 3.4 per cent in Victoria and four per cent in New South Wales and the ACT - where more than 2.6million hectares of agricultural land is owned by an overseas company.  Foreign ownership of farmland in some Australian states has surged to as high as 25 per cent US investors bought the most Australian farmland in the year to June 30 but Chinese companies now own 9.2million hectares - the most out of any foreign nation.  British investors are the second most powerful owners in Australia

BREAKING NEWS: Donald Trump OUSTS Bill Barr after 'very nice meeting' in wake of revelation AG intervened to keep Hunter Biden probe secret and slapped down claims of voter fraud

Donald Trump ousted Bill Barr as attorney general Monday after a face-to-face White House meeting - having raged at the chief law enforcement officer keeping the Hunter Biden probe secret. Trump announced the departure in a tweet which presented Barr's decision to go as his own. 'Our relationship has been a very good one, he has done an outstanding job!' Trump said, then said Barr would 'spend the holidays with his family.' The White House published a resignation letter from Barr which hinted at tensions over Trump's claims of voter fraud – barely more than five weeks before Trump is to leave office. The departing AG said that the two had met for talks on voter fraud allegations and said 'it is incumbent on all levels of government... to assure the integrity of elections and promote public confidence in their outcome.'  Bar's letter spoke to the importance of election integrity – even as he infuriated the president this month by failing to to endorse

New Yorkers fleeing to Florida amid the pandemic have turned Palm Beach into the Hamptons of the South with the median age 'dropping faster than SpaghettiOs from a toddler’s highchair'

New York City has forever been changed by the coronavirus pandemic, but Palm Beach has also been transformed by the influx of New Yorkers fleeing south. Palm Beach, Florida, has been a popular destination for New Yorkers looking to escape the danger of COVID-19 in the spring and the civil unrest of the summer. Many of those moving to Florida are young families no longer interested in the complications of living in New York City at such a perilous time. Bloomberg acquired a letter from a Sotheby's realtor to clients, claiming the median age is 'dropping faster than SpaghettiOs from a toddler’s highchair.' The Wetenhall family are some of the many people who have left New York for Palm Beach Sarah Wetenhall is redesigning her Colony Hotel in Palm Beach to accommodate New Yorkers The changes taking place in Palm Beach are echoing the changes the Hamptons saw in the 1980s as finance workers began to shape the region into what it looks like today. Sarah Wetenhall, president of t

PICTURED: Sandra Lee moves out of the $1.85million Mount Kisco home she shared with ex-boyfriend Gov. Cuomo and his three daughters and describes it as 'one of the saddest days of my life'

Celebrity chef Sandra Lee has officially moved out of the New York home she shared with Gov. Andrew Cuomo before they separated last year. Lee, 54, was seen moving the last bits of furniture out of the four-bedroom Colonial style home in Mount Kisco in Westchester County on Monday to make way for its new owners after the residence was sold in October for $1.85million. The former de facto First Lady of New York revealed on Instagram that moving out of the home, ironically located on Bittersweet Lane, was 'one of the saddest days of my life.'  She purchased the home in 2008 and lovingly called it 'Lily Pond'. She said she  had fond memories in every room from living with Cuomo, 63, and his three daughters for some time in their 14-year relationship before they separated in September 2019.  'Today will be one of the saddest days of my life. Today is the day that I do the final move out from Lily Pond. I love that house and I have a personal relationship with every sing