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sean ward was arrested as violent anti-vaxx mobs clashed with police and injured four officers after they stormed the canary wharf medicines

Ex-Coronation Street actor Sean Ward was among ten people arrested today as a violent mob of anti-vaxxers battled with police in Canary Wharf. Thee protesters battled with officers as they attempted to get through the doors of the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency 's headquarters in east London.  Four officers were hurt as protesters tried to storm the HQ where Covid jabs were approved. Soap actor Ward, who also starred in Doctors and Our Girl, was seen in video clips struggling with police officers who were attempting to detain him. He was later pictured being walked away in handcuffs. It is not yet known what the 33-year-old has been accused of. The protest later moved on to South Kensington, with Scotland Yard confirming a total of ten arrests so far. Earlier today he shared clips on his Instagram showing the anti-vaxxer protests as they moved through London. Ward had previously joined protests at studios where ITV and the BBC film. A line of Scotland Yard offi

when you have a pool party at noon and a flight at 4pm' bizarre moment a blonde woman walks through miami airport in a bikini

The bizarre moments when a woman walked through a Miami airport wearing a bikini and a face mask - to be Covid safe - were caught in a Instagram video.  The video was posted by 'Humans of Spirit Airlines' and captioned, 'When you have a pool party at noon and a flight at 4pm.'  The mystery blonde strutting through the airport in a green bikini like a fashion week runway model has been viewed more than 11,555 times and liked about 1,000 times, as of noon Friday.  Scroll down for video.   This is a still of an Instagrammer's video of mystery blonde woman walking through a Miami airport in a green bikini with the caption, 'When you have a pool party at noon and a flight at 4pm' The woman's sexy strut through the airport been viewed more than 11,555 times and liked about 1,000 times, as of noon Friday It's unclear if this was a timed stunt or if the woman boarded the plane wearing her beach-ready attire View this post on Instagram A

The five images that define Biden's catastrophic Afghanistan exit: Ronald Reagan's communications director Pat Buchanan identifies moments that have wrecked his foreign policy legacy

Former Reagan communications director said the Afghanistan crisis 'shattered' Biden's foreign policy in a scathing op-ed President Biden handling of the Afghanistan crisis 'shattered' his legacy on foreign policy forever, former Reagan communications director said Friday. In a scathing op-ed, he isolated it to five defining images that immortalize the chaos and devastation of the waning days of the US's 20-year war into Biden's presidency. The first, Buchanan writes, is 'the initial panic at Karzai International Airport. Afghans clinging to the sides of departing planes.' Heartbreaking scenes emerged out of Kabul when the US began its civilian evacuation effort and the Taliban took hold of Afghanistan's capital city. Afghans held onto US military jets actively flying off the tarmac, and videos appear to show some people falling from hundreds of feet in the air.  A 19-year-old Afghan soccer player was among those who died tried to escape, and he w