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Driver, 40, rams car and slams into victim who stomps on his windshield before being run over in shocking road rage attack

Police in Arizona have arrested a driver on assault and DUI charges stemming from a violent road rage incident, during which he was caught on camera ramming a man's car and then launching the victim into the air following an altercation.  Police were called to the intersection of 43rd and Peoria avenues in Phoenix at around 12.45pm on Saturday after receiving reports about a road rage incident involving a driver, later identified as 40-year-old David Shelton, who was observed striking other vehicles waiting at a red light. Video recorded by bystander Edward Zaragoza captures the moment Shelton, driving a black sedan, slams into a silver car while the vehicle's owner stands in the road. Tempers flared at the intersection of 43rd and Peoria avenues in Phoenix on Saturday afternoon during a road rage incident, in which this driver ended up getting hurt Police said David Shelton, 40, driving this black sedan, rammed several vehicles waiting at a red light  The driver of the silve

England plunges into toughest lockdown yet to combat new Super-COVID - the same mutant strain that has now spread coast to coast in America with ten confirmed cases

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Monday plunged the UK into a new national lockdown until at least mid-February to combat the super-infectious mutant coronavirus that is already spreading across the United States British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has plunged England into a new national lockdown until at least mid-February to combat the super-infectious mutant coronavirus that is already spreading across the United States.  Johnson on Monday ordered people to stay at home again, as they were ordered to do so in the first wave of the pandemic in March, because the new virus variant was spreading in a 'frustrating and alarming' way. Schools and non-essential businesses have also been ordered to close after the UK has battled an alarming surge in COVID-19 cases in recent weeks, which officials have blamed on the mutation that is more contagious than existing variants.  The mutant strain currently plaguing the UK has already been detected in ten people across four states:

Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen sell their Tribeca apartment for $37M - $10M more than they paid for it in 2018 - less than a month after offloading their Massachusetts mansion and buying $17M home in Miami

NFL star Tom Brady and supermodel wife Gisele Bundchen have sold off their homes in New York City and Massachusetts while consolidating properties as they gear up to move to 'Billionaire's Bunker' in Miami, now that Brady is playing with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.  The couple sold their apartment at New York City's 70 Vestry Street for $37million to a Connecticut-based financier, the New York Post reported.  Brady and Bundchen bought the 12th floor, five-bedroom apartment in the waterfront condo building in 2018 for $25.46million, according to property records obtained by the newspaper.  NFL star Tom Brady and supermodel wife Gisele Bundchen have made a cool $10million profit on the sale of their Tribeca apartment. They purchased the apartment for $25.46million in 2018. A sitting area in the apartment has gorgeous waterfront views, one of many the home offers  The couple had a 12th floor apartment in this waterfront building in Downtown Manhattan. The building is 14 stor

The muse who stripped for 25,000 artists... and saved John Lennon's life: She was a friend of Freud and Bacon - and posed nude for two Beatles. As June Furlong dies at 90, GUY ADAMS recounts the story of a truly remarkable woman

With the possible exception of Yoko Ono, no human being ever spent more time unclothed in the company of John Lennon than a buxom Liverpudlian by the name of June Furlong. Renowned for her comely smile and deep brown eyes, she was perhaps the most prolific life model of a generation, disrobing for more than 25,000 artists. Her career spanned six decades and took her to the studios of Francis Bacon, Augustus John, Frank Auerbach and Lucian Freud, who described her as 'an exotic creature with a deep, penetrating mind'. Yet it was her chum Lennon who perhaps owed her the greatest debt after she talked him down from taking his own life in the summer of 1958, when he was an unknown art student. The duo had developed a close friendship at the Liverpool College of Art where she made a living posing for life drawing classes. It was here that one day she came across a 17-year-old Lennon standing in front of an open lift shaft, having just learned of his beloved mother Julia's death

How an Australian helped crack the Zodiac killer's secret code: Driven by a savage fury, he claimed he'd murdered 37 people in California, while his cryptic messages left police clueless. Now TOM LEONARD examines how officers tracked him down

Back in September 1969, two young lovers were snatching a secluded afternoon together beside a lake in California’s Napa County before heading off to university. Cecelia Shepard and Bryan Hartnell were alone — or, at least, they thought they were. As they cuddled on a picnic blanket under some oak trees, they spotted a man coming towards them. By the time they could make out he was wearing an executioner’s black hood, sunglasses and a weird white symbol on his chest that looked like the crosshairs on a gun sight, it was too late to flee. Cecilia and Bryan were about to become the fifth and sixth confirmed victims of the Zodiac Killer who was terrorising the San Francisco Bay area. At gunpoint, the killer tied them up with plastic clothes line that he cut in advance, before savagely stabbing them with a knife. Having communicated to police and press with a string of taunting and boastful handwritten letters — some containing cryptograms and others including evidence only the killer woul