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PICTURED: Houston couple and their six-year-old daughter executed in their apartment while wounded child, 10, held her one-year-old brother in her arms and played dead until the masked shooter fled

Police in Houston are hunting for a gunman who executed a couple and their six-year-old daughter, threw a baby by the hair and wounded a 10-year-old child who survived by playing dead and was able to call her grandmother on FaceTime to summon help. The triple homicide unfolded at 10.30pm on Wednesday at an apartment complex in the 12100 block of Fondren Road, Houston Assistant Police Chief Patricia Cantu said during a press conference overnight. When authorities arrived on the scene, they found a father, a 29-year-old pregnant mother and a six-year-old girl who were fatally shot, Cantu said.  Scroll down for video  Donyavia Lagway and her husband, Dontrell Carhee , were executed alongside their six-year-old daughter, Harmony , inside their Houston apartment  Harmony's 10-year-old sister, Lyric , survived by playing dead after being shot in the arm  A deadly shooting in Houston claimed the lives of a couple and their six-year-old daughter, and left their 10-year-old child wounded an

Dramatic moment two organic food shop owners shout abuse at police as they're arrested after refusing to serve customers who ARE wearing masks - and turning away anyone who's received the jab

The owners of an organic grocery store have been arrested in a violent clash with police over their refusal to allow mask use inside their store for 'hygiene reasons'. Video of the confrontation on Thursday afternoon in the New South Wales town of Bowral showed the female owner being bundled into the back of a police van by two police officers. When the male owner stepped in to object to her arrest, he was grabbed by officers, slammed into the back of the van and then wrestled to the ground. On the store's Instagram page, which contains a number of anti-mask posts and others questioning Covid-19 vaccines, the owners explained the strife had begun inside the store when police were called about the shop's opposition to mask use - stated on a sign outside. The Organic Store in Bowral are very open about their anti-Covid views, with a chalkboard outside the shop banning customers who have recently had vaccines or are wearing a mask - which is mandatory in New South Wales

Married council official, 61, is found guilty of kissing and groping blind women during unannounced support visits to their homes

A council worker is facing jail after being convicted of sex attacks on blind women during unannounced home visits. Alun Wyn Roberts, 61, carried out the the assaults on visits to women at their homes while working as a senior visual impairment rehabilitation officer. Roberts kissed and touched three women without their consent after turning up unannounced. A court heard one woman told the social services about his alleged behaviour - and the police were called. Carmarthenshire council worker Alun Wyn Roberts, 61, kissed and touched three women - who are visually impaired - without their consent after turning up unannounced Prosecutor Nicola Powell said Roberts would visit the homes of people with visual impairment needs to provide support to them and their families. Three woman came forward to say they had been sexually assaulted by Roberts while he worked for Carmarthenshire council in South Wales. Two of the woman were visually impaired or registered blind and one was married to a m

Cold War! Five ice cream vans are set ablaze in Luton amid fears of turf war among rival sellers

Detectives are probing a spate of arson attacks on ice cream vans amid fears of an escalating 'turf war' among rival sellers. Five vans were set ablaze and destroyed in three incidents that took place within just 25 minutes on residential streets across a one-mile area in Luton, Bedfordshire. Police are hunting for a hooded man suspected of being behind the attacks, with some locals claiming that ice cream vendors new to the area were the targets. One ice cream seller, who asked not to be named, said that a turf war could be behind the late-night incident on Tuesday. Detectives are probing a spate of arson attacks (file image) on ice cream vans amid fears of an escalating 'turf war' among rival sellers He said: 'There are guys going on one another's patch. The rules are you don't park up near one another. It's quite possible it's related to that. 'The guys who were targeted were all new in the trade, they joined a couple of months ago. 'It se

ANOTHER mass grave of 182 children discovered at Catholic-run 'Indian' residential school in Canada as Pope Francis agrees to meet with survivors

Another 182 indigenous children's bodies have been discovered in a mass grave at a Catholic-run school in Canada amid calls for the Church to apologise for its role.  The latest discovery on Wednesday was made by an indigenous group using ground-penetrating radar at the former St. Eugene's Mission School in Cranbrook, British Columbia, which was operated by the Church from 1912 until the early 1970s. It follows two similar findings at other church-run schools, one of more than 600 unmarked graves in Saskatchewan and another of 215 bodies in BC. Pope Francis has invited survivors of the residential schools to meet with him at the Vatican in December, it was announced on Tuesday.  After graves were found last month, Francis expressed his pain and pressed religious and political authorities to shed light on 'this sad affair.' But he didn't offer the apology sought by First Nations and the Canadian government.  The native group which made the latest grim discovery, Lowe

Heart-stopping moment 'drunk' man stumbles onto railway tracks as onlookers desperately try to save him from oncoming high-speed train which incredibly misses him

A 'drunk' man has been filmed leaping down onto the railway tracks before onlookers desperately tried to save him from an oncoming high-speed train. Footage of the heart-stopping moment the man jumped down onto the tracks has been shared exclusively with MailOnline. It shows the man, who could be charged with trespass, staggering along the platform at Belvedere railway station in south-east London at 10.30pm on Wednesday, June 23. Onlookers claimed the man was screaming racial abuse at teenagers standing on another platform. One of the teenagers allegedly called over to ask him to go to them, and 'within a split second the man jumped on the tracks', a witness said.  In the video the man, who appears to be topless and carrying a bottle, leapt down onto the tracks but fell and rolled on the wooden beams. A collective gasp of shock could be heard echoing around the station platforms surrounding the tracks as an onlooker shouted 'oh my God get him up'.  Footage of

Air ambulance came within yards of colliding with a drone over helipad as it flew a critically-ill patient to London hospital

An air ambulance came within yards of colliding with a drone over London as it flew a critically-ill patient to hospital. The remote-controlled craft hovered just below the chopper as it circled above the Royal London Hospital, a report has revealed.  The UK Airprox Board, which investigates near misses, rated the chance of a collision as the most severe 'category A' event.  Investigators said it was only by luck the drone did not strike the helicopter, which was only 500m above the ground.  The report concluded that a 'definite risk of collision had existed'. A doctor standing on the helipad - above the 17th floor of the hospital in Whitechapel, East London - spotted the drone as he waited for the helicopter to land. A fireman secures a London Air Ambulance helicopter on the roof of the Royal London Hospital in Whitechapel before a storm around 2000 Describing events on May 29, the Airprox report revealed: 'A drone came up to meet them whilst east of the Helipad an

'I wanted a SELFIE with Chris Whitty for my mum': Essex estate agent, 24, who was sacked for accosting chief advisor had been drinking on anti-vax march before incident - as jeering pal says he has ADHD and 'meant no harm'

A yob who accosted Professor Chris Whitty in a shocking video claims he headlocked England's Chief Medical Officer because he 'wanted a selfie' for his mum. Lewis Hughes, 24, and his friend Jonathan Chew, also 24, filmed themselves grabbing the Government's top medical adviser as he was walked through St James' Park on Saturday.  Do you know the two men in the video?  Contact MailOnline via:  The viral video received widespread condemnation, including from Home Secretary Priti Patel and Prime Minister Boris Johnson - who labelled the pair 'thugs'. But Hughes, who has been fired from his job at Caplen Estates Agents following the backlash, has since tried to explain his actions, saying they were 'not malicious'.  Hughes, the son of a car sales businessman, from Romford, Essex, told The Sun: 'If I made him feel uncomfortable, which it does look like I did, then I am sorry to him for that. 'To be honest I just wan