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EXCLUSIVE: Devastating twist in tragic death of baby Mia in magpie swooping accident as Queensland refuses to allow her aunts to attend her funeral because of ridiculous Covid restrictions - even though one is fully vaccinated

Pictured: Five-month-old Mia, who died on Sunday The two aunts of a baby who tragically died when her mother was swooped by a magpie have been ordered to quarantine for 14 days before they can see the child's distraught parents, even though one is fully vaccinated against Covid-19. Baby Mia died in a freak accident at Glindemann Park in Holland Park West, southeast Brisbane, on Sunday when her mother Simone, 30, tripped over while trying to shield her daughter from an aggressive bird. The baby's two aunts Katie and Sophie, who are the sisters of Mia's father Jacob, live in Covid-addled New South Wales and had to apply for an exemption to travel across the border to Queensland to be with their distraught brother and his wife. The application was successful, but Katie told Daily Mail Australia on Thursday that she and her sister will have to spend 14 days in a quarantine facility. It means they will miss Mia's funeral - even though Sophie is fully vaccinated and Katie has

Finally, some good news! Vaccine-happy Sydneysiders BOOK OUT every appointment for Pfizer at Sydney’s huge Olympic Park complex – here’s where you can still get a jab

Sydneysiders have managed to exhaust every appointment slot for a \ Pfizer jab at the city's largest vaccination hub, as enthusiastic locals do their bit to pull themselves out of lockdown. NSW Health announced on Twitter that Sydney Olympic Park had been fully booked out for Pfizer vaccines as of Thursday afternoon.  Premier Gladys Berejiklian has said the state is 'tracking well' to hit the ambitious target of six million jabs in arms by the end of August, with 4. 6million vaccines administered so far and 23.59 per cent of eligible residents fully vaccinated. The health department has invited construction workers, tradespeople and apprentices to roll up their sleeves this weekend for 'Tradie Sunday'.  Vaccine-happy Sydneysiders have managed to exhaust every appointment slot for a Pfizer vaccine at one of the city's largest vaccination hubs (pictured, workers at Martin Place) The health department has invited 8,000 construction workers, tradespeople and apprent

Why the increasingly hysterical push for a harder Sydney lockdown is not only WRONG but not based on evidence... here, NIC WHITE breaks down demands for curfews, masks outside and closing Bunnings

Unless you're a hermit, I think we can all agree lockdowns are depressing, frustrating, and, for many, financially ruinous. So why do so many seem hellbent on making Sydney's now seven-week shutdown, as necessary as it is, even more unpleasant? Whenever case numbers rise as they did to 345 on Thursday, or don't fall by enough, there are calls from premiers to punters for a harder lockdown. Every day there are pointed questions from reporters at NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian's press conferences practically demanding stricter rules. 'We are seven weeks in, numbers continue rising... what will it take, what are you waiting for to pull the trigger and further impose more restrictions like the ring of steel and curfew?' was one question on Tuesday.   Lockdown in Sydney isn't fun, but at least residents are able to take a walk in the sun without having to wear a mask. Why do so many want to make it more unpleasant? Thousands of Australians, both from Sydney and

How MANDATORY vaccines are now a step closer across Australia amid fears Indian Delta strain is putting young people at risk after 44 kids tested positive to Covid in ONE DAY - including 7 at an infected school

Mandatory Covid vaccines for some Australian workers are a step closer after the county's industrial watchdog handed down legal guidance saying it would be 'lawful and reasonable' for businesses in hotspots to compel staff to get the jab. Australia's Fair Work Ombudsman on Thursday evening unveiled a four-tier system on the controversial issue to provide more clarity on what the rights of bosses and employees are. Many in the business world have been calling for the ability to make Covid vaccines a requirement of employment, as the Indian Delta outbreak continues to spread across Australia leaving millions living under stay-at-home orders. One of the most worrying hallmarks of the current outbreak is that the mutated virus is infecting a significant number of children, with 44 kids under the age of nine struck down in just one day in NSW. A special needs school in Sydney's north was the latest hit with a flurry of cases, leaving seven vulnerable children with autism

EXCLUSIVE: Furious local vigilantes suspected of POISONING aggressive magpies in park where baby girl tragically died in a swooping attack - as her devastated family remember her at the scene

Vigilantes are suspected of laying poison for magpies in a local park where a baby girl died in a tragic swooping incident. Five-month-old Mia died from a head injury in Queensland's Children Hospital after her mum Simone dropped her while being attacked by a notoriously aggressive magpie in Glindemann Park at Holland Park West in Brisbane on Sunday. Daily Mail Australia has seen a council memo recording details of a call from a member of the public, saying locals are trying to kill the park's aggressive birds by giving them poisoned food. Council officers were also seen carrying away what looked like pieces of meat from the park after inspecting nests, with the food taken as evidence in plastic bags. Testing of the meat is underway, although it has not been confirmed whether it was poisoned.   Vigilante residents are understood to be laying poison for magpies in a local park where a baby girl died in a tragic swooping incident. A woman living near Glindemann Park, Brisbane, wh