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Growing number of Australians are unwilling to take a Covid vaccine - but there is overwhelming public backing for ongoing foreign travel bans

There has been a rise in the number of Australians who say they would refuse to take a Covid-19 vaccine although they remain in the minority, new data reveals.   Roy Morgan survey showed willingness to take a vaccine dropped from 87 per cent in April to 77 per cent in a new poll, with the number of unwilling climbing from seven to 12 per cent. The survey of 1000 adults taken in November also revealed that men (83 per cent) are more willing to be vaccinated than women (72 per cent).  Survey data reveals an increase in the number of Australians unwilling to receive a Covid vaccine. The Australian government is currently in agreement with four separate Covid vaccines, including the Pfizer vaccine, with a potential nine others still in clinical trials.  The rollout of the first vaccines is due to begin late next month. Prime Minister Scott Morrison has stated that vaccinations 'will be as mandatory as you can make it' in Australia but admitted that people cannot be held down and fo

PIERS MORGAN on President Biden's wake-up call for America: he's inherited a broken, angry country - but his stunning passion, heart and empathy filled me with hope that he can make the states united again and end this 'un-civil' war

I choked up. Did you? If not, you should have done. Joe Biden just made the greatest speech of his life and one of the most important political speeches that I've ever heard. And frankly, if you didn't find it emotional, you weren't listening hard enough, or fully comprehending the significance of what he was saying. Or ironically, in the moment I lost it, what he wasn't saying. When Biden asked for a few moments of respectful silence and prayer for the 400,000 Americans who've lost their lives to coronavirus, it was the first time I've seen the President of the United States show those victims and their grieving families a shred of real empathy. And it came from a man who knows so much about the tragedy of losing a loved one. A man whose first wife and baby daughter were killed in a car crash as he was about to become a Senator. A man who suffered another devastating, crushing blow when his beloved son Beau died from brain cancer in 2015. A man who's had to

Parents of a severely ill baby are forced to take turns to see their four-month-old daughter due to hospital's Covid rules which ban them from visiting her together

The parents of a severely ill baby are being forced to take it in turns to see their daughter in hospital due to Covid rules which ban them from visiting together. Reagan Lewis and Mitch Smith have been told they cannot sit as a family with daughter Alessi due to the strict Covid restrictions at busy Bristol Royal Hospital for Children. The pair are desperate to be with their now four-month-old baby, who was born without a heartbeat. Though doctors successfully battled for 35 minutes to save her life, Alessi suffered severe brain damage and experts believe her life will be limited.   Reagan, 24, and Mitch, 29, say they want to spend as much time as possible with their baby daughter, who is currently in hospital awaiting an operation. But they say that they are being stopped from visiting Alessi together, forcing them to take it in turns to sit by her side. They say they are also having to have 'difficult conversations and make difficult decisions alone'. The pair have now slamm

Karl Stefanovic fires a BRUTAL shot at 78-year-old Joe Biden as Today show guest mocks the US president for 'reading off the teleprompter' - just moments after he was exposed for not knowing American politics

Karl Stefanovic has claimed Joe Biden's one job was to 'stay alive' as the 78-year-old is sworn in as the 46th US president  - bringing Donald Trump's leadership to an end. The Today host spoke with panellists, Senator Jacqui Lambie and Stellar and Body + Soul's editor-in-chief Sarrah Le Marquand, on Thursday morning as Biden promised to give his soul to reunifying America. Ms Le Marquand said the 'real work' will begin for Biden once he convinces everyone that the Trump era is officially over.  Stefanovic then fired a brutal shot at the 46th president. Karl Stefanovic has claimed Joe Biden's one job was to 'stay alive' as the 78-year-old is sworn in as the 46th US president 'I don't want to be uncharitable but I thought his job for the last few months has been to stay alive,' he said with a smirk.   Ms Le Marquand responded: 'And to read the teleprompter in front of him probably.' Stefanovic was overcome with laughter as he

Moment officers scramble through bushes and over fence to arrest burglary suspects who claimed to be police before handcuffing couple in their own home

Police officers have been captured scrambling through bushes and over a fence to arrest burglary suspects who said they were police before handcuffing a couple in their own home. Body-cam footage shows the officers leap into action after receiving reports a couple were being burgled by three men pretending to be police officers. The man and woman were cuffed by the burglars, who said they were carrying out intelligence checks before taking jewellery, watches and cash. They then fled from the scene on Hawthorn Close, in Bordesley Green, Birmingham, in a black Ford Focus at 1.15am this morning. Police officers scramble through bushes and over a fence to arrest burglary suspects who said they were police before handcuffing a couple in their own home in Birmingham this morning Police recovered a partial number plate and checks on roads cameras showed a similar vehicle had travelled from London to the West Midlands before the offence. Traffic cops then intercepted a car, which was found t

Mother of schoolgirl, 11, killed after being struck by a car wheel says she is 'disappointed' no one has been prosecuted as coroner calls her death 'tragic, needless and entirely preventable'

The mother of a schoolgirl killed in a freak accident after being struck by a car wheel says she is 'disappointed' no one has been prosecuted as a coroner today described her death as 'tragic, needless and entirely preventable'. Amelia Wood, 11, was walking to catch a school bus in Manby, Lincolnshire, when the front wheel of the passing 4x4 broke off and hit her.  The former Cleethorpes schoolgirl was airlifted to Queen's Medical Centre in Nottingham, where she sadly died. A two-day inquest into her tragic death in March 2018 heard that the vehicle, which was being driven by then 22-year-old Cameron Perkins, from Covenham St Bartholemew, was 'unroadworthy' due to a catalogue of faults. No criminal charges were brought by prosecutors after Lincolnshire Police carried out a 'full and thorough investigation'. Amelia Wood, 11, was walking to catch a school bus in Manby, Lincolnshire, when the front wheel of the passing 4x4 broke off and hit her The in

School teacher, 28, dies while posing for selfies on rocks overlooking the ocean after powerful wave knocks her into the sea

A grade school teacher who was taking selfies on a rocky outcrop on a Brazilian beach has died after a wave knocked her into the sea. Soliane Luiza, of Navegantes, Santa Catarina, was snapping scenic photos at Praia Grande in the coastal city of Penha at around 4.30pm on Sunday when she was swept away by dangerous waves, according to Brazilian news outlet G1.  A video recorded by a bystander captured the heroic moment a volunteer fire department rescue diver was lowered to the choppy waters to save the 28-year-old. Scroll down for video  Soliane Luiza trip to a beach in Pehna, Brazil, ended in tragedy Sunday when the 28-year-old school teacher was knocked off a rock by a wave while she was taking photos. A volunteer fire department diver rescued her from the choppy waters and paramedics performed CPR on her. After detecting a heartbeat, she was placed in an ambulance but went into cardia arrest and died while she was being taken to a helicopter that was going to airlift her to a hospit

Tory politician denies taking part in seven-hour drinking sessions at the Welsh Assembly bar four days after alcohol was banned in pubs and claims he only 'had a chicken curry'

A Tory politician today denied being part of a seven-hour boozing session at the Welsh Parliament just days after an alcohol ban in pubs. A solicitor for Conservative Nick Ramsay declared his client 'sat on his own' and 'had a chicken curry' after four other politicians, including Tory party leader in Wales, Paul Davies, were probed for allegedly downing wine in their Parliamentary bar in Cardiff. Mr Davies, along with his chief of staff Paul Smith and fellow Tory Darren Millar, met with Labour Senedd member Alun Davies on December 8 – four days after pubs, bars, and restaurants were banned from serving alcohol in Wales. But Mr Ramsay's solicitor said he was 'not involved in any gathering' in the Ty Hywel building. Welsh Tory politician Nick Ramsay today denied being part of a seven-hour boozing session at the Welsh Parliament just days after an alcohol ban in pubs He said: 'Mr Ramsay did attend the Tea Room on his own at the Senedd, without invitation a

Joe Exotic's lawyers are 'disappointed' but 'respect' Trump's decision not to pardon Tiger King star after being so confident he'd be released that they prepared a limo to pick him up from jail - and vow to keep fighting until the 'injustice is corrected'

Joe Exotic's legal team said it is 'disappointed' that former President Donald Trump didn't parson the star, although they 'respect' that decision.  Eric Love, a private investigator who is a part of Team Tiger, said in a statement to that Exotic's supporters 'will not rest until Joe's injustice is corrected.' '140 million Joe Exotic fans had a hard time getting out of bed this morning. We aare as disappointed that The President did not sign Joe's Pardon, as we were confident yesterday that he would,' Love said in the statement. 'It is only because of you 140 million fans that Joe's Pardon was even a possibility.' Love added that that evidence has 'made it clear' that Exotic is not guilty. 'Rather, he is a victim of the persons he trusted most,' Love wrote. 'Team Tiger, just this morning spent two hours on the telephone with Joe and listened to his Direct Appeal Oral Arguments by Brandon S