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Home buyers hesitate as stamp duty holiday ends: Number of enquiries from potential purchasers starts to fall as suspension of levy finishes

The number of enquiries by house hunters has started falling as stamp duty savings come to an end. More estate agents said contacts from new buyers were falling rather than rising in July, according to the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors . It brings to an end a four-month 'positive streak' for the UK market based on the number of enquiries. The stamp duty holiday introduced by Chancellor Rishi Sunak in England is being gradually reduced from July and the 'nil rate' band will revert to normal from October. More estate agents said contacts from new buyers were falling rather than rising in July, according to the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors This means many buyers agreeing deals now are likely to miss out on stamp duty savings. The number of transactions has slowed most notably in Yorkshire and the Humber, the East Midlands and East Anglia, the report said. However, a lack of supply is still underpinning price growth, the institution added. Growth in p

Drugs hope for incurable breast cancer patients: U-turn on NHS funding will extend life for thousands as combination of meds is approved

A life-extending treatment for thousands of women with incurable breast cancer has been approved after a U-turn by health officials. The treatment – a combination of cancer drugs – can give some patients an extra nine months to live. It can also help delay them needing chemotherapy and improve their quality of life during the extra months the treatment can give them. Earlier this year the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence decided not to recommend the combination of the drugs abemaciclib and fulvestrant for routine use in England – saying the treatment was not cost effective.  A life-extending treatment for thousands of women with incurable breast cancer has been approved after a U-turn by health officials (stock image) But after a deal was struck with the manufacturer Eli Lilly to discount one of the drugs – Nice has now given it the go-ahead. Draft guidance recommends the drugs for hormone receptor-positive, HER2-negative breast cancer which has spread to other parts o

Grade 10 to beat GCSE inflation? Ministers consider overhaul of exams marking as almost a third of entries are predicted to get top results today

Almost one in three GCSE entries will get top results today as ministers consider an overhaul to stop grade inflation. A new top grade of 10 could be introduced to the current 1-9 system in future, to allow the very brightest students to shine. A record 29 per cent of entries are expected to get at least a 7 – equivalent to the old A – and around 10 per cent will get a 9, which is a high A*.  Ministers will examine changes to grading in the autumn to restore faith in the A-level and GCSE systems. A new top grade of 10 could be introduced to the current 1-9 system in future, to allow the very brightest students to shine (stock image) A government source said a new grade 10 was ‘possible’ and had not been ‘ruled out’.  They added: ‘It’s a discussion that’s yet to be formally framed, but there will be conversations about changing the grading this autumn.’ It comes as half a million pupils collect their GCSE results this morning after exams were cancelled for a second year in a row due to

Biden asks FTC to investigate 'any illegal conduct' by 'Big Oil' that's raising prices at the pump after urging OPEC to pump more and shutting down the Keystone Pipeline

High gas prices are frustrating Americans across the nation, and have left the Biden administration scrambling. The White House on Thursday asked the Federal Trade Commission to look into high gas prices, across the nation, noting that the cost of crude oil has dropped while the price at the pump has not.  'Recently we've seen the price that barrel companies pay for a barrel of oil begin to fall but the cost of gasoline at the pump for more American people hasn't fallen. That's not what you would expect in a competitive market,' President Biden said in an address.   But at the same time, the administration demanded OPEC nations produce more oil.   National Economic Council Director Brian Deese wrote a letter to FTC director Lina Khan asking her to launch a probe looking for any potentially illegal conduct or price manipulation.  The average WTI crude oil price on Wednesday was $69.23/barrel, down from around $75/barrel in early to mid-July but still far above the a

Mayor of town where Ben & Jerry's owner Unilever is headquartered blasts ice cream firm's 'virtue signaling' pro-Palestine stance and questions why it still sells to other countries with appalling human rights records

The mayor of a town in New Jersey where Ben & Jerry's owner Unilever is headquartered has blasted the ice cream firm for its vow to stop selling ice cream in the West Bank to boycott Israeli settlements.  Ben & Jerry's has been embroiled in an ongoing saga of boycotts and criticism after the company released a statement on July 19 that selling ice cream in 'Occupied Palestinian Territory' was 'inconsistent with our values.'  British consumer goods conglomerate Unilever, which has its U.S. headquarters in Englewood Cliffs, was sent a letter about the ice cream maker's decision on Monday by Mayor Mario M. Kranjac, obtained by ' Not only is this move disturbing, but it is also a violation of New Jersey's anti-BDS laws,' Kranjac wrote in the Monday letter. He added: 'I strongly encourage you to reevaluate your company's position and to treat everyone fairly without the virtue signaling that ultimately creates unfair tre

Autistic boy, 11, is DUCT-TAPED to his seat on American Airlines flight from Maui to LA after suffering meltdown

A 11-year-old American Airlines passenger with autism was duct taped to his seat by flight attendants after suffering a meltdown midflight. The end of the chaotic scene aboard Tuesday's flight from Maui to LAX was caught on video, which shows passengers helping flight attendants restrain the 11-year-old boy.  The flight crew took action and restrained the boy 'for the safety of the other passengers,' a source with knowledge of the incident told  He had been fighting with his mom, who is disabled and had a difficult time getting her son to calm down, the source told  The chaotic scene stressed out the autistic boy's brother, whose age is unknown, and he panicked and tried to break the plane window while the they were in the air, according to the source.   The flight diverted to Honolulu, where the family and other customers were 're-accommodated on other flights or provided hotel accommodations,' an American Airlines spokesperson sai

'We all quit! Sorry for the inconvenience': Family dollar store is forced to shut as ENTIRE staff resign - as Biden's unemployment payments mean workers refuse to take low-paying jobs

A Lincoln Family Dollar was left with no employees after the last remaining cashier left a farewell note that read 'We all quit. Sorry for the inconvenience' A Nebraska Family Dollar was forced to close after its entire staff walked out in protest against the management - leaving a final farewell note to customers just like staff at a nearby Burger King weeks before.   The last two employees of the Lincoln discount store walked out on Sunday, leaving a farewell note on it's front door that read: 'We all quit. Sorry for the inconvenience.'  The note was the same as one put up by Burger King staff in the same city, who used the restaurant's giant advertising board to announce that they were all leaving.  It comes amid inflated unemployment benefits under the Biden administration's covid relief plan, which give payments $300 a week higher than they were before the pandemic. Bosses across the country have hit out at the payments, saying they are struggling to at

REVEALED: Secret IRS files show 82 billionaires, including Michael Bloomberg, netted more than $1 billion in tax cuts after some deployed lobbyists to make sure Trump's 2017 tax bill was tailored to their benefit

President Donald Trump's 2017 tax cut helped 82 billionaires save more than $1 billion in taxes, after some lobbied for a key change, according to a new report. Michael Bloomberg, the former Democratic presidential candidate, was among the biggest beneficiaries, saving $68 million in 2018 due to the change in deduction rules for privately held businesses, ProPublica claimed in a report based on a trove of leaked tax documents. Other big beneficiaries of the rule change included key donors for Senator Ron Johnson, the Wisconsin Republican who held out his vote until that part of the tax law was amended. Dick and Liz Uihlein of packaging giant Uline Inc saved some $44 million, and roofing magnate Diane Hendricks saved $36 million in the first year of the rule change, according to ProPublica. All were donors to Johnson's 2016 re-election campaign. Michael Bloomberg saved $68 million in 2018 due to the change in deduction rules for privately held businesses, according to ProPublica

Star of MTV reality show Sixteen and Pregnant who was filmed giving her baby son up for adoption is jailed for six years for repeatedly downloading child porn

An MTV reality star who was filmed giving her baby son up for adoption when she was 17 has been jailed for more than six years for downloading child porn.   Sixteen and Pregnant star Lori Wickelhaus was ordered behind bars in Campbell, Kentucky, last week after admitting 20 counts of possessing child sex abuse material. In August 2020, the 29-year-old, who appeared on the second season of the MTV show in 2010, was indicted on 20 counts for possession of a file portraying a minor in a sexual performance. Wickelhaus's episode, which centered around her decision on whether to put her baby up for adoption or not, according to MTV's website.  She ultimately gave the child, a boy named Aidan, up for adoption.    As a part of her plea deal, the judge ordered she receives mental health counseling. Wickelhaus' mugshot after her arrest for possession of child pornography Back in May, Wickelhaus pleaded guilty to possession of child porn, according to a Kentucky court speaking to The

Inside the reality of Biden's border crisis: Shocking video shows women and children crammed into an overcrowded Rio Grande Valley facility amid widespread COVID concerns and with illegal crossings at record highs

New video taken by border patrol agents show a border holding facility with massive overcrowding where migrants lay packed together – some not wearing masks. 'They are way past capacity – so aliens sit outside because where do you take them?' a source told Townhall Media in sharing the jarring images. 'Logistically it's a nightmare,' they continued, 'people want to go to the bathroom, need to eat, women need to breastfeed, and the list goes on.' 'This has surpassed the point of sustainability – this is lunacy,' the border agent added. The images from the Rio Grande Valley Sector shows the overcrowding that has led to migrants apprehended in that area being held instead under the Anzalduas International Bridge in Mission, Texas. These migrants remain in outdoor holding areas under the bridge as they await processing – and temperatures reach above 100 degrees. New video from a Border Patrol agent shows migrants crammed together in a holding facility in