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Scandal-hit former king Juan Carlos faces new criminal investigation over 'opaque credit cards used on London trips' with probe extended to his wife Sofia and some of their grandchildren

Spain's runaway former king is facing a new criminal probe over the use of credit cards linked to foreign accounts. Spanish anti-corruption prosecutors are reportedly investigating Juan Carlos over expenditure in the years after his June 2014 abdication when he lost his constitutional protection against prosecution as a serving monarch. Respected Spanish news website says the probe extends to his wife Sofia and other relatives including some of their grandchildren, but not the country's current king, his former journalist wife Letizia or their two teenage daughters. The expenditure linked to the cards, said to have been paid from an account Juan Carlos and his family are not named on, is understood to correspond to the years 2016, 2017 and 2018. Spanish anti-corruption prosecutors are reportedly investigating Juan Carlos (pictured with his wife Sofia in 2018) over expenditure in the years after his June 2014 abdication when he lost his constitutional protection agai

Mother of 12-year-old rape victim blasts judges after teenager who got her daughter pregnant in woods has four-and-a-half-year jail sentence slashed on appeal

The mother of a 12-year-old rape victim has blasted judges after the teenager who got her daughter pregnant saw his four-and-a-half year prison sentence slashed on appeal. Jordan Carley was 16 when he raped his victim after luring her into woods in Corby, Northamptonshire, in July 2015. The attack left his 12-year-old victim pregnant, and she was bullied at school after her classmates refused to believe she had been raped. Carley was arrested after a DNA test following the termination of the baby proved he was the biological father.  He was jailed after admitting to a rape charge last year, but Carley, now 20, but could be released in the spring after successfully appealing the sentence.  Jordan Carley told his 12-year-old victim it was 'minging,' to get off with minors, and then raped her in woodland in Corby, Northamptonshire. He was jailed for four-and-a-half years in 2019 but will now be eligible for parole in May after appealing his sentence The judges, Her Honour Justice

'Up the marbles!': How Barnes Wallis's daughter congratulated Dambusters inventor after bouncing bomb he dreamed up while playing with children's toy at family home smashed the heart of Hitler's war machine in 1943

The inventor of the bouncing bomb which destroyed German dams in a famous raid in 1943 was congratulated by his daughter who remembered her father messing about with marbles in the family's back yard as he came up with the design. Engineer Barnes Wallis, the man behind the bouncing bomb, played with marbles in his family garden as he perfected the weapon - as daughter Mary, 16, recalled in an excited letter back home after the famous Dambusters raid. The letter, written just three days after the bombing mission destroyed Hitler's dams in the Ruhr valley, is now up for auction. She wrote: 'My darling daddy, hooray! hooray! hooray!!!!!. Wonderful marbles. Up the marbles. Oh well done, Daddy.' Pictured: Barnes Wallis and his family practise shooting marbles into a bath tub at their home in Effingham as Wallis perfects the design for the weapon used in the Dam Busters mission Barnes Wallis, pictured in 1924, was a scientist and inventor who designed the bouncing bomb  Mary

Scottish Tory leader warns Boris Johnson's performance during Covid crisis is fuelling support for independence as he admits Nicola Sturgeon is a better communicator

The Scottish Tory leader has warned that Boris Johnson is fuelling support for independence and must 'reflect' on his performance during the pandemic. Douglas Ross said the PM was a worse communicator than Nicola Sturgeon, amid mounting concern about the separatist drive north of the border. The bruising comments came as the Scottish Conservatives move to distance themselves from Westminster on a series of key issues. Mr Ross has criticised policies on Brexit, as well as backing calls for free school meal vouchers to be extended in holidays, and suggesting the Scots government should be able to pay 80 per cent furlough during lockdown.   Scottish Tory leader Douglas Ross (pictured yesterday) warned that Boris Johnson is fuelling support for independence and must 'reflect' on his performance during the pandemic Mr Ross said the PM (picture right running today) was a worse communicator than Nicola Sturgeon (pictured left) A recent poll suggested that support for Scottish

Five million medical masks bought by government for £45m are MISSING as UK firm sues supplier for fraud after it failed to deliver vital PPE supplies

Five million medical masks bought by the UK Government for £45million are missing, it has been revealed. The specialist FFP3 masks, which are fitted with plastic respirators, were meant to have been flown into Birmingham international airport by June, having been ordered by the Department of Health and Social Care .  But a legal battle has now been launched between the UK medical company contracted to obtain the masks and its British Virgin Island-based supplier. Hertfordshire-based Purple Surgical have launched legal action in California against Win Billion Investment Group Ltd claiming fraud, according to the Guardian. The specialist '3M' masks were due to be delivered in mid-May, but Purple Surgical say they are yet to arrive, despite repeated attempts to chase the supplier. Representatives for the UK firm told MailOnline it is the first time in the company's 110 year history that it had come up against alleged fraud of this kind. The company has promised to supply the m

Boy, 11, dies two weeks after crash that killed his best friend, 10, as pair were hit by car while riding their bikes

An 11-year-old boy has died in hospital two weeks after a crash that killed his best friend, 10, as they were hit by a car while riding the same bicycle. Mason Deakin had been fighting for his life in hospital since he and his best friend Steven Duffield were struck by a vehicle as they rode their bikes along on Anlaby Road on October 19. The 11-year-old battled for a fortnight at Leeds General Infirmary's intensive care unit.  Last night Mason's uncle revealed his 'fun loving' nephew's life support machine had been turned off. Mason Deakin, 11, died after two weeks in intensive care, after he had his best friend were hit by a car in Hull last month Mason's best friend died at Hull Royal Infirmary on the night of the accident and both families are both being cared for by specially trained family liaison officers. He was transferred to Leeds General Infirmary, where he had remained in a coma and on life support until Monday. The collision happened at around 6.10p

Santa photos like you've never seen them: Shopping centres will make families sit metres away from Saint Nick, sanitise their hands and wear a mask for their annual Christmas pictures

Forget sitting on Santa's knee at any of Australia's major shopping centres this year, as kids will be forced to sanitise their hands, wear a mask and sit metres away from Saint Nick to abide by coronavirus restrictions.   Mr Claus will be arriving in all Westfield stores Down Under on November 7 to take photos with excited children but things will be very different from previous photo sessions.   In order to keep everyone safe, all those wanting a Christmas photo will have their temperature checked and be seated 1.5 metres away from the white-bearded fellow.  Children over the age of 12 and the elderly in Victoria will be required to wear a face mask if they want a photo with Father Christmas.  Santa's little helpers will also be socially distancing in the photos to ensure everyone's safety.   In order to keep everyone safe, all those wanting a Christmas photo will have their temperature checked and seated 1.5m away from Santa Children will not be allowed to sit on San

Excess deaths in England and Wales in mid-October were the highest since May with 980 more victims than weekly average - but they were still only 10% above normal levels despite spike in Covid-19 fatalities

Almost 1,000 more people than usual died in England and Wales in the week ending October 23, official figures revealed today as the second wave of coronavirus appeared to push deaths 10 per cent higher than usual.  The figure – 980 excess deaths out of a total 10,739 in that week – is the highest since the week of May 29, when there were 1,653 more deaths than usual for that time of year as the peak of the spring's crisis tailed off.  In the worst days of the outbreak in April, excess deaths hit a staggering 11,000 per week and in the summer the numbers of people dying dropped below average for most weeks. Excess deaths are considered to be the most accurate way of measuring the impact of the epidemic because they include people who have died of Covid-19 without testing positive through the Department of Health programme, as well as people who die of other causes as an indirect result of the outbreak.  The Office for National Statistics report published today also showed that coron

Get ready for the most nailbiting election in history: Your hour-by-hour guide to what to expect as America decides between Donald Trump and Joe Biden

Election night 2020 is unlike any American has seen before - with the presidency in the balance, and a record number of votes being counted in the teeth of the COVID pandemic. Once polls close, the potential for chaos and crisis only begins. Here is's hour by hour guide to what to look out for as the U.S. passes its verdict on whether Donald Trump or Joe Biden should be in the White House, and who controls the Senate.  All times are EST. 6PM  First polls close in parts of Indiana and Kentucky.    7PM All polls close in Georgia, South Carolina, Vermont and Virginia. The remainder of Indiana and Kentucky's polls close. Florida polls except those in the Panhandle, which is in Central Time, close.  WHAT TO WATCH FOR EXIT POLLS: The first exit polls could come within minutes - but in a pandemic year, it is unclear how accurate they will be, with at least 93 million having voted early or by mail-in ballot. A huge turnout in Georgia could mean lines still outside pollin