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Alaska Airlines will only allow service DOGS on its flights from January 11 as it becomes the first carrier to ban ALL emotional support animals

In two weeks' time, no pot-bellied pigs, miniature horses or peacocks will be welcome on board Alaska Airlines flights amid an industry-wide crackdown on emotional support animals. The Seattle-based air carrier on Tuesday announced changes to its service animal policy, stating that beginning on January 11, the airline will no longer allow any emotional support animals on its flights. 'Alaska will only transport service dogs, which are specially trained to perform tasks for the benefit of a qualified individual with a disability,' the airline said in a press release. Pigs won't fly: Alaska Airlines on Tuesday announced that beginning on January 11, it will no longer allow any emotional support animals, such as this jet-setting pig   In early December, the US Department of Transportation said that it will no longer require airlines to make the same accommodations for emotional support animals as for service dogs Alaska will only transport service dogs, which are specially

DAVID JONES: All hail the wonder women who've put us on top of the world! Brilliant, dedicated, courageous... inspirational story of the team behind the Oxford vaccine

For the brilliant Britons who wrote their names into the history books yesterday, the evening of Sunday, November 22 will be forever etched in their memory. Burnt out after toiling around the clock with microscopes and pipettes for 11 months, the scientists and doctors – most of them women – were enjoying some rare downtime in homes dotted around Oxfordshire when they received the call they had prayed for, confirming the vaccine was effective. Professor Sarah Gilbert, the 58-year-old mother of triplets who designed it, recalls how she was quietly reading a book when the phone rang with the joyous news. Biologist Catherine Green, who created the cell culture from which the first doses were made, admits to being so overcome with emotion that she ‘had a good cry’. The next morning she awoke to find a magnum of ‘English fizz’ on her porch. 'It was all a blur': Teresa Lambe helped design the vaccine in January Then there was Dr Maheshi Ramasamy, 43, an infectious diseases consultant

Police shoot dead a machete-wielding man, 18, who hacked a woman and her pit bull on a Brooklyn street as violent crime in the Big Apple soars and city sees most murders since 2011

A New York City cop shot dead a machete-wielding teenager who police say slashed a woman and her pet pit bull on a Brooklyn street before rushing at responding officers overnight.  NYPD Chief of Detectives Juanita Holmes said officers responded to multiple 911 calls in the Bronwsville section of Brooklyn about a man, later identified as 18-year-old Samuel Lazaro, who was 'acting erratic, laying on the ground, damaging parked vehicles, attempting to enter one caller’s front yard and chasing people in the area with the machete.'  A 50-year-old woman walking her dog near the intersection of Strauss Street and Dumont Avenue at 6.15pm was attacked by Lazaro, Holmes said, suffering deep cuts to her head and both hands. Her dog was cut in the shoulder.  Police are seen at the scene of a machete attack and fatal officer-involved shooting in the Brownsville section of Brooklyn on Tuesday evening  Police say 18-year-old Samuel Lazaro used this machete to hack at a 50-year-old woman and

'Covid loves a crowd': NHS chief Prof Stephen Powis tells Britons NOT to throw New Year's Eve parties and see in 2021 'within the rules'

Britons have been warned not to throw New Year's Eve parties because 'Covid loves a crowd'. NHS England medical director Professor Stephen Powis urged people to see in 2021 'within the rules', which means no indoor mixing between households.   All of England - except 2,000 residents on the Isles of Scilly - face the two toughest coronavirus tiers from midnight, thwarting typical December 31 celebrations. Prof Powis told a Downing Street press briefing:  'We can all play a part in fighting this terrible virus: stay at home, mark the New Year with just nearest and dearest within the rules. 'This action will reduce infections, relieve pressures on hospitals, and that's how everybody can help to save a life. 'Covid loves a crowd, so please leave the parties for later in the year.'  NHS England medical director Professor Stephen Powis urged people to see in 2021 'within the rules', which means no indoor mixing between households, supported by

Dozens missing after massive landslide sweeps away houses in Norway sparking mass evacuation as disaster is declared

Dozens are missing and at least nine people have been injured in a massive night-time landslide in a Norwegian town. Homes were buried under a 2,000ft-long slick of mud at 4am in the village of Ask, in the municipality of Gjerdrum, 12 miles north of Oslo. Photos show at least eight homes were swept away in the area, which was home to around 5,000 people, and geologists have blamed a layer of unstable 'quick clay' beneath the topsoil.  Formed after the end of the last ice age, quick clay is found in Sweden, Norway and other Arctic countries, and can 'totally collapse and float like a liquid' when too much weight is piled on it.     Some 40 ambulances were sent to the scene and hundreds have been evacuated amid fears of further landslides.  Cops, who have declared a disaster, say 26 are unaccounted for and several people have been trapped with some managing to phone relatives appealing for help. Others made emergency calls to report their houses were moving. Norwegian P

Two centenarians lead roll call of national heroes in New Year Honours - with one becoming the oldest person on record to be recognised

Two centenarians led a roll call of national heroes in the New Year Honours. Anne Baker, 106, became the oldest person on record to receive an honour, after she dedicated 60 years to charity fundraising. Ruth Saunders, 104, was recognised after she walked a marathon to raise money for the Thames Valley Air Ambulance.  They both received MBEs in a New Year Honours list that celebrated the work of some 800 community champions and volunteers. Anne Baker (right, with Esther Rantzen), 106, became the oldest person on record to receive an honour, after she dedicated 60 years to charity fundraising Mrs Baker, from Salisbury, Wiltshire, has volunteered for the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children . She said it was a 'great surprise and a great honour' to receive an MBE More than 230 people were recognised for their efforts in combating the effects of the pandemic and subsequent lockdowns and isolation. Mrs Baker, from Salisbury, Wiltshire, has volunteered for the

Bizarre moment maskless UPS 'Karen' tries to claim store is her private residence and slams people wearing face coverings as 'conformists'

An odd video has emerged on social media this week, showing a customer at a UPS store calling the business her 'private residence' and refusing to leave after being asked to put on a mask. TikTok user @asapvick uploaded a series of clips on Tuesday, depicting the white woman in an Under Armour sweatshirt, whom she dubbed a 'Karen,' furiously arguing with store employees and another customer, and demanding that they hand over her packages. When the other customer tells the woman that she is holding her up, the 'Karen' instead blames the delay on a worker, then orders the customer to stop recording her. TikTok user @asapvick on Tuesday shared a series of videos showing a white woman refusing to wear a mask inside a UPS store, making odd claims and arguing with staff The woman, dubbed 'Karen,' got into an argument with another customer about her refusal to wear a mask indoors, saying she was not a 'conformer'  The woman bizarrely claimed that the

LA begins issuing digital vaccine verification which could be used in the future as 'passport' to gain access to flights and venues - but critics warn it could turn into a 'data grab'

Los Angeles is launching a digital iPhone receipt for COVID-19 vaccinations, which could one day become a 'vaccine passport' that would be required for such activities as airline travel and live concerts. The plan being rolled out this week will see Los Angeles County partner with tech firm Healthvana to issue the digital verifications, which can be put in an Apple Wallet or the Android equivalent, Bloomberg reported. The project is initially aimed at ensuring that people who get the first shot of the approved Pfizer or Moderna vaccines also get the required booster shot, including through follow-up notifications. But the digital receipt could also be used 'to prove to airlines, to prove to schools, to prove to whoever needs it,' that a person has been vaccinated, Healthvana CEO Ramin Bastani told Bloomberg. But critics fear it marks the emergence of a vaccine surveillance state, where digital 'passports' are required for everything from flying on a plane to goi